What I Eat in a Day Part 3


Welcome to part 3 of what I eat in a day! I wanted to do another one of these because I still get so many questions about food, what I eat and what I recommend. Since upping my fiber intake by a lot, my daily food journal looks a little different than previous diaries. Not a crazy amount different, but I have focused more on making sure my carbs and proteins are well balanced and working to my advantage.

Now what do I mean by that? Well I wrote a lot about it in my post about fiber, BUT the general gist is this:

You need carbs. You shouldn’t be cutting carbs to lose weight. Instead, you should be eating the right types of carbs that are loaded with fiber. Pair that with a good amount of protein at every meal and you will be in good hands. The more fiber you eat, the fewer net carbs you log daily…which is super important in weight loss/maintenance. Fiber can help you drop pounds without making you feel like you are “on a diet”.
My way of eating is a lifestyle choice. I never think of it as a diet because “going on a diet” implies that you will eventually go off of that diet…which is not the goal here. The goal is to create a balance that works for you every day that you can maintain long term. And to be honest, a high fiber diet is the only day to day eating pattern that really works for me and is conducive to how I live my life. It’s easy, stress free and yields results without really trying…all important things!

So as far as structure goes…here’s how I like to eat daily. Breakfast in the AM after I brush my teeth and drink a full glass of lemon water. Then I have a protein shot after my workout (this is described below), followed by lunch a couple hours later. Then I have a fiber snack sometime around 3 or 4 o’clock, and dinner at 8 or 9 PM (we eat late…it’s the New Yorker still living deep inside of me). I also can’t eat dinner when it is still light outside…anyone else?!

OK! So let’s get into it! Here is what a typical day of eating looks like for me…fiber edition.


My GO TO is 0% fat Greek yogurt, 1/3 a cup of bran buds, 1/2 cup fresh blackberries.
If you’ve seen my instagram stories, you have seen this breakfast! I eat it almost every single morning.

Overnight oats with bran buds added in. Recipe coming soon!

Blueberry Cobbler Protein Smoothie minus the banana, with 3-4 GG crackers spread with almond butter and dipped into the smoothie. OK….dipping your GG’s into a smoothie is amazing…it gets them sort of soft and tastes similar to a soggy ice cream cone which feels very nostalgic to me. You know when you get down to the bottom of an ice cream cone and the cone part has all that cold, yummy sweet drippy ice cream on it? YEP! It tastes like that. Sometimes I spread a TINY bit of almond butter on them, but honestly you don’t even need it, and most of the time I just dip, crunch and repeat!



To be honest, I usually eat some type of leftovers for lunch. We eat a lot of salmon for dinner so most days my leftovers are salmon, a simple kale salad and 3-4 GG crackers used as vessels for this yummy food. I kind of like a “kitchen sink” situation! I throw whatever good leftovers I have into a big salad and that is lunch. It’s efficient, tasty and a great way to minimize food waste.

Alternatively, I will make 4 egg whites with 2 cups of spinach and some bacon into a scramble. With that I will make an arugula or kale salad. Then, I’ll take 3-4 gg crackers and spread some avocado on them and a dash of sea salt, making high fiber avocado toast! And I will use the avocado GG toasts as a vessel for the eggs. SO good.

Bone Broth Vegetable Soup with 4 GG crackers and a side of steamed spinach. This has been a recent favorite of mine! It is filled with protein and fiber, which makes it fit perfectly into my new way of eating. PLUS, the bone broth makes it rich in collagen- it is a win win. I dip the GG’s into the soup and mix in the steamed spinach if I am feeling fun.



I love a good bar when I am on the go. My favorites are ones that satisfy my sweet tooth. I love Kind Bars, Fiber One Bars and One Bars.

I ALWAYS have a quick protein shake after a workout. Recently, I make it on the go…with just protein powder, marine collagen and a little bit of water or almond milk. I put all of this into a shaker bottle and I shake it up and consume it right after a workout, so it can get to work repairing my muscles. I really use so little liquid in it so it turns out to be more of a protein shot. I like it this way because it tastes better in my opinion- the flavor is all in that little shot instead of being watered down. If I have to drink a watered down protein powder it feels like work…it feels like I am choking it down. So turning it into a yummy, quick little shot is way more my speed.

I also love oranges and grapefruit as snacks! Just peel and eat…easy!

3-4 GG crackers spread with a little bit of almond butter and greek yogurt. This combo really satisfies my afternoon sweet tooth! And it keeps me full for hours, holding me over until dinner for sure!

*I will do a whole post about the ways I like to make my GG cracker snacks-the options are sort of endless and this post would be super long if I put them all here! So I figured I would save the whole rundown for another post and just share my yogurt one here because it’s super easy and I do it this way a lot.



I cook at home typically 4-5 days a week. On the days when I am not cooking at home, we either go out to eat or get take out. Eating at home most nights really helps us stay on track, eat healthy and keep our digestion in order. I like knowing exactly what is in my food, and at home, I can control everything!

Like I said above, I cook a lot of salmon. Salmon cakes, Chile Bronzed salmon, Tipsy salmon, and often just a simple broiled salmon are on the menu and are super simple to make. Along with that I make roasted veggies (cauliflower, brussel sprouts and broccoli) and a salad. I also love making my sweet potato fries and red lentil pasta (full of fiber and protein) for a carb option.

I load up my plate with mostly veggies and salad and usually eat a piece of protein (chicken, fish or steak) that is 3-4 oz. I think that filling your plate with mostly veggies is the way to go- you load up on high fiber, vitamin rich foods that leave you and your body very satisfied.

I also LOVE to use my slow cooker for chicken tacos and my “skinny” versions of popular comfort food dishes like these: skinny chicken francese, chicken parmesan and Kung Pao Chicken (LOVE THIS ONE!). I eat the same side dishes with these typically!

When I eat out, I follow the same guidelines: mostly veggies and some lean protein. Although, I am known to steal a few fries off of Ben’s plate from time to time…which means every single time. Hey, a girl’s gotta live!



I love chocolate covered banana slices (Trader Joes sells them!), small squares of dark chocolate, a yasso greek yogurt pop (mint chip is bomb) or a greek yogurt for dessert if my sweet tooth is calling. I’m not so much of a sweets person though, so I only do this from time to time.


SO that about covers it! Let me know if you have any questions or want to know more! I highly suggest you go back and read that fiber post- it really helps break it all down further so you can get the full scope of the reasoning behind all of this!

Happy Monday beauties! Get your fiber and drink lots of water.


Xo Katrina

2 Responses
  • Vaness
    August 28, 2018

    Hi Katrina.
    I Got a question for you; when you’re invited out for a dinner at friends or family, how do you manage to eat…when it’s not always that healthy but you can’t say no because it wouldn’t be polite…?
    You’re blog is AWESOME!

    • fitkatadmin
      August 30, 2018

      This is tricky. If you are at a restaurant, you can typically order something healthy like a salad with chicken or a fish dish. If the table is sharing a lot of food, I will typically eat a salad or small protein shake (with greens, chia seeds and protein powder) before going to the dinner so I’m not super hungry. That way you can enjoy some of the food without going overboard. Also,I know some people give others a hard time about eating healthy which is so annoying…I think I will write a whole blog post about this! It’ll be up next week, thanks for the question love!


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