The Best Booty Burn Workout


Booty, booty, booty, booty rockin’ everywhere! OK, I know most of you love a good booty workout- I know I do! Seriously, leg and butt moves are my favorite because when you do the right ones, the results are so noticeable and really show off your shape. You can literally lift, shape and firm your butt for the better with the right moves…who wouldn’t want that?!

A littler secret here: in group classes, I will sometimes do butt workout instead of whats being told just because I crave it. I do a little personal exercise substitution if I don’t feel like doing another pushup…am I crazy? Maybe! But I also love working on my butt so it’s all worth it haha!

Recently, I have been doing a lot of workouts from the Sweat App. If you follow my Instagram stories (which you should, duh!), you’ve probably seen my post Sweat App workout selfies! Those workout are amazing, first of all, and secondly they really give you a total burn out of a specific area, which I love. The soreness the next day is the perfect amount. Leg day is especially brutal, and also my favorite. There are a TON of plyometric movements in the circuits…I’ve actually never done so many jumping exercises in my damn life. And I have to say…they really work.

These plyometric leg exercises have shown me that they really are the total package: they get your heart rate way up so you are burning a ton of calories, they work fast twitch and slow twitch muscles, AND they make you engage your core like crazy. So you’re burning fat, working on your cardio, sculpting your butt and getting an ab workout at the same time! Hot butt and hot abs? YES PLESE!

SO, in honor of my re-found love for plyometric movements…well I guess it is sort of a love-hate relationship actually. I hate it while I’m doing it, but 28 minutes later I feel like I am a badass, super goddess on a crazy high. With jell-o legs, but that’s the point right? So, in honor of this LOVE, I have put together my own personalized booty circuit: filled with my favorite, most effective moves. Most of them are plyometric movements. But I set it up in a way where there are a few other non-plyometric movements sprinkled in there to give your heart rate a little break so you don’t feel like you’re going to die. You’re welcome.


IMPORTANT: Before starting, you should warm up a little by stretching your legs out and practicing some slow squats, slow high knees and a down dog or two. This is to get the muscles a little warm and ready. You never want to jump right into a workout without warming up your body. If you do this at the gym, hop on the elliptical or walk on the treadmill for 5-10 minutes to get blood flowing. Use your own discretion and listen to your body! Make sure you’re limber and ready! This is a nice warm up to try, in case you need more guidance!



You should repeat this workout 3x through. 

Each of the 3 rounds should be done for time. That means keep a quick pace. Don’t meander through….the point is to keep your heart rate up and really get a good burn going.

Give yourself about a 1-2 minute rest in between rounds…or whatever you need to take a sip of water, get your heart rate under control etc. Just don’t sit around and go on your phone for 10 minutes. This IS a workout after all!

You need a jump rope (I’ll give an alternative movement below if you don’t have one).

You need a set of dumbbells. I suggest 10-20 lbs each, but you do you babe. You can also skip the weights, you only need them for one movement and that movement will still be effective without the weights. The weights are just an added bonus for the booty!

For the jumping movements, make sure they are explosive and controlled!

Make sure to keep your weight shifted in your heel for these exercises. That ensures you are using your butt and not your quads. Do you want bigger quads? Ok cool, I didn’t think so. I explain good form on squats and reverse lunges in these two posts! Check them out.

Don’t half ass it. Use your full ass.

Also, wear sneakers.

**TO NOTE** The jumping lunges may be difficult at first and they definitely require good balance and practice. I have gotten SO much better at them than when I started. So make sure to give them a try and if you find them difficult just take some breaks but DON’T give up! They are an amazing butt workout and I promise you will get the hang of it.



3 Rounds total. Complete each rep of all the exercises in order before moving on to the next!


30 Jump Squats

25 No Pushup Burpees (chest does not touch the ground, and make sure to really thrust with your legs)

40 Reverse Lunges with Weights Held at Sides (20 each side) (You can also skip the weights)

30 Sumo Jump Squats (legs wider, toes turned out- heres a photo reference)

100 Jump Rope Skips (if you don’t have a jump rope, do 100 fast high knees instead, and really put some effort into it!)

30 Air Squats (no jump this time-yay!)

40 Jumping Lunges (20 each leg)

30 Sumo Squats (no jump)

** REST, then repeat 2 more times **


I would do this workout once a week, twice if you are feeling like a total bad ass babe.

You can totally do this at the gym, at home, in a hotel room…basically anywhere you have enough space to move.



XO Katrina


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