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Staying healthy on vacation, to some, sounds like an oxymoron. Not to me though. Health is a lifestyle choice, not something I only care about when I’m on my normal routine. I’m not saying I don’t treat myself while on vacation, I certainly do, but I definitely don’t use vacation as an excuse to be super lazy, eat whatever I want and drink too much.

I see SOOO many people who use vacation to be lazy and way over indulgent- I’m talking margaritas and pina coladas all day long sunbathing by the pool followed by an entire plate of chips and guacamole. I mean that all sounds delicious BUT OMG I would feel like death if I did anything remotely like that. PLUS, what a waste of time! You’re vacation you spent money on should be time for you to make memories, see amazing things and have amazing experiences…not just be a lazy blob!

Personally, I hate how I feel when I don’t take care of myself…I hate the feeling of unhealthy food in my system and the feeling of not moving my body. It just makes me feel blah and super low energy. SO, while on vacation, I act the same as I do in every day life…but I just adjust to my new surroundings and make sure to make it fun.

I LOVE exploring new places. I love hiking, running, and just general adventure…so I make sure to get a lot of that while on vacation, wherever I can. It also makes my trips so much more fun! Exploring somewhere new and doing something exhilarating is much more my speed than laying by a pool drinking a cocktail.

I particularly love camping trips as they are a wonderful opportunity to explore the great outdoors. Hiking can be a great way to get your blood pumping too, just remember to pack everything you need to make sure that your trip goes by without a hitch. Which reminds me, before I go camping, I like to stock up on outdoor gear such as camping mats and sleeping bags from websites like Teton Sports as I always want to be as comfortable as possible.

On our trip to Hawaii, we only laid by the pool twice out of 10 days..and each time it only lasted maybe an hour or two before we felt like we needed to go do something more exciting. Plus, you know I love my skincare and laying in the sun is just not for me anymore- no matter how much sunscreen I have on. It is just not worth the risks to me.

Instead of being pool rats, we went on hikes, we went swimming with dolphins, we hiked to and swam under waterfalls, we rock climbed….we just adventured…a lot. It was spontaneous, exhilarating and so much fun. It allowed us to build incredible memories and really feel like one with the islands. Nature makes me feel good..and if you try to get out of your comfort zone, nature will also make you feel incredible, I promise.

I will be posting my Oahu and Kauai travel diary and guide next week, so stay tuned for that. These are my favorite two Hawaiian Islands- Ben and I are starting to consider ourselves non-local experts, so I will have SO many good tips for you! Anyway…when we go to the islands we make a plan. We sort of map out the hikes we want to do and the locations we want to see. We love to use the app All Trails to find really good routes to load on our phones so when service cuts out, we never lose our way. Plus, the app gives you reviews, breakdowns and information so you can decide what routes seem best for you. After we decide which hikes to do, we plan our whole days to get the most out of every single hour. This means that we would wake up in the morning, pack a change of clothes, snacks etc and get going. We would plan to go on a hike for a few hours and then go to a secluded beach to swim, then into town for lunch and shopping around local shops, and then back to our resort to indulge in the “resort vacation” side of the trip.

We took lots of outdoor showers at the beach, we would get sweaty, dirty, muddy and salty and end the day at our amazing resort and listen to live music, drink wine and eat fresh fish. To us, that is our perfect balance. Adventure all day, “luxuriate” at night. And by luxuriate I don’t mean crazy fancy fine dining- we would still eat what was fresh and local. Fancy food is NOT my style. I am way more casual, and thankfully, Ben is the same way. I actually tend to avoid fancy restaurants because they just don’t ever make me as happy as the more casual options.

So with all of that hiking, swimming, beach walking etc, I was getting a lot of exercise naturally! But at the end of the day I would sometimes squeeze in a super fast 30 minute strength workout at the hotel gym. I have been following the Sweat App while away and I LOVE it so much. It is quick (so you don’t waste precious beach and adventure time in the gym), to the point and a surprisingly great burn. If you haven’t tried it, I really recommend giving it a go, especially on vacation.

As for food, whenever I go on vacation, I like to find a local supermarket and get some food for snacks and breakfast to make things easy and healthy.

For breakfast on this trip, pretty much every morning I would have a Dannon Oikos Triple Zero Greek Yogurt with fresh blackberries and Fiber One Cereal or 3 GG Crackers. I like this yogurt because it is really high in protein, low in sugar and carbs, and high in fiber. It’s net carbs are very low and it keeps me full, especially when paired with the fiber packed blackberries and GG Crackers. I have been on a total fiber kick and my body is responding amazingly well to it- read all about that here!

Snacks were Think Thin 150 calorie bars, raw almonds, macadamia nuts (because duh, have to in Hawaii) and fresh apples or papaya. These are all super easy to buy and if you’re ok with getting a little messy with the papaya…all easy to eat on the go. I personally cut into the papaya, scoop out the seeds and eat it with a spoon. Easy and delicious! Plus it is AMAZING for digestion.

OH and fresh coconut water out of the coconut- I can basically never pass that up! And it is a great way to rehydrate from time in the sun or long hikes.

Lunch was always Poke. Every single day. It is not the poke bowl you know in the states…it is worlds better. I would get a 1/4 -1/2 pound of ahi poke, and eat it with some spinach, maybe some avocado and GG Crackers. SO good, so filled with protein and perfectly filling without being too much. Plus, we would just save the rest for a snack later or Ben would just eat whatever I couldn’t finish. I’ll get into where we love to get Poke when I post my travel guide next week. The place to get it on the islands is NOT what you would guess!

Dinner was always some sort of fresh fish with vegetables and greens. I could not get enough fresh fish- it is just so much better in Hawaii! We would share some sashimi, tuna tartar or coconut shrimp or something fun as an appetizer. And I had wine…lots of good white wine. I was doing 2 glasses a night typically…and I did not feel guilty at all about that!

We were doing so much activity that having some extra wine was no big deal. Plus I was hydrated AF, you guys!

I make sure to drink 2-3 Liters of water a day. But, 3 L a day is my sweet spot to stay hydrated- its the amount that really helps me feel incredible, light and fresh. I also brought my BCAA’s with me and a shaker bottle too, and when we went for a hike, I would drink a whole large bottle of them to keep my muscles repairing themselves. So that plus a large bottle of water that I would fill up through the day and I was good to go.

Drinking water is so crucial to looking and feeling your best. It also keeps mental clarity sharp, energy levels high and it aids in weight loss and digestion, so always drink up!

So in conclusion, don’t be a boring bitch! Go on an adventure, build memories and make your vacations active and exhilarating! I promise you won’t regret it. Take a day or two to just chill, but the more adventure you can get in, the more amazing your vacation will be and the more incredible you will feel. Trust me on this babes@

Have a lovely weekend! Get out there and do something fun and new!

XO Katrina


My Bra is Nike

Leggings are Alo

Runners are Nike


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  • Khali Whatley
    January 26, 2018

    Thanks for writing such a comprehensive post on how you stay BT and healthy while traveling – it was a great read and I look forward to your future Hawaii posts.

  • shubham
    May 16, 2018

    Thanks for sharing completely agree with the points you mentioned above, fitness plays an important role in our daily life and every person should adopt a fitness routine to stay healthy check this page

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