Don’t Get Sick-Traveling Tips


Hello from Hawaii!!

Ben and I are on vacation…can you believe we haven’t taken a real vacation in about 2 years?? Crazy! I guess it’s been a busy two years…we moved to LA, bought a house, work got crazy…and living in LA feels like a vacation sometimes to be completely honest. Plus, buying a home was a huge deal for us and we wanted to spend money on the house…which led to vacations taking a back seat.

But here we are- yay! In our favorite place on earth!

So I travel a lot for work (and pleasure) and one of my biggest fears is getting sick while traveling. It has happened a couple of times to me and I’m sure you may relate! If you know it’s the worst. And, it’s actually very common because our immune systems are down when we are tired and stressed…and traveling usually makes everyone a little tired and stressed. Oh man travel stresses me out.

Funny little side note- I read a while back that people are WAY more likely to cry while watching a movie on an airplane than on solid ground because our stress, vulnerability and emotion levels are amplified from the whole experience…and for me this is SO true. I cry like a baby watching movies on a plane. A few months ago I watched “A Dogs Purpose” on the plane and that was a BAD idea…it was an disaster and actually pretty embarrassing haha! I was crying into my hoodie….like Kim Kardashian ugly crying and making noises…to give you the full visual.


Anyway, back to the not getting sick part.

So our bodies are stressed. Couple that with the fact that airplanes are super dirty and you are crammed in a small metal tube with hundreds of other people and it can be a recipe for germ city. I also read (this is SO GROSS) that the average tray table at our seats on an airplane is the most germ infested surfaces we can come in contact with- this won over a toilet seat. Seriously. Knowing this, I think it’s basically a no brainer to disinfect your zone.

I ALWAYS disinfect my entire zone. Always.

Let me explain…

When I get on the plane, I take out my alcohol based sanitizing wipes and I wipe down everything. Every single thing my body touches. The tray table, the latch, the seatbelt, the tv screen, the buttons, the arm rests…all of it. It usually takes two full wipes because I am obsessive. This only takes maybe a minute to do and the wipes I have are compact and fit in my purse, YET I am the only one I ever see doing this! I literally have never seen any other person on my flight take the same precautions. Maybe I’m the crazy one, but I’ll also be the one less likely to get sick on a plane. And you will be too if you follow my lead. Seriously, it is so easy to do and takes such little time…why wouldn’t you do it??

So, after I sanitize my zone, I regularly apply hand sanitizer like a fiend. Never enough. I like a good spray sanitizer that smells nice- this lavender one is super relaxing for a flight.
I seriously wish they would just hose the whole interior of the plane down with lavender sanitizer and we would all just wait a sec for it to dry and then board. Imagine how much better it would be!

Ok, back to it…now that I am on the plane and have safely disinfected my zone (and Bens zone) and have my sanitizer handy…I make sure to drink plenty of water. I try to drink 1-2 liters of water on each flight I take…sounds like a lot but it really helps fight jet lag and it keeps my skin looking fresh and my digestive system working. I usually bring my reusable water bottle and fill it up at the airport and then ask the flight attendants to fill it up again on the plane with bottled water if I need more.

I usually also have a cold pressed green juice if I can find a good, low sugar one at the airport. Evolution Sweet Greens at Starbucks is a favorite of mine, but I’ll go for any 100 calorie green juice. It’s packed with vitamins and antioxidants that will give your immune system a boost. A little power up.

And I come prepared with healthy snacks that also double as an immune defense system. I love bringing a carton of blackberries and eating the whole thing first- they are filled with fiber (my obsession) and very high in antioxidants. I also pack mini peppers and snap peas because they are a great crunchy snack and a Greek yogurt for some protein.

I stay away from sugar to keep inflammation down.

I also pop a multivitamin, a B vitamin and a fish oil pill because they all boost your immune system and give you more mental clarity- essential when you are running on less sleep and more stress.

So to recap:

Sanitize the shit out of your zone

♥ Seriously, sanitize everything

♥ 1-2 liters of water

♥ Low sugar cold pressed green juice

♥ Healthy, low sugar immune boosting snacks: blackberries, mini peppers, snap peas and Greek yogurt

♥ Multivitamin

♥ B vitamin

♥ Fish oil


Safe travels and make sure to follow along with my Instagram stories for all my adventures while I am in Hawaii!


XO Katrina

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