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Hello beautiful friends! If you follow me on Instagram and watch my stories (if you don’t already, what are you waiting for?!?), you know that I got a facial again last Friday. Before a few months ago, I hadn’t gotten a facial in about…ummm…3 years! Yikes, I know! I’m trying to not let that happen again. My goal is to get a facial every few months to do a deep clean on my skin. And in between those facials, I will do my typical skin upkeep, which of course includes at home face masks.

It seems like everyone is on the healthy skin bandwagon which is amazing! We all have such incredible products at our fingertips, like a dead sea salt scrub or manuka honey serum, which makes it easy for us to create a great skincare routine at home. I mean, what’s better than a bath with a good book and a face mask on right?? Or even just a face mask on the couch watching Handmaid’s Tale- whatever floats your boat. But…are we using this plethora of masking products the right way? Maybe not.

I learned A LOT at my facial last Friday. Leah from Dermalogica HQ was a wealth of knowledge and answered all of my nagging questions about my personal skin issues and all skin in general. One of the biggest take homes I got from our time together is that hydration is literally everything when it comes to good skin. And I’m not talking about just slathering on all the oils and creams topically.

The root of the hydration problem comes from within. If you aren’t properly hydrated, it shows all over your skin in the form of:

  • flakiness
  • redness
  • bumpy texture
  • No-Glow (the opposite of glowing skin)
  • breakouts
  • and, last but not least, a general bleh look

I, as many of us are, am under hydrated. I drink a lot of water, but I also drink coffee and a glass or two of alcohol so I need to focus on balancing all of that out for the sake of my skin. What does that mean? On days when I drink alcohol or have an extra coffee, I also need to have extra water. Easy. My metal water canteen will be by my side all day long so there is no excuse. I’ve known for a long time that hydration is key with most things beauty. I mean everyone bashes us over the head with that concept so this is nothing new here. BUT I personally wasn’t aware that skin dehydration could be making my reactive skin more reactive, less calm and more inflamed. I tend to get very red- when I workout, get embarrassed, drink coffee, drink wine, eat spicy foods, am out in the heat- basically everything fun in life (except for the being embarrassed part). So the concept that hydrating myself more effectively can help reduce all of this…well that was music to my ears and such an easy small solution I can do….and you can too!

So, what about topically? That is SO important too- it’s definitely second to the whole water situation, but still a MUST do. Which leads me to the whole point of this blog post: face mask mosaic-ing. This was another HOT TIP from Leah at Dermalogica!

This will probably be a new concept but once you read the why and the how you’ll totally get it. We all know that at home face masks are everything right now- everyone is doing them and benefiting from them. I have a plethora of face masking options at home all claiming different end goals from hydrating, brightening, detoxifying etc. So how do you know which one to use and when? I don’t know about you, but I typically love reaching for a face mask that will detoxify and pull ALL the impurities out of my skin- that just sounds way more satisfying than a simple “hydrating” mask, right? I know a lot of you probably agree with me, but guys…I think we are SO wrong. Well, half wrong.

Let me explain….

We all have certain areas of our skin that tend to be congested- for me it’s my chin, around my nose and in between my eyebrows- but mainly the chin. The rest of my skin stays smooth and clear from any breakouts…BUT those clear areas also tend to run a little more dry because I don’t have as much oil production there. SO putting a detoxifying, clay type of face mask ALL over my face helps my chin area, but totally dries out the rest of my face and makes me red and sensitive. Not a cute look.

On the flip side, a hydrating mask really can be great for all over the skin, but sometimes they can be a little too heavy on my chin area if I haven’t taken care of that zone with a detoxifying mask. So putting a thick hydrating mask over that area can actually make things worse and lead to clogged pores and breakouts. It’s just TOO heavy.

So what’s a girl to do? Mosaic that shit. Mosaic your face masks to make them work for YOUR specific skin needs. For me, that means the Aztec Healing Clay or something similar on my chin, a charcoal mask on my T-zone and a calming, hydrating OR brightening mask everywhere else. OR another way I like to do it is in steps. First, I will use a clay or other detoxifying mask on my chin and T-zone and let it do its thing, rinse and dry. Then, I will use a brightening or hydrating mask all over my face. Sometimes I will skip my chin area all together with this if I feel extra congested in that pesky area. And I kind of just paint the masks onto my face like a little mosaic depending on what zones need what type of treatment. It’s totally a customized face masking experience that will benefit your individual skin tremendously!

Additionally, with an exfoliating mask like Exfolikate, which I love, I sometimes use it all over my face if my skin is looking a little lack-luster. BUT the majority of the time, I use it in my trouble zones only (chin and T-zone) to keep blackheads and breakouts at bay without making my whole face super sensitive. So, for example, I’ll do an enzyme exfoliator ALL over the face once every 2 weeks and then just address the areas of concern solo every week. I get all the benefits in a way that benefits my skin.

This whole concept allows you to cater your skincare routine to your skin type to benefit the most from what you are using. Skincare is NOT one size fits all. And a mask is really not one product fits every zone on your face. So let’s stop treating most of them like they are!

Sheet masks are a different story because most of them are very light and contain mostly serums that really penetrate the skin without clogging pores in the process. My favorite sheet masks contain collagen and/or Hyaluronic Acid.

I have linked a lot of the products I love below- some hydrating, some brightening and some detoxifying. All are great and I use how described above!

Give this whole new way of masking a try and let me know your thoughts on my Insta- love hearing how you guys are liking my tips and tricks.


XO Katrina


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