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ritonavir coronavirus online store Winter makes me feel a little blah…anyone else? I mean, I do live in LA so I guess I can’t really complain much….but I never feel as ON my game in the winter as I do during other times of the year. I usually always put on a few pounds and my cravings for fries, wine and dark chocolate take the wheel a little too often for my liking.

go to site I have self control, but I am also human and gotta live a little, you know? Nothing bad about that! BUT it is bad when it starts affecting the tightness of my jeans.

go here I have shared with you all before that I really have to WORK to have a good body and stay in my best shape. Yes, I am naturally pretty long and lean, but I have my trouble areas just like everyone else and those trouble areas can get a little soft…too soft…if I don’t work on keeping it tight. And this time of year always seems to get me. I am a few pounds over where I like to be, where my body is happiest and it is time to reign it in a tad.

SO, for “lent” (which I don’t actually observe, but for the sake of this whole challenge, I am observing this year) I gave up wine. I have only cracked once so far…so not terrible haha. Instead of having a glass of wine a few times a week, I will make my favorite mocktail…sometimes with a splash of Tito’s vodka, sometimes totally virgin….it kind of depends on my mood. But I have been trying to only have those alcoholic drinks a few times a week…and I keep it at one or two. My mocktail I created is SO satisfying, tasty and really kills my craving for a drink at the end of the day. Plus it saves a lot of calories. I break it down below, so stay tuned.

Aside from the mocktail, I am also following my other mini detox tips for the next month or two! They are super simple ways to detox daily without putting your body under too much stress- we all know now that too much stress is NO BUENO for your waistline! When you detox, you generally think of an area you want to make better, whether it be, spots, sluggishness, being bloated, the list can go on and on. One way to kick all of these into touch is to combine my down below reasons with a form of physical therapy that can benefit you. An ionic foot detox machine might just be the thing that can help your full body release those toxins you’ve been building up.

I always use these mini detoxes when I feel like I need a little kick in the butt or whenever I need to prep for a role that requires me to be in a bathing suit– you all know I’ve been there a lot! If you signed up for the newsletter (why wouldn’t you?!?) you have seen a little glimpse of these….but here I am going into more detail.


So without further ado…here are my favorite 5 Easy Mini Detox Tips so you can get a little reset and feel amazing any time you want.

how to pronounce kaletra -Lemon Water:

I start every morning with 10 ounces of lemon water and it is incredible for your body and skin. I squeeze about half a lemon into my 10 ounces of chilled water (sometimes I do warm water to mix it up on a cold morning) and drink that FIRST thing before eating or having coffee. I wait a good 15-30 minutes, if possible, before eating or drinking anything else. This helps your body reset, alkalizes your system and detoxifies after your sleep, which is basically a period of fasting. So, after that period of fasting, you are cleansing and setting your system up for the rest of the day- don’t just immediately pour caffeine down! Have the lemon water to hydrate and start the day off on a good foot. Then have that coffee and breakfast- your digestive system will now be awakened and ready for the (hopefully healthy) food you give it.

I feel like it just makes my stomach calmer and kind of gets things going, if you know what I mean. Which is also a plus!


kaletra covid 19 buy -Plant Based Colors:

Once every week or two, I will make my meals all plant based and cut out meats/fish. I do this when I am feeling a little low energy and cramped up and it really helps to set my digestive system straight. I load my plates with fresh veggies, grilled veggies, salads and all the colors I can get my hands on. The more colorful, the better!

But doing this every day is just not for me…so on a daily basis, I make sure to load my plate with TONS of fresh veggies…the more color variety, the better! That means loading up on greens of course, but also adding in red peppers, yellow squash, carrots, tomatoes and beets. The more colorful you can make your plate, the better. More color equals more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. As for fruits, I am all about the berries for their high fiber and antioxidant content. They are such powerhouses! Blackberries and raspberries are my favorite, but blueberries and strawberries are a close second. Add in some orange slices for vitamin C and you will be all good to go!


kaletra 200mg price -Drink at Least Half Your Body Weight in Water A Day:

I have been doing this for the past month and OMG you guys, the results are fantastic. I plan to write a whole blog post about this concept and how it helps, so keep your eyes peeled! It helps you snack less, make healthier food choices, makes your skin clear and glowing, and your energy levels go through the roof- trust me….try it!

So what does this mean exactly? For me, at around 134 lbs, I drink at least 67 ounces of water, or 8 and a half glasses. I say AT LEAST because I usually drink more than that. I typically have closer to 12 glasses a day, especially on days when I work out. If you are working out, you need to drink more, but aiming to get at least half of your body weight is a good starting place! I am trying to get Ben to do this- he is one of those people who “doesn’t like water”…insert eye roll.

When I really pay attention to getting enough water I feel my absolute best and it really helps with weight maintenance and weight loss. People often confuse thirst for hunger, so nip that shit in the bud and stay hydrated. Your whole body will thank you!


lopinavir que es -The Perfect Mocktail:

I love a glass of wine, but when I need a little detox, I cut out wine and almost all alcohol. And honestly, consuming less alcohol is just a good idea anyway. Instead of the wine due to my whole “lent thing”, I have been making this AMAZING mocktail that totally satisfies and tricks me into thinking I am having a cocktail. I start with lots of ice, then add an ounce or two of good quality (no sugar added) grapefruit juice. Then top it off with La Coix…coconut and peach-pear have been my recent favorites. It’s sparkly, a little fruity and SUCH a yummy drink without any guilt. And for some reason, it really tastes like a cocktail! I swear- I have made it for friends and everyones reaction is *eyes widen* “whoa!…this is SO good”. No joke. And like I said above, when I am having a long, tough day, I add a splash of Tito’s because I need to live a little every now and then.


lopinavir ritonavir online store -Detox Tea at Night:

Before bed, I like to make a little detox tea mixture to de-bloat and wake up with a flat stomach. I start with an organic detox tea (any you like from the store will work) and then I squeeze in half a lemon, add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, 2 fresh mint leaves and hot water. Let the tea bag and mint leaves steep. I don’t rely on this every night, but it’s great for a reset or to de-puff!

I had read a similar recipe on a wellness blog years back and sort of tweaked it to make it my own and have been doing it ever since! This isn’t a tea you drink every night…its better for the night before a shoot or a beach day; the night before a day where you want to look super slim and hot. It really does minimize bloat and calms down my stomach so its super flat.

I have to admit, it isn’t the tastiest drink. The ACV and lemon is super zingy and hard to handle BUT I find that if I let it cool down I can drink it faster and the taste is easier to handle.

I got my peach flavored detox tea at whole foods- one of their organic tea brands! But seriously, any of them will work.


Those are my go-to’s!

And aside from that I am trying to eat most meals at home- that always helps me get back on track!


Have a beautiful, healthy week my loves!


XO Katrina

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