About Me

Hello! I'm Katrina and I’m a working actress with a passion for health and fitness, living in Los Angeles, CA. I have a fast paced, exciting life that I share with the two loves of my life: my husband, Ben, and my fluffy little man, Puffin (our four year old Pomeranian). FitKat by Katrina Bowden is a lifestyle blog that focuses on health and fitness with a sprinkle of fashion, travel, beauty and lots in between.


Fitness and health plays a very important role in my life.  I’m a marathoner, a fitness class addict, and am all around obsessed with finding new ways to challenge myself physically and mentally.  I have a very pragmatic approach to fitness and health- I want to know why and how something will work.

I will always make sure to share my personal experiences and explain the reasoning and facts behind the things I write about- my goal is to make you more informed and therefore more comfortable with your choices in the health and fitness world.

I love to eat and cook- I cook most days of the week!

Creating fun, healthy, flavorful meals makes me a happy girl and keeps me balanced.  Food can be an emotional topic for many people, and I think having a realistic, healthy relationship with food and nutrition can help you live a happier life.

I travel often for work… but I also love to travel for pleasure.  Ben and I travel very often and we have adventurous spirits- we enjoy living like locals and taking in as much culture and adventure as possible when traveling.

As an actor, I get to work with many talented, inspiring people and I get to do many fun, unusual things- I am excited to share my adventures with you!

XO Katrina

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