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SOOO, if you follow me on Instagram, you know the news: we got a new puppy!!! EEEEE!!! And I am going to tell you all about her, why we got her, from where etc. You know….ALL the DEETS.

For a little recap, we have had Puffin for about 6.5 years- we got him when he was about 6 months old and he just turned 7 years old this September. He is our baby and he is SO bonded to Ben and I, but especially me. He travels with me to different sets, flies with me all the time and is my boo-boo-bear-man. If you follow me in Insta, you also know he’s a super weird funny dog with a ridiculous personality.

We have wanted to get another dog for a while now but kept putting it off because…well…puppies are a lot of work and we weren’t 100% sure if we wanted to have two. Not only is it a lot of work, but it is also a big increase in cost. Of course, we want the best for our pups, so we have been saving up to get a matching bed (made by kong) to go with Puffins. There’s also the food, vet bills, vaccinations and much more to consider! BUT, personally, my biggest hang up about getting another dog over the years is that I LOVE PUFFIN SO MUCH (it’s borderline ridiculous) and I didn’t want to have to share that love. I felt like I wouldn’t be able to love another dog as much as I love Puffin and I didn’t want to have to split my love and give Puffin any less than I already give him. Ben always said this was a little crazy haha, but the feeling was very real!!

So, why did we just now decide that it was time to finally get another dog? Well, it really happened by chance to be honest. A couple of weeks ago, when the devastating fires were raging in Los Angeles, I signed up to foster displaced animals at a few different shelter/rescue organizations and (long story short) no one chose us to foster. Oddly, it turns out that there were SO many volunteers for fosters that we were simply not needed and I have to say, I was a little bummed. I was ready to take a dog or two, some bunnies or other small animals into my home to help, but that help wasn’t really needed at the time. So, because I was feeling that need to help and do good to animals in need, I started looking deeper into dogs that needed fostering and adopting in LA. As I was searching, I discovered The DoVe Project and started sending dog profiles to Ben (he was sitting in the other room but whatever lol we operate like that sometimes).

After looking through so many, he said to me: “we need to adopt one from The DoVe Project.” And I couldn’t agree more. The DoVe Project rescues dogs and puppies from the Dog Meat Trade in Asia. have you heard of The Yulin Festival that Lisa Vanderpump fights so whole heartedly against? Well, my friends, that horrific event is just the surface of the terrible suffering that goes on in the Dog Meat Trade (DMT) across Asia. Dogs are stolen, raised in captivity in cages and forced to breed to produce dogs that will be sold to rich people to eat. It is thought that the more the dogs suffer, the better for the individual eating the dog. It is sick. These dogs are traumatized and never know kind human affection. In some cases, random people will find stray dogs, capture them and force them to breed and keep them in terrible conditions outside their homes in hopes of possibly selling them to the dog meat trade for a lot of money. This is where The DoVe Project comes in….

The DoVe Project rescues dogs from these dog meat farms where they are raised in terrible conditions- adults and puppies a like. They shut down the farms, buy dogs…whatever they can to save as many as they can. And on top of that, they give the dog farm owners the tools they need to try to find work elsewhere because a lot of these people are in need for money and just aren’t aware there are other options. Our puppy, who we named Yuki, was rescued as a tiny puppy from a dog meat farm in South Korea. Her and her siblings were all very young and were fostered together at a rescue in S Korea and were waiting for someone to adopt them. This is where we came in…

We registered to adopt through the program and had our eyes on her. She was flown to LA via a volunteer and we picked her up at LAX airport this past Saturday! She had an 11 hour flight and was so tired and ready for a restful, nice experience by the time we got her. We got to the airport, met all of the people from the organization and greeted out new baby girl. Everyone was so nice and told us what to expect, gave us instructions etc. They really care about all the dogs they rescue and stay involved in the whole process and are easy to reach if you have questions about anything. SO, we put on her collar and leash and we took her home to meet her new brother!

