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source site Who here fills in their eyebrows? I’m expecting all of your hands to go up because I personally don’t know any women who don’t fill theirs in. Eyebrows are IN and either you fill them like all of us, or you naturally have perfect brows and in that case I hate you. JOKING. I love you, but I am insanely jealous. I basically don’t leave home without filling in my brows. I just feel like it makes my whole face look better, bolder and just prettier. My naturally skinny brows (I don’t even pluck them…why!!) just don’t do it for me and make me look like I’m a #TBT high school circa 2003. NOT a cute look. So of course I fill them, daily. The problem is, I always need a touchup because something weird always ends up happening! Like…I change my shirt and now I’m missing half a brow on the left side, or I touch my face and now I have a smudged brow or God forbid I workout…definitely losing a brow or two during a sweat session! I mean, the struggle has been real. UNTIL I discovered my new favorite brow product that is TOTALLY SMUDGE PROOF! It really works you guys. It is called Wonderbrow Brow Gel and it is amazing.

source url OK, so the packaging says it is supposed to last for 3 days, which is kind of bullshit in my opinion BUT that doesn’t even matter to me and I am going to explain why. First of all, if you wash your face and have any type of skin care regiment, nothing is going to stay on for 3 F-ing days unless its tattooed on. Secondly, I think that if it really did last that long, your brows would probably look a little weird by day 3 because this product has a texture too it that, for me, wouldn’t sit well for so long. Thirdly, I like a fresh makeup start every day, and unless I decide to give microblading a go (which is most likely something I will try this year – maybe I ought to travel and see what quality of Microblading London could offer me), I’d rather just spend 60 seconds filling them each day. And with this new product, my eyebrow time is really cut down!

I used to spend SO much time trying to get them to look even and perfect and the outcome always ended up smudging anyway so it felt like a waste. NOW, it’s easier for me to do, they look super natural and they literally don’t budge! I can rub my fingers over my brows and they wont’ smudge at all- they ruffle up a little, but that’s nothing a little swipe of a brow brush won’t fix.

kaletra for prep The brow color comes with a little reusable mascara wand so you can brush the product into the brows, but I like to use my brow brush instead. The brow brush is key because it evenly spreads the gel onto your eyebrow hairs so it looks natural and not “drawn on”. I really can’t stand the drawn on look- I am always going for a bold, fluffy, natural looking eyebrow.

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kaletra generic The one thing about Wonderbrow is that it took me a little bit of time to perfect the application. The wand is like a lipgloss BRUSH, so it’s really easy to over apply the product and it will look thick and gunky, which is even more of a no go than a drawn on brow!

The trick is to use a very little amount of product, apply with small swipes starting at the bottom of the brow and brush with your brow brush after every swipe to keep the product looking even. I like to work quickly like this: apply a small amount, brush it UP and through the hairs and continue that way until they look they way I want them to. The gel does dry and become smudge proof, so you have to work quickly….you can’t take like 5 minutes per brow here. I’d say take a minute or so for each brow and you’ll be safe.

I also like to do a little double brush action on this by brushing in a clear gel that holds them up and in place AFTER brushing through the product. It just adds a little extra hold. Brushing your brows and holding them up makes them look well groomed and very chic…plus it makes your eyes look more opened. Think of you brows as the curtains on your eyes….they should compliment their shape and look well groomed. Brows shooting in all directions look messy…like you just woke up from a crazy night out type of messy.

NOW. As for color, this product comes in a few different shades. I use the brunette shade because I like to darken my brows a tad. My natural brows are like a dirty blond, light brown color…so this taupe-y brunette color is a shade darker than my natural and really makes my brows pop in the best way. You can see what the brunette color looks like on any of my photos- I am always wearing it!

And you know I love to shave my face…so I like to take my tinkles and remove the fuzz near my brows so the brow hair stand out even more!

Do you want a brow product that is sweat and smudge proof?!?

Happy Friday Loves! Let my know if you want to see an application tutorial! Because I think I have perfected it haha!


Xo Katrina

*This post is NOT sponsored, I just LOVE it and wanted to share the find.

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