You Need to Shave Yo Face


ritonavir covid 19 Ok, so now that I have your attention…let’s talk a little bit about one of my favorite things: skincare. Specifically, about shaving your face. Now before you tell me I’m crazy and remind me that you are a lady, hear my out! Men shave their faces for obvious reasons. Ladies, on the other hand…don’t really need to for the same reasons. BUT we can reap the amazing skincare benefits that men have been experiencing for years from shaving their faces.

Ever notice how most men have nice skin and don’t really do anything at all to take care of it? My husband literally uses the same product to wash his hair, body and face and his skin is amazing. Yea, I know….it’s seriously annoying. AND I have never seen him put any lotion or cream on his face. ZERO maintenance….aside from shaving every other day. Which does a lot more for the skin that you may assume it does.

Shaving your face exfoliates the top layer of skin, allowing your skin cells to regenerate and leaving you looking fresh and dewy. If you are anything like me, I am constantly chasing dewier, prettier skin….it’s like, a real thing for me.

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kaletra bottle size So let’s go back to when I first heard about this whole thing and why I jumped on board….

kaletra 200/50 precio colombia I was at a beauty event my friend Cara was hosting and they were promoting and giving away this product called the Dermaflash (not an ad). It is an at home derma-planing shaver to use on your face. So, being the person who will basically try anything, I sat down in the chair and let them film me getting my face shaved at an event in Beverly Hills. My publicist is somewhere rolling her eyes right now as she reads this. I was a tad nervous, but it really didn’t feel like anything at all, and when they were finished my skin was SO smooth and had a glow to it that I did NOT walk in with.

But I had many questions.

My first question is probably the same question going through your head right now: won’t the hair on my face grow back darker and thicker if I shave it???

Short answer: absolutely not.

Long answer: No fucking way because that whole concept is a complete myth! We learn this myth around the time we start to shave our legs and underarms as teenage girls, which is also the time most of us are going through puberty. Puberty changes the hormones in our bodies and also changes the thickness and color of our body hair. SO, when you started shaving your legs and noticed your peach fuzz turn to more of a prickly hair, that had everything to do with puberty and nothing to do with shaving. End of story. So remove that old wives tale from your mind because it has been debunked time and time again!

After this event, I sort of forgot about the shaver because I was prepping for a movie role and life just sort of crept up on me. Then, when I was listening to the LadyGang Podcast in my car one day, I heard Kate Somerville (the amazingly beautiful skincare guru goddess) talking about how she shaves her face every day for better skin. I instantly turned it up and was hooked on every word she said. I love her products, especially the Exfoli-kate (seriously obsessed), and I will listen to anything this woman says about skincare.

When I got home, I removed my makeup and shaved my face again and have been doing it about once a week ever since.

Not only does the shaving remove the dead layer of skin cells, it also helps cell turn over which reveals that dewy skin I was talking about earlier. And on top of that, removing that peach fuzz from your face makes everything look fresher and smoother. Your makeup will go on so smooth and will lay on your face so flawlessly. I always shave my face the night before a big day or big event and my face always has that “airbrushed” look without actually being airbrushed.


Now lets talk about the process and what I use. After testing things out, I found the best shavers to use are a tinkle or a Dermaflash. The Dermaflash is a little pricey, and works just as good as the cheap alternatives in my opinion, but if you want an “official” female face shaver, then go with that. My favorite thing to use (and also the cheapest-yay!) is the Tinkle. They are small and can really get into every area of your face easily. I use each tinkle about 2-3 times on my whole face before replacing it because I want to make sure the blade is super sharp. click here Dull blades lead to nicks and scratches!


Here is how I do it:

  • Start with clean, makeup free skin
  • Shave down
  • Hold the razor at an angle, facing down
  • Avoid your nose and eye area
  • Start at your cheeks and work towards your jaw line
  • Move to your forehead and use extra care around eyebrows and hair line
  • Rinse face after to remove shaved peach fuzz
  • Moisturize after! I like to us a nice rosehip oil and hyaluronic acid serum!
  • Clean and dry the blade

It doesn’t hurt at all, but you may have a tiny bit of redness after. And if you do, that redness fades super fast. Either way, I like to do this at night after I remove my makeup and cleanse my skin. Shaving at night also allows all your skincare products to sink in really well and soothe your skin. Plus, if you do have any redness, that will be 100% gone by morning and you’ll wake up with beautiful glowing skin.

kaletra 200mg price Oh one last thing! No need for shaving cream, you’ll be all good with just fresh skin and using small swipes and light pressure!


Have you tried this yet? Are you going to now?? I promise, you will LOVE it ladies!


XO Katrina 


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