The Truth About Juice Cleansing


If you have been a reader for a while, you probably know that I have done a few juice cleanses. Every time I juice cleansed, it was for the exact same purpose: to de-bloat and drop a few pounds FAST for a role. It has always been for a role that involves me being in a bikini on camera (which happens more often than you may think). I have shared them with you because I try to be as honest and open as possible! My career often requires me to get bikini ready in a very short time….and there is a HUGE difference between being bikini ready in life and being bikini ready for on camera. The camera doesn’t lie. You can’t chose your favorite angle when on camera- you are stuck with whatever angle the director decides on…so a quick cleanse helps me a lot. And it works. Juice cleansing for 3-5 days will flatten your stomach, make you lose a few pounds fast and will make you look leaner overall. Over the course of a few days, I go from normal Katrina to a more chiseled, leaner, ab-tastic version of myself. BUT this all comes with a price and is VERY short lived…I will get into that in a sec.

I did two juice cleanses last year. The first time was when I was playing a bikini model in the comedy “Senior Moment”. I had two weeks to prep for multiple scenes wearing bikinis, crop tops and my underwear. Talk about stress!! So in that case, I decided to juice cleanse leading up to the main bikini scenes and I felt super confident and looked great. I felt like absolute shit, but I knew the whole thing was just temporary. A temporary bit of annoyance for a quick result.

The next time I did a juice cleanse was in December of 2017. I was playing a young actress in the new miniseries “One Day She’ll Darken” and my scenes involved me RUNNING on a beach in a bathing suit…and not glamorous running. It was a frantic, chaotic, crying while running scene and I had to be ready. SO, I did a 3 day juice cleanse before my shoot day for the “running in a bikini” scenes. Again, it worked, like it always does. BUT I also felt like shit and couldn’t wait to be done with the cleanse.

Are you sensing a theme here? Every time I cleanse, I feel shitty. People talk about how a cleanse makes them feel fresh and amazing…and I have honestly never felt that way. I always feel a little empty, tired and weird. I love food, so I think a lot of it is probably mental- I miss the act of chewing and tasting food….but still.

I also REALLY don’t think that juice cleansing is a very healthy and I would NEVER do it unless I was in a crunch-time-getting-ready-for-a-role situation. It is a short-term, quick fix. Yes, it delivers results, but those results always disappear as soon as you start eating solid foods again.

Whatever weight I lose is usually just water weight and some weight from inflammation…and I always gain the weight back as soon as I stop the juice cleanse. You may be wondering why! Well, juicing is not a long term solution. It yields very temporary results and the weight loss is usually only from water weight and inflammation….so you aren’t actually losing any pounds of fat. AND often times, post cleanse, people will over eat because they are feeling good and think that they can afford a few extra margaritas and order of salty chips & guac…which will then result in gaining a few REAL pounds. Fat pounds- not just water weight. So then, what was the point of the cleanse in the first place?? If your goal is to lose real weight and keep it off long term, juicing is not the way you should go.

First of all, juices have a LOT of sugar- way more sugar than I would ever eat in a normal day. I try to keep my sugar consumption low, hovering somewhere around 20-25 grams a day or less. Sugar wreaks havoc on your body and general health! It causes spikes and crashes in your blood sugar levels, which can lead you to feeling weird and super hungry all day. And when you consume more sugar than your body can immediately use for fuel, it gets stored as fat. SUGAR MAKES YOU FAT.

Sugar also breeds candida, so too much of it can lead to inflammation and discomfort in your gut. Juices are mostly sugar and carbs…and they have no fiber. In the juicing process, all the fiber from the fruits and vegetables is removed which is such a bummer! Getting rid of all that fiber means that you won’t ever feel very full or satisfied on a juice cleanse. Yes, you get a lot of vitamins and minerals….but is that worth it? In my opinion, it’s not. Tons of sugar, no fiber and no protein is not an equation for a healthy, lean body.

I know all of this going into a cleanse. I know that I won’t feel good, but I also know its a very temporary and quick means to a very specific end. I never expect to lose actual weight. Instead, I look for the water weight loss and calming of bloat/digestive inflammation…which makes me look great in a bathing suit. If you start a cleanse knowing all of this and not expecting some miracle fix…then go for it. No quick fixes actually work for more than a short time. A lifestyle change is the only way to see long term results!

Now, as far as drinking juices when not on a cleanse goes…I am very picky. I love a good green juice as a snack, but I read the labels like a damn scientist before purchasing anything. I mainly look for a green juice with ZERO fruits in it OR just a little bit of apple. That means it’s probably not going to taste as sweet and yummy, but it will be SO much more beneficial to your body. I also look for organic, good quality greens, lemon and ginger root. I like the calories to be at around 100 or fewer and the grams of sugar to be as low as possible (6 grams or fewer). A juice that meets these requirements is an amazing way to get extra nutrients in your diet and a healthy snack option. I like to think of it as a salad in a bowl. Suja makes a great green juice called Uber Greens that I love!

SO if you want to incorporate juices into your life…make sure you read labels like a hawk OR blend you juice at home.  I like to make my Detoxifying Green Juice at home as a snack or as a breakfast in the morning. By blending your juice, you keep all that good fiber in there and you get all the vitamins and minerals that you would get in a packaged juice. You also get to control exactly how much sugar goes in…you can do a cube or two of fresh apple instead of 2-5 whole apples that most packaged juices contain! Talk about a huge difference there!

Happy Monday Beauties! Stay healthy and stop eating sugar…love ya!


XO Katrina

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  • Jon
    May 24, 2018

    Thank you for your openness and honesty about the process that goes into preparing for roles and how some of the techniques (in this case juice cleanses) are not fun, healthy, or something you’d recommend outside of one specific circumstance. Keep being awesome!

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