Holiday Party Tips ::: Kick That Regret And Hangover To The Curb



The Holidays are here.

If you are anything like me, I am sure you are knee deep in holiday parties and are just trying to keep your head above water…or above champagne is probably more like it.

I mean…this time of year sort of goes hand in hand with indulging and that “treat yourself” mentality. BUT what if we didn’t go completely off the rails and instead had a controlled good time without waking up feeling guilty? What if the new year didn’t represent the time to finally “get your shit back together again”?

You don’t have to have an all or nothing mentality! Just because you have a glass (or three) of wine one night doesn’t mean you should throw in the towel and eat 10 Christmas cookies because “you’ve already messed it all up anyway”. Every time you eat or drink is an opportunity to make a NEW good decision. If you happen to go a little too far, just check yourself and do a better job next time. Forget this silly all or nothing mentality.

You should be able to find ways to treat yourself, enjoy yourself and not feel like literal shit the next day. I mean…we all have our moments, but let’s try to aim to keep it together, yea?

I have a game plan when I have Holiday parties on my calendar. I map it out, I come prepared and I usually come out the other side feeling pretty good. SO I wanted to share all of my tips with you.

Use what you want…try to use them all, but if you can just adopt one or two I really believe it can help keep you stay on track and feel your best through the season. Or at least prevent a monster hangover the following morning.

On a sidetracked note- does anyone else feel like as they get older the hangovers get more deadly?? I swear, I used to be FINE after drinking 2 years ago and as soon as I turned 27 something inside flipped and now my body is like NOPE!  Seriously!  Anyway…back to those tips to keep all of that nastiness, bloat and discomfort at bay.



♥  Protein Shake Before The Party: 

The point of this is to not arrive hungry.  Arriving hungry to a party is a recipe for disaster.  Arriving anywhere hungry is a bad choice, to be honest. I never arrive hungry to dinner, a party, lunch…nothing if I can help it.  And most of the time you can help it.

First of all, if you aren’t hungry when you arrive, you won’t make bad decisions. If you are full and happy, you can mingle, enjoy yourself and eat the right things once you do want a little nibble.  Secondly, if you are hungry, your body is technically in starvation mode and will hold on to the fat and calories that you give it. Think those pita chips, candied nuts, cheese and white crackers etc that you grab and scarf down in an attempt to not feel hungry and jittery. That pairing is a TOTAL recipe for disaster! Less than stellar choices + your body storing it all immediately. NO GO.

I like to take some almond milk, chocolate protein powder and blend it up with a little almond butter, peanut butter powder or 1/3 a banana. Keeping the ingredients to a minimum keeps the shake low calorie, yet keeps you full on protein.  It will take that edge off.  Another option is a few magical fiber crackers with some avocado or sliced turkey breast on top.  Something simple with protein and fiber.


♥ One Water Or Sparkling Water In Between Each Drink:

Hydrate while you dehydrate! Hydration is KEY when it comes to both satiety and preventing a hangover. My rule of thumb is to try to match my cocktail/wine count with glasses of water. Lemon or lime is optional, but I like it to jazz up boring water. If you don’t want to seem “lame” at a party drinking a water, pour some sparkling water over ice and add a lime wedge- it will look like a vodka soda, but you’ll sneakily be rehydrating without having everyone ask why you don’t have a cocktail. Isn’t that the worst? Let me live!


♥ Nibble Smartly:

This may seem obvious, but choose veggies, lean proteins and whole grains. Skip the white pita chips, tortilla chips and white crackers. Put that piece of cheese on a grainy cracker, load up on roasted veggies, charcuterie and crudite. Take a little bit, eat it slowly and mingle. Don’t be the weirdo who just hangs by the food all night! Ben sometimes does this and I have to pull him away to mingle haha!


♥ Gum and Mints:

I LOVE this tip. You know how mint makes everything taste terrible? I like to pop a few mints in my mouth after eating my party nibbles so that I have a fresh taste in my mouth and I won’t want to go back for more because I know it’ll all probably taste a little funky. Plus, that would be a total waste of mints or gum! This also works for cocktails- having a strong mint kind of messes up the taste of that champagne, so it’s a good time to take a break, drink your sparkling water and then get another cocktail if and when you feel like it.


♥ Stay FAR Away From Sugary Drinks and Mixers:

I NEVER drink a sugary, pre-mixed cocktail.  It’s an express lane to a hangover that haunts my nightmares. I also don’t use sugary juices in my cocktails. The only sweet-ish juice I will use is fresh grapefruit juice (a splash of it with tequila and club soda is delish). Other than that, I stick with club soda, LOTS of fresh lemon or lime juice and wine/champagne. Also, make sure it is FRESH lemon or lime juice, not that sweetened Rose’s garbage that sometimes gets snuck into cocktails! As for wine: I try to keep it to two glasses to keep the sugar down. Sugar is one major culprit of a terrible hangover, so keep it low. I like to have a glass of wine…maybe two…and then if I want another drink I will have a vodka or blanco tequila with soda water and lots of lime. At parties, I try to keep my drink consumption to 3 or less. That’s just what works for me. Two is ideal, but if I am having an incredible time, a third won’t kill me. Just do you. Know what your body can handle and listen to it. No one knows your body and how it reacts better than you.


♥ Post-Party Bed Time Ritual:

Assuming you don’t get too drunk that you wake up in your dress with all your makeup on, bed time is an important time to help prevent a morning hangover. I like to take a multivitamin before bed and wash it down with a nice glass of cold coconut water. I keep a jug of coconut water in the fridge because I love it, but also because it is a super hydrator and can totally pull me out of funk when I am feeling sluggish. It is also loaded with potassium and electrolytes which help combat a hangover. Another thing I love before bed after a party is a glass of water with powdered electrolytes. NOT sugary gatorade though, this isn’t your college dorm room. I use this brand of electrolyte powder, which does not have caffeine so it is totally great to take before bed. Electrolytes, whether from a powder or coconut water, will help rehydrate your body and give it back the vitamins and minerals it is missing so you don’t feel fatigued and crappy the next morning.


AND OF COURSE, simply don’t overdo it! Have fun, live your life and try to make the best choices possible!

We are having a holiday party at our house this weekend so I am certainly going to be following my own tips! And I will make sure to have tons of fresh, healthy food available for everyone..but mostly myself HA!

XO Katrina

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