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kaletra buy uk OK YOU GUYS! I just finished reading a health and wellness book that has changed the way I think about food and meals. It has totally re-inspired my healthy ways after feeling like I was sort of stuck in a rut for about 6 months. The book is called “Body Love” and it is written by RD Nutritionist extraordinaire Kelly Leveque. And now I am a Fab Four Girl for life!

So what’s the big deal you may be asking…like…how is this different than ANY of the other thousands of health and diet books out there? Well…A LOT. And I am going to try to bullet point the basics of the plan here and explain it the best I can BUT for more information I highly recommend you go read her book. It is seriously the most insightful, scientific and amazing read for anyone looking to improve their health and achieve their best body through food. Food is the answer to a lot of problems with health and body, and I think you will find it just as insightful as I do.

Quite honestly, this book was so interesting that it has inspired me to think about writing a book of my own. I have always wanted to be a published author and I think now might be the right time to finally put pen to paper. I have already started researching how to market a book and I have a few ideas in mind about how I could promote it. What do you think? Would you like to read a book written by me?

Anyway, enough about my own aspirations! First of all, Kelly comes from a place of real scientific facts, which is SO on my same page. She doesn’t buy into all the dumb health fads- rather, she relies on scientific studies and learnings from her education as a registered Dietician. She explains what happens to your body when you eat certain things and breaks down how your hormones and blood sugar levels have everything to do with your weight and how you feel. I knew bits of this information, but was shocked at how little of it I knew when I was reading the book. She takes complicated scientific happenings within and makes them super easy to understand so you are provided with the WHY, the HOW, and the solution which makes SO much sense to me. Also, side note, Jessica Alba is one of her clients…so yea, there’s that too. No biggie.

lopinavir ritonavir online store So, in a nut shell, she is all about stabilizing your blood sugar curve so you stay full for longer and keep your hormones in check…which is really the key to weight loss and loss of inflammation. Her game plan for doing this is balancing your macronutrients at each meal, eliminating snacks because we aren’t children and rarely NEED a snack, intuitively eating your heavier carbs at specific times during the day, and making sure you are getting plenty of fiber, protein, greens and fat at every meal. It isn’t strict. It is just a better, more intuitive way of eating. It is a lifestyle change…not a “diet” you go on or off of. She calls her plan “The Fab Four” lifestyle and it is EASY to stay on track with it you guys….seriously! No deprivation, no massive food groups eliminated…nothing crazy. It is very FAB.

follow site The Fab Four are:





….and Kelly wants you to eat all of those at every single meal. She also has her Fab Four Smoothie that I am obsessed with because it keeps me full for 5-7 hours (seriously!!) and digests like a dream. It is the perfect way to start my day and really sets me off on the right foot. kaletra fda Whenever I start my day well, I make better decisions all day long…anyone else?? I have been drinking them for about a week so far and LOVE it. I typically try to workout in the morning on an empty stomach and have the smoothie immediately after at like 9-10am. That way I am getting some benefits from intermittent fasting so I am burning fat for fuel during my workout and fueling my body post workout will all the balanced nutrients it needs. After the fab four smoothie, I’m not hungry for lunch until 2 or 3 pm typically! On days when I am not working out first thing, I have it with my morning coffee and then eat lunch 5-6 hours later.


lopinavir and ritonavir manufacturer Here is the Fab Four Smoothie I have been making daily:

1 scoop Tone it Up Protein in coconut or chocolate flavor (the protein)

1 scoop marine collagen

1 big spoonful of RAW almond butter (the fat)

1- 2 tablespoons chia seeds (the fiber)

1 big handful of raw spinach (the greens)

1.5 cups unsweetened almond milk

dash of cinnamon


And before you turn your nose up at the spinach part- you seriously don’t taste it at all. It turns the smoothie slightly green but thats all. Ben even tried it and said he couldn’t taste it at all….and he would rather stand in line at the DMV than drink a smoothie with greens in it. She also provides so many options for the smoothies and recipes galore! I sometimes swap the almond butter for a spoonful of coconut or MCT oil and that is delicious too.

For lunch I have been doing a big salad bowl with romaine, 4oz of chicken or salmon, some steamed broccoli, cherry tomatoes, a tablespoon of olive oil or a few slices of avocado, and 3 GG crackers. It has all the good fats, greens proteins and fibers. I use the GG crackers as a little scoop for everything and it is delicious. Most of my lunches are leftovers from the night before, but if I don’t have leftovers I will scramble up 4-5 egg whites or open a can of pink salmon and add that to the bowl instead.

For dinner, I usually make broiled salmon, slow cooked chicken or grilled steak with roasted veggies and a big salad. I eat 4 oz of protein always! If I did a lot of activity that day I will have some baked sweet potato fries or a little bit of quinoa. But to be honest, I don’t always NEED those….so I play it by ear. If I am craving more carbs, I have them! Listening to your body and what it needs is really key. With all of this, I make sure to have some fat like avocado, hummus or some olive oil drizzled on top. Sneak the healthy fats in there!

The most difficult part for me thus far has been eliminating snacking. I LOVE TO SNACK. And it is never because I am hungry…it’s usually just because I am bored and there is food around. At the beginning of the year I made a resolution to be more mindful about my eating and I am totally re-resolving this now! When I open the fridge for a snack, I ask myself if I am actually hungry or if I’m just looking for something to do. Usually the answer is the latter. It’s a bit of a struggle but I know that my body will adjust and so will my mind…I just need to give it some time. I mean, it’s only been about a week so far! HA!

So to take this one step further, which I typically tend to do (haha) I took all of my body measurements a week ago and am going in to do an InBody scan this week which will tell me my body fat, muscle and water percentages. I will use all of these to track wether I lose inches, fat, muscle, water and inflammation on this plan. I’m not looking to lose a lot of weight and definitely NOT looking to lose muscle…I just want to tighten up a bit and lose unwanted fat, specifically around my middle! I’m small already so I am not really expecting drastic results…BUT if I can lose a few inches of fat, extra water weight and inflammation in my digestive track I will be a very happy girl. Just looking to look my best, just like the rest of you!

I’m a littler nervous to do the body scan…but also sort of excited! I will share my results after I do this for a full month…then I will take the body scan again to see if anything has changed. I am getting in DEEP here and I hope you follow along with me on this ride!



XO Katrina


2 Responses
  • Km
    May 29, 2018

    Where are you doing the body scan in the LA area?

    • fitkatadmin
      June 22, 2018

      A friend of mine owns a corporate office gym and has one…so I am going to have her do the scan for me!

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