I get a lot of questions sent to me on here, on instagram and via email. And I LOVE hearing from all of you so keep the questions coming! BUT, I get a lot of the same questions over and over again so I thought I would put the answers to all of those questions in one spot…on the blog! A little FAQ so you can either get to know me better, get more insight into my life, know my favorites etc etc.

I sensed a pattern with a lot of the questions which made me realize that if so many people had the same questions, a lot of you may also want to know the answers…even if you haven’t reached out specifically.

Starting this blog was a way for me to express myself and share who I am with my fans. As an actor, I play other characters and there tends to be a big disconnect between who an actor really is and how their fans perceive them. I like showing my life, my opinions, my interests in all aspects of my life…meaning outside of my acting career. SO this blog was the perfect way for me to share my passions while also connecting personally with all of you!

So without further ado, lets get into it!

Frequently Asked Questions

buy kaletra Do you still act?

This question BUGS the hell out of me! YES, acting is my number one, my main source of income and that will always be the case for as long as I can see. Just because I started a blog doesn’t mean I quit my acting career to do so. AND if you pay attention, you will see me posting about upcoming projects and things I am working on when I am allowed to speak about them.

Since 30 Rock ended, I was on another TV show called Public Morals, produced by Steven Spielberg. That show, unfortunately had a short (one season) life. Since then, I have been shooting plenty of films (I shot 6 films just last year in 2017) and a small role in a VERY cool upcoming miniseries. Anyway, acting is my number one, and I started this blog as a creative outlet…something I love to do in addition to my acting career. Two “jobs” can totally coexist and work together fluidly and I love that. Blogging has given me such a great platform to express myself and be totally MYSELF to all of you, whether you are here because you know me as an actor or because you found me through the fitness and health world.


go here What projects do you have coming up?

Well, I am currently prepping for a film I am shooting this summer- it is a very hefty character that requires a lot of work. A miniseries I worked on will be released sometime this year on TNT- I will make sure to announce that when I know dates. And I have a lot of other finished projects that I will make sure to post about when I have more information that is ready to send out there into the world! As always, you can go to IMDB to see for yourself. Don’t be lazy people, I know you know how to google.


go How old are you?



source How tall are you?

5’9”, I am a tall one!


How do you keep your colored hair looking healthy and not fried?

I try to only wash and heat style my hair 1 -2 times per week. When I do heat style, I let my hair dry naturally about 80%, then blow dry it the rest of the way using my fingers, not a brush. I also use a good heat protectant that I swear by. As for coloring, I only do a full head of highlights about once a year. The rest of the time, I allow some root to grow in and only get my T section colored. This makes your appointments shorter, cheaper and better for your hair in the long run.

I also wear extensions in my hair for volume. I have half a pack of tape-in extensions in now (for the past year) and they really help my hair look fuller! I would say the extensions give my hair about 1/4 more volume than I have naturally. Plus, tape-ins don’t damage your hair and are considered the best extensions for the health and growth of hair!


Why did you move to LA?

I was SUCH a New Yorker! I grew up in Northern New Jersey (Tony Soprano land) and moved to NYC by myself when I started working on 30 Rock at age 17. I lived alone for 7 years in NYC (until Ben and I moved in together) while I was on the show for 7 seasons. NYC was my playground. As a young adult, NYC was the best place for me: it taught me so much and hardened me just enough to make me a very capable, aware and strong woman. But toward the end of my NYC stint, I wanted a change. I wanted a slower pace and I wanted to buy a house! Ben and I looked into buying a place in NYC but got sort of down about what we could get in NYC for what we wanted to spend…and in LA, it is a whole other story. So we made the move, bought a house we love and never looked back! Now, I can’t imagine living anywhere else! LA fits me and my lifestyle so well…NYC will always have a place in my heart, but LA feels like home.


http://restivos.com/?kaletra=how-to-pronounce-lopinavir How old is Puffin and what type of dog is he?

Puffin (aka: the other star of my instagram) is a 6 year old male Pomeranian. We got him at 7 months old, he is 100% Pom and NOT a Papillon.


lopinavir coronavirus Favorite workouts?

Pilates on the megaformer (CARRIE’S!!), running (ex-marathoner over here), hiking, Sweat App (BBG), the occasional Barry’s Bootcamp, and metcon classes at Brick LA. I really love it all haha! AND I love to mix it up. I usually take pilates 1-2 times, one intense HIIT class, a couple of stair hikes and 2 BBG workouts per week. And I like to be active 7 days a week when possible. On a rest day, I still usually go out on a mini hike or long walk just to stay active. Sitting around all day is NOT my style!


here What eyeshadow do you use?

HAHA, this one cracks me up because I really do get it a lot and it’s the dumbest answer of all time because I am LAZY when it comes to makeup. Are you ready for it?? I use bronzer. YEP, the same bronzer that I use on my cheeks goes on my eyelids and gives me a nice goddess glow. I am planning a tutorial of my daily makeup routine, so keep your eyes peeled for that!


What size do you wear?

Although it totally depends on the brand etc, here are my typical sizes:

Dress: 2

Jeans: 25/26

Top: Small

Shoe: 9


kaletra 200mg price What’s your skincare routine?

I am ALL about good skin and my skincare routine is very serious to me ha! You can read about it here.

You must be one of those people who can eat whatever they want right??

HA NO FUCKING WAY….I WISH! I am the opposite of that. I mean, I LOVE to eat and I eat a lot of food, but if I slack off I notice it in my waistline. You’ll never see me posting in front of a giant bowl of pasta and a bread basket with a slice of pizza dangling into my mouth because that is just not real…it’s not how I eat. And to be honest, we all know those girls who do post photos like this and I will go out here on a limb and say that 99.9% of those girls are also NOT eating that way. It’s all a bunch of lies and I think its not fair to fans to post false realities. That’s why I post my “what I eat in a day” blogs- I want to be realistic and honest!


Will you marry me/go on a date with me? (haha, for real you guys)

No, I won’t….no offense haha! I am happily married to my favorite person on earth. We are about to celebrate out FIVE YEAR wedding anniversary in MAY- holy shit I can’t believe it’s been 5 years! You can read and see all about my wedding here!


Favorite places to travel?

HAWAII!!! my absolute favorite! I also love Australia, London and Cabo. But my vacation bucket list is pretty heavy- Thailand, Bali, Greece, Italy….I have to travel work to do!

That about covers the frequent questions! If you have any others, feel free to drop them here or shoot me an email! Like I said above, I love hearing from you all.


Happy Monday babes!


XO Katrina


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  • Elle
    April 17, 2018

    I’ve always been a big fan of you as an actress, Katrina – you were hilarious on 30 Rock! I really liked Public Morals too. We actually chatted together a few times via the live tweets (those were so fun! I loved how so many of you from the cast got into it, and people would like or answer fans’ tweets)

    Looking forward to seeing your films and the miniseries. Sounds like you have some great stuff going on!

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