Create A Calming Morning Routine

by Over the last few years I have developed quite the morning routine, and I don’t like to fuck with it.

click here I mean, my schedule is sort of all over the place a lot of the time, BUT I always try to maintain a certain sense of calm and routine in the morning. Doing this makes me just feel more balanced, more at ease and just ready to take on my day. And when I don’t get my morning the way I like it…I kinda get a little grumpy. I mean, I can deal with it…but I don’t like it, you know?

z pack cost So here’s the thing: when I am at home and not working, I have a very specific way I like to spend my mornings. And when I am working and have to go to set early, I obviously don’t get that same morning luxury BUT I do still create a somewhat routine morning in the setting I am in.

lopinavir buy uk So, when I am at home and not working (aka: not waking up at the crack of dawn to go to set day in and day out) I like to wake up at around 8am. I can wake up earlier or later some days but 8am is my sweet spot…I just like it. I like to lay in bed for about 10 minutes, 5 of those minutes I like to stretch, snuggle Puffin and think about my day. This helps me get ready for whats in store- I go over things I need to do and it kinda gets me ready to go. It’s also a moment to reflect and goal set…sometimes it takes longer than 5 minutes, but it sort of depends how fast I need to get up and out. The other 5 minutes I spend looking at some emails and notifications on my phone….I only answer those that are pressing because I don’t like to start my day with emails right off the bat but I do like to see whats there. I know a lot of people say to NOT use your phone in bed but whatever. I like to have it nearby and I am not super attached to it when I am in bed, so I am fine with this being in my routine.

buy kaletra in india Then I get up, put on a long sleeve (my house is always so cold in the morning!), brush my teeth and start my face routine. My face routine does not involve cleansing in the morning…just my 5 products I can’t live without.  I don’t wash my face until after I workout because I don’t think I really need it…I mean, what dirtied up my skin while I was sleeping? Pillow dust? Yea, I can live with that. I love to get my skincare on right away though so it all sinks in and gets all in there while I continue the rest of the morning routine.

lopinavir ingredients I move to the kitchen, light a citrus candle I love to kind of wake me up and awaken the senses. I will sometimes also use my essential oil diffuser with lemongrass and sweet orange but that lives in my bedroom and I need to get another one for the living room I think! Hmm…maybe I should do that right now! Then, I make my lemon water. I love a BIG, I mean huge, glass of filtered water with a half a lemon squeezed into it. I like it really lemony and bright. The lemon water is major for me. It really seems to reset and detox my system after sleeping…and I like to start the day of with alkalizing water to hydrate and balance my body before putting food in my stomach. Try incorporating this into your morning and see how you feel-it makes me feel incredible! I drink the lemon water while I sit down on the couch snuggling Puffin. At this point, Ben is usually off and on his way to the gym (he has a WHOLE OTHER type of morning routine) and I have the house to myself.

see url After the lemon water, I make one cup of coffee in my Keurig machine and I add unsweetened vanilla almond milk to it. I like it pretty milky and light because I’m definitely not a coffee purist! I also make my breakfast, which has been the same damn thing for the last few months. I am so a creature of habit, what can I say?

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So for that breakfast, I have some coconut or vanilla Greek yogurt (Dannon triple zero or Oikos). I like to make sure the yogurt is 0% fat and as low in sugar as I can find. I find the totally plain one a little hard to stomach, so I like the flavored better. Dannon seems to have the lowest sugar count! I top the yogurt with fresh blackberries or frozen (defrosted) raspberries. I like these two berries the best because they are super high in antioxidants AND crazy high in fiber…and you all know I am all about the fiber.  Next, I top it with a half cup of Fiber One Original cereal. I have been eating Fiber One for about 10 years and it is still my absolute go-to. It really fills me up and keep things moving…again with the fiber! Sometimes I jazz it up and have some Bran Buds instead of Fiber One haha…basically the same thing…like I said- total creature of habit! If I am not having my yogurt protein fiber bomb, I am making a Cinnamon Banana Collagen Smoothie– also delicious and SO good! If I have that, I pair it with 2 GG crackers with a bit of raw almond butter on top.

I take my breakfast and my coffee and sit at my kitchen counter and eat in peace…and I make sure to eat mindfully since that is one of my goals for 2018. Then, once I am finished eating, I look through emails on my laptop and get to work a little…not super aggressively, but I like to get as much done as possible…I leave less pressing emails to the end of the day or for after my workout.

Then, I take Puff out on a walk around the neighborhood and feed him his homemade food because I am a crazy dog mom haha! Anyone interested in my dog food recipe? LMK on my instagram. Anyway, I love this walk with him first thing…getting the fresh air and moving around just feels good in the morning.

Then I get a workout in- whether its a class, a stair hike, a run or a workout in my bedroom…I get it in. I like to get it in early because it starts my day off right. Of course, I can’t always get it done first thing, and that’s also fine. I just go with the flow in those cases. PLUS, when I have to workout late, I am way more likely to just not do first thing is better for me when I can make it happen.

For the working days when I am on set, away on location or any other travel that messes up my perfect little system…I sub a mini version that fits into any setting. I put on my skincare, make sure to eat a healthy breakfast and take some time to just relax before things get crazy. Sometimes this happens in the car on the way to set, in my trailer before I go into hair and makeup, or even just during a quiet moment in the makeup trailer. Wherever it all happens, I just make sure to take some slow moments in the morning. No matter where you are, you can always find moments to take to yourself if you make it a priority.

When I am on set, I always TRY to get a little workout in before heading to work. Sometimes it’s not possible and sometimes it’s just a quick 20 minute run…but doing something always sets me up for a much better day. Its my time that I take for me because I value and prioritize my mental and physical health. I really suggest you try doing this too! Try to make YOU a priority…it really adds so much to your health and happiness every single day. Get that workout in first thing, wake up SLOWLY and really savor that nice morning feeling.

If you don’t have a morning routing you love, try to create one. You can use some of my methods above and tweak them to make them more you. If you get into it all slowly and use your mornings to reflect and get moving in a calm way, your day will be a lot smoother. Plus, you will be in a steady, stable mindset which allows you to tackle obstacles with a little more clarity.

Do you have any morning routines you absolutely love?? Share them with me below or come say hi on my latest Instagram!

Xo Katrina



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