Busy Babe Nighttime Routine


You know when it’s the end of the night and you KNOW you need to go through your proper skincare regiment but you’re also SO tired, and would rather just scrub your face and fall into bed? We have ALL been there. To be honest, some nights I really take my time and do a thorough, proper skincare routine. But other nights I just need the whole process to be a little quicker. I have things to read and Z’s to catch!

You know I love Korean Skincare and the routines that go along with that (letting every product properly sink in before moving on to the next product). It’s a WHOLE thing and takes a long time if you are doing it right. But like I said above, we are busy babes and who has time for that every single night? Not me on most days!

I’ve already shared my favorite, ride or die products that I use for glowing skin…if you haven’t checked that out yet, go ahead and take a little look! But, to be honest, I am not super committed to any products- I love trying new ones because, in my opinion, there is always more to discover! However, I AM committed to certain ingredients, which I always look for in my products. Those are: vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, retinol, and hydrating oils. I try to make sure that those ingredients are in my skincare rotation, and I also make sure that they are in potent, good quality versions. I have also been working in some active acid products into my routine a couple of times a week, on days when I am not using retinol. I like doing this because acids work wonders when it comes to resurfacing the skin and exfoliating to reveal a youthful glow.

So here is my busy babe version of  my nighttime skincare regiment- it gets all the good stuff in there, in a quarter of the time! Plus, a little bonus nighttime hair tip for you at the end….trust me, you’re going to use it EVERY night from here on out! It’s a hair secret I learned form a hair stylist on set years ago!


see url Hair Band

Before I start anything with my skin, I put on a hair band that pulls my hair back away from my face so it stays clean and fresh- you don’t want any oils or creams ruining your hairdo! This keeps your hair fresh for longer- so you can wash it less and keep it healthier.


http://mylifeonandofftheguestlist.com/?kaletra=lopinavir-ritonavir-coronavirus Cleanse

I change up my cleanser ALL the time. I’m not committed to anything to be honest. But right now I am using two that I think work well to clean my skin without stripping it completely (they are gently yet effective). They are: The Body Shop Drops of Youth Cleanser and Raw Sugar Living Facial Cleanser. When I wash my face, I first splash with warm water a few times so my makeup gets a little loosened up. Next, I cleanse using circular strokes until I have thoroughly cleaned my entire face and removed all traces of makeup. I rinse with cool water and pat it dry with a CLEAN wash cloth every time. I will never use a dirty hand towel or a pre-used wash cloth on my face….ALWAYS a clean one!!! Here are some I LOVE– they are so soft and luxurious!


Vitamin C Serum

Next, I apply Vitamin C Serum to my clean, dry skin. I apply this everywhere you guys! I apply to my entire face, including around my eyes and on my eyelids, then down my neck and smooth the rest out onto my chest. Vitamin C is an anti-aging powerhouse and will prevent that crepe-y look on and around your eyes…so get it everywhere! I let this soak in for like 30 seconds, or until it is no longer “wet” on my face. Here are my favorites!

http://fitkatbykatrinabowden.com/?ka=lopinavir-brands-in-pakistan Hyaluronic Acid

I follow the vitamin C with hyaluronic acid, which is an INSANE hydrator and skin plumper! Hyaluronic acid is what filler is made of, to put it in perspective, so slather it on for insane plumping and hydration. I also put this everywhere and follow the same application path as I did with the Vitamin C. I allow it to dry for another 30 seconds of so before moving on.


source url Probiotic Glycolic Acid

This is one of those acids I was telling you about! It is incredible at resurfacing and revealing a gorgeous glow, yet it is super gentle and won’t leave your skin irritated. The one I use is by TULA. I like to use this once or twice a week, on days when I am not using retinol. I also like to apply it AFTER the vitamin C and the hyaluronic acid because I want to make sure that those two products get the chance to sink in properly. That’s why I always let those dry and absorb before moving on to this step. A few pumps will do you, and I apply this to my entire face, neck and chest…making sure to avoid the eyes! Again, let this absorb for another 30 seconds.


get link Retinol

On nights when I am using retinol, which is once or twice a week, I will apply it right before my moisturizer. I apply it all over my face and down my neck and chest- are you sensing a theme here? Don’t neglect your neck and chest when it comes to skincare! I follow this with my oil and moisturizer.


kaletra 200/50 para que sirve OIL UP! 

I am partial to Rose Hip oil on my skin- I really think it is super gentle, insanely hydrating, yet won’t clog your pores. Applying oil to your face helps with the homeostasis of your skin– if you apply oil on the outside, it will help balance out the oil production from the inside. Another favorite is Dr Hauschka Clarifying Oil– another product I started using when an on-set makeup artist recommended it! I apply a few drops of oil onto my face before I apply my moisturizer.


go here Honey Moisture Mask

I wrote whole post about this mask because it is seriously MAGICAL. The “mask” is by LATHER and I have been using it for almost a year now…and it is absolutely my favorite. It is technically a mask, but I use it as an overnight moisturizer and it works wonders on my skin. When I wake up in the morning my skin is so soft, hydrated and smooth! Plus, any little irritations or skin issues I had the day before are gone when this product is slathered on at night- it’s like a skin rescue in a tub! In the morning, I just rub in any residual product if there is any- no need to rinse until you need to wash your face post workout!


http://mylifeonandofftheguestlist.com/?kaletra=ritonavir-coronavirus-store Avocado Eye Cream

LAST skin step! At night, I am ALL about the moisture, as you can tell, and you can’t neglect your eyes! I already went through how I put the HA and the Vitamin C around my eyes, but I also like to concentrate some extra moisture in the area. The avocado eye cream by Kiehl’s is amazing and super moisturizing! Keeping the thin skin around your eyes moisturized is essential for looking young and bright eyed. Keep crows feet at bay by letting the intense moisture sink in at night.


Alligator Clip Twist Bun

After I finish with my skin, I remove my hair band and prep my hair for sleep. I don’t like sleeping with it down because it always gets messed up when I sleep. I either drool or sweat on it, roll around too much and get a birds nest or it’s all bent funny when I wake up. Sometimes it’s a mixture of all of those and I am in real trouble! It can kind of ruin my blow dry and styling from the day before…and my goal is to do LESS to my hair every day. To do less to my hair each day, I need to do more to protect it at night- keep it sleek and un frazzled. SO, what I do is twist it up into a bun and secure it with an alligator clip. Here’s how the whole thing goes:

  1. Brush hair back from your face.
  2. Gather hair into a high pony and twist it all loosely in the same direction and wrap it into a bun shape at the top of your head.
  3. Secure it with an alligator clip through the center of the bun- the clip leaves NO dents so it’s perfect for nighttime AND since the bun is on the top of your head, you won’t be bothered by it

Voila! When you wake up, your hair will have a pretty, smooth wave going on. It creates that perfect mostly straight, with some pretty bends in all the right places look…similar to a good blow dry! AND you hair won’t be rumpled or frazzled in any way! I do this to prolong the life of my hair in between washes and it works like a dream! A hair stylist on set told me this trick YEARS ago and I have been doing it ever since!

So now you are all set to wake up glowing, refreshed, gorgeous and with the hair of a goddess. AND it only took you maybe 5 minutes. Easy!


Happy Monday beauties!


XO Katrina


2 Responses
  • Sara
    November 3, 2018

    I can’t use oil on my face. It gives me acne.

    • fitkatadmin
      November 5, 2018

      Which oils have you tried?

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