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I love a good face mask. I have written so many posts about my favorite sheet masks, hydrating masks and clearing masks. So there’s no surprise that I also got into the newest trend in the mask world: sleeping masks. Sleeping masks are simply that- a mask that you keep on overnight and sleep in. And the good ones really sink into your skin overnight while your body is at rest to leave you looking refreshed and gorgeous when you wake up. It’s really a great time to mask in my opinion because your skin is clean, breathing and at complete rest; this makes for a perfect time to hydrate, firm and replenish! I have been testing out a few different sleep masks recently and have 4 favorites that I think really work, really yield amazing results and won’t stain your pillow in the process!

lopinavir ritonavir coronavirus With all of these masks, I apply them at night, after cleansing and before going into bed. After cleansing, I usually put on some facial oil, vitamin C serum and/or hyaluronic acid on my skin first, then follow those with the sleep mask. My skin is usually on the dry side, so I like to have layers on it to hydrate and plump. I massage the sleep mask in, making sure to apply it everywhere on my face and neck, even those eyelids! Then, in the morning, I splash my face with water to remove any residue before applying my daily moisturizer and makeup (if I am wearing any that day).

follow site These masks are all super hydrating, so you can technically use them nightly, BUT I like to use them about 3-4 times per week so I have a few nights a week to let my skin breathe.


4 Must-Try Sleeping Masks


Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleep Mask

This mask smells SO incredible!! It smells like watermelon candy- so it has that going for it off the bat. It is also loaded with hydrating watermelon and hyaluronic acid that plumps your skin, reduces inflammation, reduces redness and leaves you looking so smooth and glowing. My skin feels like velvet when I wake up! Definitely a favorite of mine and I have been using it about twice a week. Make sure to rinse this off in the morning because it will ball up under makeup or moisturizer.


kaletra 200/50 precio colombia LATHER Honey Moisture Mask

I have written about this mask before in another post because I really love it that much! It is technically a mask that you leave on for 30-60 minutes BUT I sleep in it instead because it makes me skin so soft, hydrated and dewy. This is my favorite mask to wear overnight, especially when stress, travel and winter weather leaves me feeling dry and tired looking. The honey not only makes this mask ultra hydrating, it also makes it smell like a heavenly baked something or other…so falling asleep to that terrific smell is angelic. In the morning, I just rub it into my face further and skip my daily moisturizer- it is THAT good.


go Kiehl’s Ginger Leaf and Hibiscus Sleeping Mask

This is a sleep mask I just started using recently and I LOVE it! It is super hydrating like the others on the list but it is also firming and tightening…in all the best ways. It seems to just tighten and firm the skin so all of your fine lines are gone in the morning, or at least firmed up. When I wake up in the morning I look more awake, fresh and my makeup goes on so smooth!


follow site Dior Hydra Life Jelly Sleep Mask

This sleep mask is the priciest one on the list, but it is seriously so good and it just feels super lux. It plumps the skin and allows it to look super hydrated, smooth and dewy. ALL about that dew! The jelly consistency is very similar to the Glow Recipe watermelon mask up top and goes on so smooth and nice. I love the feeling of this on my face, but if this price is too steep…any of the other masks on this list work JUST as well!


Sleep well…sleep beautiful my loves! Make your sleep work for you in many ways…feel refreshed, look refreshed and live refreshed. Happy Monday babes and don’t forget to also drink your water! No matter how many masks you do, dehydration will show up on your face and you won’t like the look of it, I promise.

Xo Katrina

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