Skincare-The Cleansing Routine That Is Changing My Skin


Skincare. This is so important to me. Starting with clean, fresh, dewy skin makes all the difference. Your makeup will look better, you will GLOW and you will feel more confident. I mean- you know how you feel when you wake up with a giant zit in the middle of your face? Not too fab. I know when that happens to me, I feel like that zit is all anyone is looking at and I don’t really feel like myself again until that shitty little sucker is gone. The same goes for dry/ flaky skin (which I also struggle with) and skin starting to show signs of aging (fine lines- sadly also me). BUT all of this can be prevented and helped with a good skincare regiment. I mean…you can’t literally turn back the hands of time with a face cream….but you can help slow down the aging process A LOT. You can also prevent future breakouts before they even rear their ugly heads and hydrate your skin so effectively so you never even have to deal with super dry skin.

All of this takes time and ROUTINE though- it doesn’t happen overnight. Like any good thing, it takes diligence and the desire to stick with it! Just like diet and fitness- the skin should be an area of your life that you work on and devote time to. And if you are a 22-year-old reading this and disregarding it, I beg you to read a little longer and take the advice to heart!!!! If there is one beauty tip I could give to my younger self it would be to cleanse well, use amazing products and create a skincare routine that I could stick to, instead of the half-assed cleansing I did after a long night out. Been there?

SO, I will say…my skin is good. I am lucky to have pretty great skin and I don’t suffer from chronic acne or any other very difficult conditions. I know a few people who suffer from acne and they have tried a lot of products, but haven’t had much luck with managing it as much as they had hoped. It came to the point where they decided to try alternative products like CBD oil from sites like Serenity Store – Buy CBD Products Online to help reduce the inflammation and minimize the appearance of acne. They struggled so long to find the right skincare products for them, that hopefully, this is the answer they are looking for. I wish that all products were the same, but unfortunately, people need to find the right skincare products for them, as everyone is different.

I do have my own skin issues at hand- two that I have been dealing with for years: very reactive skin with early signs or rosacea AND dryness. I will get flare ups when I am stressed which cause a lot of redness and even a bumpy texture on my skin when it’s really bad (it happens this bad maybe once a year, so not often). In those situations I typically take a light antibiotic for it, especially if I am on set and CAN’T have a flare up. In normal life when I am not working, I just try to manage it by ice rolling, cleansing gently and avoiding my triggers. Oh and those triggers are the worst your guys! They are: WINE, coffee, caffeine, alcohol, spicy food, heat and THE SUN. Like, give me a break- all the things I love….they may as well through hiking, puppies and Grapefruit Spindrift in there too and really fuck up my whole life.

I also have one brand spanking new problem that I am tackling at the moment- hormonal chin breakouts. UGH.

The cause of these breakouts? Switching birth control. I got off the pill that I was on for like, oh god…12 years (YIKES) and switched to an IUD with no estrogen and only super light localized hormones. If you don’t know the difference between the two- a pill sends a lot of hormones through your blood stream (coursing through your body) and has estrogen which isn’t a great thing to have excess of in your body as a woman because it fucks with your weight and mood. The one plus side of having it though is it keeps your skin clear. Many women who go off the pill suddenly suffer from acne and breakouts because the hormone that was controlling it for all those years is suddenly WAY less present. In my opinion, kicking all of those hormones out the door is a GREAT thing for your body because it gets you back to normal- how you were meant to be- but you may need to learn how to deal with the negatives as a result. This is what made me take on this new in-depth skin cleansing routine-to control the breakouts I am suddenly getting.

ENTER: Celeste of The True Spoon.

Before I discovered this Celeste’s easy, effective way of cleansing my skin, I had a LOT of misses. I was using products that were too harsh on my skin- hello to a certain glycolic acid based peel pad that destroyed my skin, ahem ahem- and I was doing peels and deep exfoliation way too often. This took care of the breakouts but made my reactive, dry skin VERY unhappy. I was red, peeling and dry as a bone which to me is WAY worse than having a couple of pimples.

This skin cleansing program that WORKS SO WELL came in part from my gorgeous friend Celeste of The True Spoon– she is my personal skincare guru (and can be yours too!!) and when I told her I was having issues she sent me her Acne Skincare Guide to use and said it would really work wonders. I dove right in and she was absolutely right. There were no intense peels or stripping of the skin anywhere in sight. Instead, she uses simple, real, affordable, EFFECTIVE techniques that get to the root of the problem and help you nip the breakouts in the bud before they even happen. I mean, that’s the goal right? To never even get the pimple in the first place!

This method of cleansing also controls the reactive-ness of my skin and the dryness, so it really does it all! It has also made my skin SO dewy and glowy, which makes me more confident to go without makeup and use less makeup when I do wear it. My makeup also sits so nicely on my face, like buttery smooth and fresh looking, which I seriously can not get enough of.

Celeste is also a huge proponent of what you put in your body directly affects your face. Meaning, how you eat, your gut health and what allergens you consume will either lead you to your best skin or your worst skin. I am 100% on board with this concept because I have seen it work first hand. Dairy and my skin don’t blend well- I see a direct correlation between how much parmesan cheese I eat and how often I get chin breakouts. Sad, I know. I also know that when I avoid my triggers that make my skin reactive, I am in the clear and looking glow-ier than ever. So it’s not only an external routine, it is an internal one too and she covers it all.

I took all the tools I learned from Celeste’s Acne Skincare E-book , which you need to get- if I haven’t already convinced you- and added a couple of my own favorite products and methods to find my perfect groove.

In addition to what Celeste suggests, I always do a pre cleanse after my workout and at night when I remove my makeup and cleanse my skin. This is key to me because I want to use gentle cleansers that my skin loves but I also want to make sure that every speck of makeup and dirt is gone. So I use the Dermalogica Pre-Cleanse oil all over my face, rinse and lightly wipe it dry. It removes ALL makeup in seconds, I LOVE it. Then I move on to my cleansing and I use Celeste’s 1-Minute cleanse technique with either Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel (this one after a workout or at night) or The Ultra Calming cleanser (this one in the morning first thing ALWAYS).

I also love to shave my face once a week as a form of exfoliation. Before you gasp, go ahead and read all about how I shave my face and why, here! It removes the top layer of dead skins cells and peach fuzz to reveal fresh glowing skin that makeup will sit SO well on. It is a game changer and so easy- plus I wouldn’t bother with any expensive shavers- the ones I use come in a pack of 12 for under $7 and you can reuse each one up to 3 times.

After I thoroughly cleanse, while massaging my face, I apply my skincare. I will go more in depth into what all of that looks like now in a later post, but to get the gist-check out this post!

Whether you are dealing with skin troubles or just want to achieve your best skin ever, I highly suggest Celeste’s E-book and her whole instagram/blog to be honest. She is stunning, honest and a registered nurse- so she REALLY knows her stuff! She talks all about skincare, Eat-to-Glow recipes that will give you great skin by working on the inside out, and holistic beauty techniques that are super easy to adopt into your daily routine. You can find her on Instagram here and on her website here.

TTYL- trying to bring this throwback…back.

XO Katrina

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