Now, keep in mind…Puffin is the KING of our house and he has never had to share a home with another dog. He loves other dogs when we walk and go to the park- he’s not aggressive and either loves a dog or does a quick sniff and is bored and moves on. But, all that being said, we knew he probably wouldn’t take too well to a brand new puppy living with him in his kingdom. And we were right in that assumption! He was very confused at first and growled at her a bunch the first day (he even snapped once and got a stern talking to about it). I think that Puffin made Yuki a little anxious when they first met and I started looking at articles trying to learn about the best cbd oil for dogs. I don’t know much about CBD but I know that it can help calm dogs down and reduce anxiety so I thought it might be worth trying with Yuki. I could tell that she was feeling anxious from the moment she first stepped foot in her new home but luckily, she seemed to grow in confidence pretty quickly. At least I know the CBD option is there if I notice her getting anxious again in the future! I wouldn’t want her getting upset!

Fast forward to now and she has been with us for almost a week and Puffin is starting to warm up to her. He isn’t her friend yet but they go on walks together with zero problems and he’s tolerating it all very very well. Yuki wants to be Puffin’s friend so badly, but she’s also super smart and reading him well- she knows he doesn’t like it when she jumps on him and she LOVES to follow him around, especially on walks. I think with a little bit of time, they will totally be friends and Puffin will learn that she won’t take away any of the love we already give him.

OH! There is one thing we read about introducing a new puppy into a house with a dog that has been SUPER helpful and wasn’t really something we intuitively thought about!! It this: keep toy time, food time and affection from humans time separate at first, so neither dog gets territorial. Sounds super simple and it it is…but it also really works. Every moment that Puffin got upset with Yuki was one of these no-no moments….so now we make sure to split those times between the two of them so no one gets jealous or weird on us.

Now, let’s get to YUKI and her adjusting to us and her new home! So many of you wanted to know all about her so here goes!

Yuki is so good and so sweet. She is 3 months old Korean Jindo mix- we ordered a doggy DNA test and will report back with the results once we get them! She weighs 9.2 lbs, she has long legs and chubby paws that indicate she’s due for a lot of growing. We think she will be somewhere between 25-35 lbs when full gown.

She shows so much affection (she did from day one) and really loves us. When we got Puffin, it took him a couple of weeks to decide we were OK and he liked us (lol typical Puffin). Yuki spent most of her life, up until this point, without much human affection…she spent most of her time around other dogs. So we were so happily surprised by how quickly she is bonding with us! She really loves being outside and going on walks- we still have some leash training to work on, but when she walks with Puff she is SO good and just follows everything he does (so damn cute).

Potty training is going pretty well so far. She knows to do her business outside- this breed is known for being pretty easy to potty train- and she gets very excited to get rewarded when she goes to the bathroom outside. She’s actually never pooped inside (yet) which is sort of incredible in my book! BUT the one thing she is having trouble with is bladder control when she gets excited…she tends to let out little tinkles a lot when she’s excited to go out, excited for play time and affection etc. SO, to remedy this, we are staying very calm all the time around her, teaching her that the routines we do will be calm and controlled and nothing to go all wild about, and only engaging in fun play time after she has peed outside where she should. I am sure that she will outgrow this as she gets older and has better control over her situation…but for now we have the Nature’s Miracle on stand by. And a refill bottle on standby behind that one. HA!

We are crate training her at night and have her in a larger playpen during the day. Her playpen is where her bowls are, where she has her toys and bones etc…it’s her little safe place! We take her out once in the middle of the night to pee and other than that, she holds it until morning, yay!

She really is such a sweet little girl and SOOO smart. I didn’t think I would be able to make space to love another dog with Puffin in my life, but I think I am well on the way to building up just as much love for this new addition.

ALSO!!! Yuki’s siblings Pumpkin and Marshmallow are here in LA and ready to adopt. If you are interested in adopting a beautiful, lively, sweet puppy like Yuki, I highly suggest you check out The DoVe Project! You can visit the dogs that are here in LA or apply for one that will be flown over from South Korea. It is an amazing organization that I back 100% and can totally vouch for.

Have a beautiful weekend! And don’t forget to tune into my Instagram stories to see all the puppy (and Puffin) goodness!

XO Katrina

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