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ALOHA! I am in Maui celebrating my (30th) birthday! Just got here yesterday!

Talking about fitness today…my current weekly fitness schedule, changes I have made and all the details WHY.

I get a lot of questions about my workout routines…what I do on a daily and weekly basis to stay in shape, lean and energized. I have written about my love for different workouts in detail on here but I’ve never really given out my weekly schedule. To be honest, it changes a lot week to week depending on where I am, if I am traveling and how much work I have to do etc etc. Life, you know? But I am a person who loves a routine, so I try to stay on one as much as possible. So, I’m going to give you what my average week looks like below and explain what I’m currently doing for fitnesses and why.


So about two weeks ago, I decided to make a change to the way I workout…in a pretty big way (big for me at least)! I had previously been doing a lot of HIIT workouts (3 a week!) combined with hiking (duh), BBG sweat app workouts and Lagree megaformer Pilates. I’ve cut workouts from this list and have replaced those cuts with new workouts that are SO different for me and what I am used to.

Before I get into what the new kids in town are and what didn’t make the cut (for the time being at least) I want to go over the WHY behind cutting out certain workouts.

First of all, I love to lift weights, nothing crazy but squatting and lunging with 30-50 lbs is something that really gets me going. Being able to complete sets of pushups, press heavy weights over my head…all of it just feels good to me- endorphin rush to the extreme! And I have done exactly that for years…which has built a lot of good muscle tone all over my body. In good places like my butt (yay) but also in not so ideal places, like my quads (booo!). And to be completely honest- I don’t want big legs. I want a nice butt, but big quads….yea, that’s a no thanks from me. I know most of you probably feel the same way…and that’s OK! It is 100% OK to want to be strong and fit, but still be long and lean. That’s definitely the look I am after!

Keep in mind though that for my job, I really do have to look a certain way. I need to look lean and in shape…and that equals not too muscular or “bulky”. Maybe one day it that “Hollywood Body” ideal will change, but for now small and lean still reigns supreme…and I signed up for it so I’m not complaining, just pointing out a very obvious observation. My looks and my body are a part of my package as an actor. It doesn’t matter how great I can deliver lines…if I don’t look the part for the role, I’m not going to get it. Now, not every role requires an actress to look thin or “perfect” but the great majority of them do- especially for me. Again, this is me just being completely honest here, and sometimes the truth isn’t so pretty!

AND another fun fact- I usually book more jobs when I’m thinner. Like everyone else, my weight can fluctuate over the months and years (and it certainly has) and I 100% get more roles when I’m on the thinner side of my sliding weight fluctuation scale. And I get it. It’s not how I want things to be…but there isn’t a whole lot I can do about it other than observe and adjust accordingly. I’m fully aware that this topic may upset some people, especially since we are living in a progressive time where body love is such a widely embraced philosophy- a philosophy that I too embrace and am so proud of. BUT the rules for me as an actor (along with my peers) isn’t as warm and fuzzy as many people would like you to believe.

SO..let’s get into my new routines that focus on fat loss and lean muscle mass! If you read my post about “bulky” then you know this unfortunate true statement: you can’t simultaneously lose fat and weight while also building muscle. You can strengthen your muscles while losing fat…but when you lose fat, you will also lose a little muscle in the process. You have to chose one or the other…or at least be ok with some muscle loss along the way. I’ve decided I’m OK with that. I have a good amount of muscle definition that I love and now I really want to focus on losing fat. I don’t have a lot to lose, but I do have some I want to lose- my focus is losing inches in my waist and my thighs.

With all of that said and out of the way, I would love to share my new weekly routine. Well, it’s only been two weeks haha- I act like I’m a pro at this already! Far from it. I’m still in the very beginning stages of this new routine but so far I love it. I’m already seeing results and that is totally motivating me to keep it up instead of just going back to the workouts and eating patterns I lived with before.


My Weekly Workout Routine

Lagree Method Megaformer Pilates:

This I LOVE and do twice per week on non-consecutive days. This type of Pilates is HARD- not like those mat classes you may know. Lagree Pilates works my abs better than anything else. It also really targets the booty without relying on the quads in the same way a lot of floor work does. Isolated booty and ab work is a win win for me! I go to carries Pilates plus and Pilates platinum in LA. In NYC, SLT was a favorite.


I have been running 2-3 times per week, 3-4 miles each time. I love running. Many of you probably already know I ran two marathons and a bunch of half marathons. Yes, I’m one of those crazy people haha! But I fell off from running for a while because I broke my leg during my second marathon. That was almost exactly 3 years ago now! Whenever I’m away for work on location, I run run run to workout but never really do it at home….until now! I’ve been running in LA 2-4 times per week and will sometimes do a run ion the same day as a Pilates class to compliment it. A little cardio, a little strength…the perfect balance.


I still love my hikes and always will! I will do a hike about 3 days a week to get some steps in after a day spent driving around in my car. I like this because I was so used to logging so many miles on foot when I lived in NYC for 9 years. Moving to LA 2.5 years ago really put a damper on how much I walk daily!! So I add in mini hikes a lot just to keep moving. I also use hikes as times to catch up with friends, learn lines for auditions and listen to my favorite podcasts. Multitasking while also making my Fitbit happy-woo!


I’ll do this maybe once a week now, or not at all. I still love it and find it so fun so I can’t get rid of it completely! Plus, I really do think HIIT classes are so great for strengthening your cardio endurance as well as your muscles! I have just cut back A LOT.


John Benton Model Fitness:
NOW, this is the very new one…and I’m pretty much obsessed. Let me start by saying that this style of working out was pretty much the opposite of anything I thought would work for me and it’sthe type of workout I would turn my nose up at in the past. I fell into that all-too-familiar judgey fitness attitude…anyone else know what I’m talking about? It’s that “I’m way better than THAT” feeling you get when you see a girl doing inner thigh pulses on the floor instead of picking up a heavy set of dumbbells to squat with. Stupid, I know…but I think a lot of us are guilty of it. Anyway…this workout WORKS! END OF STORY!

After seeing a friends results and basically stalking his Instagram page, I decided to hit up JB and get the details of his programming and sign up. He gave me a nutrition guideline plan and workouts I can do anywhere that require minimal equipment…like super minimal- I’m talking a pair of 3 lb ankle weights and a wash cloth. I love that because I can take them with me anywhere and there’s no excuse- I can do the workouts in my living room while watching Vanderpump Rules or in a hotel room or a gym. Pick your adventure is my favorite adventure.

I’ve been doing the workouts and following his nutrition program for 2.5 weeks so far and I’ve already lost half an inch in my waist line and I look a little tighter everywhere. AND my butt hasn’t shrunk at all thus far- yay! Gotta love keeping that booty!

BTW- this is not an ad. I’m just super excited about my new fitness adventure and want to share it with you. Also, I think for me (someone who is already in shape) small tweaks to a routine can make ALL the difference. So the small tweaks I’m making in my fitness is lower weights, higher reps, MORE core isolation, twisting movements and more easy pace running (like a 6 on the treadmill). These tweaks, along with the tweaks made to the timing of my macros are already yielding results I love!

So there it is: my current plan. I workout 5-7 days a week. Sometimes, my rest day still includes a hike or long walk because I always just feel better when I do some type of movement daily. Are you interested in making small tweaks to your routine too? LMK!

Ok bye babes, the beautiful beach in Hawaii is calling my name!


Xo Katrina

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