The Importance of Routines


Happy New Year my gorgeous babes out there! I hope you all had an amazing holiday season and rang in the new year exactly how you wanted to. I was buzzed off rosé champagne, no cell phone in sight, wearing my sparkly wedding shoes, and kissing my husband while feeding cheese to my friends dogs…so I mean…kinda perfect right?? But you know what? I have to say, I am so happy the holidays are over. I know thats a little grinch-y of me to say, but the whole thing is A LOT. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the holidays SO much…I’m like a happy little wine-drinking-cookie-eating-clam over here but at a certain point there’s only so much parmesan cheese, chorizo slices and glasses of bubbly one person can stomach you know? kaletra who My body is basically screaming for a green and a routine. 

SO I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to talk about routines (and greens too…we will get those in here somehow for sure). I am a major routine person. I like my routines and I don’t love having to change them around much. The weird thing is that with my career as an actor (and now also a blogger), my schedule tends to be all over the place. I basically NEVER have a normal day that goes the same way the last one did….which you’d think wouldn’t lend itself well to ROUTINES, right? Well, no! I truly believe that even if you live the most wild, fly by the seat of your pants life you can STILL rely on many daily routines to feel more grounded and happier.

I really do believe that most humans thrive when they have a solid routine somewhere in their day. I know when I don’t stick to my morning routine I feel really out of whack…like something is just plain off, and that is no good for moí. I have noticed that most people tend to be the same…even my super spontaneous, adventurous friends. Everyone typically feels more settled with they have a thing, you know? A routine of some sort, whatever that is to each of you personally.

lopinavir ritonavir covid 19 My morning routine is my favorite, because it is usually the one I can control the most. My evening routine is still sort of a work in progress because I tend to get a bit lazier and distracted at night….but I am working on it! More to come on that in the future.

go site The cool thing that I love about developing a routine- no matter how big or small- is I can basically do a version of it anywhere and it helps me feel connected, grounded and calm at the start of my day. I like to hit the ground running on a busy day, but without my calming morning routine I feel a little frazzled and stressed. And stress leads to more cortisol production which, in turn, can wreak havoc on your hormones, which is something I am actively working to avoid!

kaletra in pregnancy I truly believe that managing your hormone levels by starting the day with a calming routine is a total game changer for your mood, your productivity and your weight management. That’s right- this goes beyond just mental clarity here! When your hormones are out of whack and you have too much cortisol and hunger hormones surging, your body will hold onto belly fat and actually trick you into thinking you are hungry when you are not. I think that Kelly LeVeque speaks to this beautifully and I wrote a post about her tips here that you need to go read if you haven’t already.

So, because my morning routine is very much a thing in my life no matter where I am and what I am doing, I want to walk you through it on a normal day and then discuss it in a couple of different scenarios- away on location shooting a movie/show, and on vacation. I kind of just adjust the routine depending on where I am and if I have to shorten it or adjust it to fit into my day or where I am…I’ll do it. The important part of a routine is connecting to the grounding it brings you, not obsessing about every detail and letting a bump in the road screw with the rest of your day. The morning routine can bring so much power and clarity to your day ahead- it should never create unnecessary chaos! K, so let’s get to it.

My Morning Routine

Wake up- obviously and thankfully! I try not to immediately reach for my phone because I want to create a calm space first thing instead of getting to emails and social media. So ideally, the phone stays put until I am finished with the first few steps of the routine.

♥ Juice my celery, drink a glass of it and make a batch of green juice for the next two days. I got a juicer for Christmas and am so stoked on it! The one annoying thing is that a juicer is a pain in the ass to clean, so I like to get as much bang out of it at each use as possible. So first comes the fresh celery juice and I drink it as I juice my other greens before storing it all away in glass bottles. I will post my favorite juice recipes soon- I am still tinkering with the perfect blends! Celery juice I always have plain with nothing else added! And I try to juice it fresh every morning.

♥ Wash my face- I do this AFTER I do the celery juice because I like to not eat or drink anything else for 30 minutes after drinking the celery so I can absorb the nutrients on an empty stomach. I find it annoying to wait 30 minutes to eat or have a coffee so I have the juice before my skin routine so that the time goes by faster- efficiency is key! Ok so back to washing the face- I have been really diligent about this recently! I actually never used to wash my face first thing, I would always wait until after my workout or until later in the day BUT my new thing is wash right away. I have been dealing with some skin issues after switching my birth control so this step has been CRUCIAL for me! My stunning, glowing goddess friend Celeste has been helping me with her skincare guide and I will post ALL about this and my skincare/cleansing routine in next weeks post so stay tuned!

