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follow link HELLO again dear friends! It has been a MINUTE since I have written a blog post. Why? Life…work…a tiny bit of “lacking in inspiration” all rolled together. I love writing this blog and sharing my life, tips and tricks with all of you but I felt like I needed a bit of a break to re-evaluate what I want to share here. My goal is to give value through this site, not just add to all the noise…and if you are on social media (duh, of course you are) then you know there is A LOT OF NOISE.

I am no expert in health, wellness and fitness. I have no degrees or certifications to my name in those fields to brag to you about or to make you think I am the voice of reason. I am just a person who loves all things wellness, is passionate about it and wants to share what has worked for me in my life. I also love to cut through all the bullshit that is out there- and we all know there is a lot of that too. Extra Noise and Bullshit. Two things you won’t find here. I promise.

click here Moving forward, I would LOVE to hear from you about what topics you like and what topics you want more of- I am all ears and ready to dive in!

source link So to kick things back into gear, I wanted to give you a little life update- like WTF have I been doing for the past 5 months….what I have been working on in my career, what I have been doing for fitness and diet, what products and I have been loving etc. Just a little, long overdue…overview.

ritonavir coronavirus buy online I have been working on The Bold & The Beautiful for the past 7 months, as a lot of you probably know. This is my first time working on a show like this and it such a fun unique experience…and VERY different than what I am used to. I decided to take on this new adventure because I love a challenge. I also love working and this job keeps me working a lot and it also keeps me on my toes. I think this has been the most demanding and challenging job I have ever had as an actor so far….and I have been deep in this game for almost 16 years! I don’t think people and other actors truly know how much work goes into a show like this and just how demanding it is. That being said, it is also SO much fun and I get to play around with consistent, challenging, emotion material every week….which is so awesome to have as an actor.

This new job also allows me plenty of time to work on film projects, which I will never want to have to slow down on. I have shot two movies thus far this year. One is a thriller called The Orchard, in which I star alongside Thomas Jane. The second is a very cool movie about the beginnings of the MMA world, set in the 90’s, starring Sean Patrick Flannery and Dennis Quaid. Here is the press announcement about it. Super excited for both of these and I will make sure to post updates about releases for both on my IG account.

As for the diet and fitness side of things, I love to change it up a bit here and there. I have talked before about my typical diet and workouts, and I haven’t changed them a whole lot…but I am ever evolving and tweaking things to work for me and my body. I want to be healthy and fit…and I also want to look good. I don’t think there is anything wrong with wanting to look your best!

A couple of months ago I started intermittent fasting.


Slow down a sec before you jump to the conclusion that I am fasting, starving myself and trying to lose a lot of weight. People hear the word “fasting” and immediately think the worst…but at it’s core it is a very healthy, normal way to eat and allow your digestive system to rest and reset every day. It also keeps your insulin levels in check, which is essential for maintaining a healthy weight.

Intermittent fasting, low sugar intake and a higher fat intake has been keeping me very satisfied, happy and energized. I have also been losing fat around my stomach area (my trouble zone) without really losing weight. I have lost a few pounds (like 3 which is nothing)….but the biggest deal is that I am losing inches in the places where it is most difficult for me. The scale isn’t showing a huge difference, because I am still lifting weights and building muscle, but the tape measure and my jeans are revealing a lot.

I have read two amazing books that really break this all down in a very easy to understand way. I highly recommend Body Love by Kelly LeVeque and Cruise Control by Jorge Cruise. Or just do a little searchy-search on google. You will find a plethora of information.

I will do a more in depth deep dive about intermittent fasting soon- and maybe interview a health professional so we can lay out ALL of the facts and answer common questions.

As for fitness, I have been running and hiking a lot, which is totally normal for me! But aside from that I have gotten back into kickboxing and I am full on obsessed again! I used to train a lot about a year and a half ago, but I had a pesky shoulder injury I was dealing with and had to let it heal properly…so kickboxing was put on the back shelf for a while. To be honest, working on the MMA movie made me miss it SO much and as soon as I got home from shooting the movie, I started going back to classes. I’m RUSTY, to say the least haha! But it is coming back to me. I go to classes taught by amazing instructors who are well versed in almost all forms of kickboxing/ mixed martial arts and really focus on form and sparring, which is so much fun. It doesn’t feel like I am working out, which may be the best part. Workouts should be fun. Finding what you have fun doing is half the battle really!

As for beauty, I have really been trying to make a big switch over to natural products and educating myself on what my skincare products are doing to my skin and how to make them work FOR me instead of against me. I have never been a huge facial girl…but I have been getting them more recently and basically grilling the esthetician about anything and everything I can think of. I’m lucky to live in a city with some of the best skincare and beauty educators at my fingertips and I am taking full advantage of that. I am so excited to share all of my new tips and tricks and favorite products with you- I will be doing some beauty videos soon with my current routines, so stay tuned.

I have been OBSESSED with my microcurrent device the NuFace– if you follow me on stories, you know. Bye Bye Botox! It is a game changer and I will dedicate a whole blog post to it because damn it really deserves it.

YUKIIIIII! My new puppy we rescued back in December 2018 is now almost a year old!!!! Time freaking flies. She was such a difficult puppy to train (still kind of is) but she has come such a long way. I’m so glad I got her, she’s so fun to be around and we love going out on walks together too. I recently bought her one of the best elevated dog bed uk since her old bed was getting a bit old and tatty. It’s safe to say she absolutely loves it! She sits in it all the time and I’m beginning to wish they made one for humans too!! She is so smart and gets into everything….she actually acts like a dog LOL. For anyone who know Puffin, you know why that’s so funny. She really is a great dog and I can’t believe she’s nearly 1!

Also, I am about to do some redesigns and light renovations in my house, which I am SO excited about. I have a fairly good eye for design but I need help when it comes to making everything come together, you know? So I am going to be working with some companies and will document the whole thing with videos and photos galore.

Anyway…that’s the general gist of whats been going on…I will be back here next week with a fresh post! If you have any requests, drop them below or leave them in a comment on my latest IG post!

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