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Confession: I really like diet soda. I grew up drinking it…A LOT…before we really, fully knew it was bad for us. I’m sure many of you did too…or maybe you drank a ton of the full sugar stuff (yikes)! In my house growing up we had TAB (so retro), diet coke and diet sprite around at all times…and I drank these a lot. And into my teenage years I kept it going. I switched  over to a Cherry Coke Zero or a Diet Dr. Pepper, but hey, it’s all the same at the end of the day right? A can full of chemicals. Yummy chemicals that I still do love today even though I know it’s bad for me.

Fast forward to today. I still like diet soda….I just don’t really drink it anymore. Do I have one every now and then? Yea, I do….I just don’t make a habit out of it, you know? But I have to say, it is becoming more difficult by the day for me to feel OK about drinking a can of diet soda…I get this guilty feeling because I know it’s bad. And to be honest, that guilty feeling makes me reach for them less and less often. Health Guilt is a real thing you guys! I also kind of feel like a health fraud when I drink one- like I am not practicing what I preach, you know? So that too makes me crave one less. But at the same time, I am only human and sometimes this human just needs a diet cream soda…you feel me? 

All of that being said, I have found some amazing alternative bevvies for when I want a diet soda…healthier alternatives that leave me with no guilt and no “I’m a fraud!” feeling. Do they taste as good as the real thing? No, not at first. BUT, I promise you that the more healthy things you put into your body, the more your body will keep craving healthy things. But you already know that, right? The more we nourish our bodies with good stuff, the more good stuff we crave…it’s the opposite of a vicious cycle….it’s a…happy healthy cycle!

So let’s get into my favorite swaps and drink hacks for when you want something, but also want to feel good about it! They all have little to no calories too, so it’s the same vibe as a typical diet soda, without all the chemicals

*OH, I also use these drink options for when I don’t want to drink alcohol! Because for me, drinking a flat water with dinner instead of a glass of wine just feels a little boring so I like to jazz it up!



If you aren’t familiar with Zevia already, get on board. Zevia is an all natural calorie free soda that uses stevia as it’s sweetening agent. My favorite flavor is Ginger Ale. Definitely drink these cold- they taste way better that way! I like to have mine over some ice or even put it in a wine glass to get a little fancy at night. Something about a sparkling bevvy in a wine glass just feels right. I buy it at Whole Foods.


Zevia Mixers

K, I’m still on the Zevia train over here, but the “mixer” collection is definitely worthy of it’s own personal shout out! They taste less like a traditional soda and more like a cocktail mixer, hence the name “mixers”, duh. The tonic tastes just like a tonic water and is so good with a splash of ginger ale or grapefruit juice. It’s great at night- feels like a night cap, sans alcohol, sugar and unnecessary chemicals. The Dry Lemon Lime is also super solid. And, well…the Ginger Beer is also delicious…so basically all of them are good.



Move over LaCroix…Spindrift is taking your place in my book! Unlike, LarCroix, Spindrift actually really tastes like the fruit that is on its label. That’s because the sparkling waters actually have real fruit juice in them- just enough to pack a punch without adding more than 12-17 calories per can. And I mean, come on…12-17 calories is basically non existent. I drink these solo or I use them to make my classic, super simple mocktail which tastes a little like a Paloma. More on that right below.


Katrina’s Mocktail

SO, I created this super simple faux cocktail this year, when I wanted something fun to drink, but wanted to lay off the alcohol. It really tastes like a cocktail- it has Paloma vibes written all over it and there are two ways I make it. The OG way is:

  • Fill a glass with ice, add a splash of natural grapefruit juice and fill the rest of the glass with a grapefruit spindrift. DONE! I know it sounds too simple to be good but trust me.
  • The second way I make it is fill a glass with ice, add a splash of grapefruit, a splash of that dry lemon lime zevia mixer, fill the rest of the glass with a grapefruit Spindrift and add a tiny dash of pink sea salt. This version tastes like a cross between a Paloma and a margarita and I am ALL about it. Add a splash of lime too if you want. NO RULES HERE!


Four Sigmatic Mushroom Hot Chocolate

This delicious mushroom hot cocoa takes the place of my diet cream soda or Diet Swiss Miss hot cocoa I used to be obsessed with. It has that yummy, rich, dessert-like taste to it but it also is an antioxidant powerhouse. I like it with unsweetened vanilla almond milk, a spoonful monkfruit sweetener and a tiny pinch of pink sea salt (this brings out the sweetness). This drink just feels so cozy and amazing at the end of the day, or any time you need a warm chocolatey treat.


Unsweetened Iced Tea 

This is my go-to drink when I am out at a restaurant or on the go and craving something besides water. I usually go herbal or green with this and I always add fresh lemon wedges and some monk fruit or stevia. A calorie free sweet tea! I also love an iced mint tea after a meal to help with digestion.


Iced Matcha with Unsweetened Almond Milk

For all the caffeine lovers out these-this one is for you! Get your fix while also loading up on the antioxidant rich benefits of matcha. Forgo to typical “matcha latte” and have it plain with some unsweetened almond milk and stevia to add some sweetness. Don’t order the one with all the syrups etc- it should taste very earthy and not very yummy plain- that’s how you want it! That way you can add your own ingredients like almond milk and sweetener. Oh and circling back here, Four Sigmatic also makes a “matcha” powder I love!! Perfect for making this iced latte at home.


Do you have any drink swaps you love? I am always looking for more ideas!

Happy Friday and have the best weekend babes!


XO Katrina




2 Responses
  • Elle
    November 17, 2018

    Drink swaps…okay, this one is kind of similar to yours. I’ll have grapefruit juice, vodka, and some seltzer if I just want a quick (alcoholic) drink. If I don’t want an alcoholic drink then simply mixing the grapefruit juice and seltzer works! Or any juice of your choice with seltzer, to cut back on the sweetness.

    I like the Vintage seltzers (that brand) and they make plain seltzer as well as raspberry seltzer, pomegranate, lemon-lime. And seltzer has no calories or sodium.

    • fitkatadmin
      December 20, 2018

      I do this too!! It is so amazing! I call the ice, grapefruit juice and seltzer concoction my “mocktail” for when I don’t want something alcoholic but still want something fun!
      Love that you do this too! xoxo

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