♥ Apply all my lotions and potions while massaging my neck and face. This one sort of depends on when I am planning to workout. If I’m working out first thing, I will only do a light misting of products instead of the whole shebang. In the next couple of weeks I will post both of these detailed parts of the routine!

♥ Make my coffee. I am not a huge coffee person, so sometimes I have a cup of the real stuff….but sometimes I do a Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee instead to reap the benefits of the superfood elixir! Recently I have been doing one real coffee with almond milk and monkfruit sweetener followed by a second drink of mushroom coffee with ashwaganda added, almond milk and monkfruit sweetener again. I want to dedicate an entire other post to mushroom superfoods and adaptogens- I have been ON THEM recently and want to gauge how I feel after a couple more weeks before giving all the juicy details. So stay tuned on this one too!

♥ Next, light a candle that makes me happy- something energizing with citrus to awaken all the senses for the day ahead. My favorite is Capri Blue Volcano– it smells like heaven on earth and totally livens me up any time of the day.

♥ Go over my to-do’s for the day. I have been trying to write down a list of to-do’s every night for the next day before I go to bed. This way, when I wake up and sit at my computer I can figure out the best way to tackle it all and assign the tasks to different parts of the day and check them off as I accomplish them. Any tasks that don’t get completed in that day are moved over to the next day until I finally do them. I put all things on here including things like “call dentist to make an appointment”…basically every little task that could possibly slip my mind.

♥ Answer emails and Instagram comments/DM’s for about 30 minutes. I like to do this for about 30-45 minutes while I drink my coffee after checking with my to-do list. I do this again later in the day too- like before dinner time. This way I am not doing it all damn day long. I find that if I allot time for this in the morning and at night, I am not a total slave to my phone and inbox all day long and I get less distracted when doing other tasks. Of course, if I see an important work or personal email come through in the middle of the day, I will address it….all others don’t get checked until later. Same goes for DM’s.

♥  Walk the dogs. We have been trying to walk Puffin and Yuki together to get them used to walking with each other even though it’s a bit of a circus at the moment LOL.

♥  Eat breakfast. If I am working out at 9 am or earlier I will not eat breakfast before my workout. If I am working out a little later (9am and later), I will have something with only proteins and fats like a smoothie or greek yogurt with almonds. If I don’t eat before the workout, I do right after when I get home.

♥  WORKOUT! I LOVE to get my workout in first thing. If I don’t get it done before 11 am, it’s way harder for me to go and do it. So I try to just do it early and schedule it so it’s more difficult for me to put it off. Then when I come home, I eat!

OK so there it is! Nothing too crazy, but it totally gets my day started on the right foot. I did promise to go over what happens when I work or am on vacation so let’s go through that a bit.

kaletra covid 19 buy online So what about when I am on set or on location?

When I am on set and my call time isn’t too early (9am or later) I try to cleanse my skin, drink the celery juice and workout quickly right after. Then I shower and run through my full skincare routine before eating breakfast. I skip the to do list and emails and save that for when I am on set in the hair and makeup chair. Once that is done I feel great and focus on the day ahead. It’s a bit more of an accelerated version of the whole routine but it still gets it in and it still sets me up for a great day. The importance is flexibility while still getting the power and grounding that comes from a routine. What about on vacation?

On vacation I usually don’t have a juice unless I find somewhere to get it- but honestly its usually SO expensive to buy at a store every day so I skip it and get back on track when I get home. I go through my morning skin routine and drink a coffee. I also bring my mushroom coffee packets with me so I can have them on vacation. Then, I answer any super important emails/DM’s and leave the rest for when I am home from vacation. I mean, the whole point of a vacation is to take a break right?? As for working out, I like to workout on vacation in the late afternoon before dinner and cocktails…so like 4pm. Doing this allows me to take advantage of the full day, and workout at a time when I would usually just be sitting around before dinner. I also try not to stress about hitting the gym while on vacation. Instead, I like to do a lot of adventurous activities that allow me to have fun, see the sights, build incredible memories and focus less on actual gym time. I stay active, but in a fun explorative way. You know I love my adventurous vacations!!


Well that is all BB’s! Happy New Year!

XO Katrina

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