The Makeup Trick That Takes Years Off Your Face


When I do my makeup, my goal is to look fresh, bright eyed and dewey….oh and young!  I don’t like doing anything that adds on years to my face, duh…I mean who would?! I hate using powder on my face because I just feel like it makes my skin look bland.  I am all about the dewey glow…but that is a whole other topic….

This makeup trick is all about the eyes. Eyes are beautiful.  Period.  It’s typically the first place we look when we see someones face, the feature we are drawn to.  SO, of course we want our eyes to be bright, open and fresh looking.  Which is why I am SUCH a huge mascara fan.  I rarely go anywhere without at least a swipe of mascara. You know when someone asks what your 3 things you would bring with you on a desert island??  Well…mascara is one of my things!  HA!

kaletra generic for sale I’ve already told you all about my favorite everyday mascaras to create the lashes of your dreams…but let’t talk now about those lower lashes.

You probably put regular black mascara on them, right?  Most people do…I do every now and then… lopinavir ritonavir buy online but I usually stay away.

Applying black mascara to your bottom lashes ages your face- it takes away that fresh, bright-eyed and bushy -tailed look…it weighs down your beautiful eyes.

INSTEAD, the way to brighten your eyes, other than leaving the bottom lashes clean, is to add a colored mascara- blue or purple are my favorites…but purple above ALL.  I know it may sound a little weird, but the color isn’t super obvious and it just adds a more awake-looking freshness to your eyes…something that black mascara can’t really do the same way.  It makes you look more wide eyed and awake…perfect for those days when you maybe didn’t get all the beauty rest you really need.

Purple mascara on my bottom lashes is my absolute go-to, it really makes my green eyes pop!  It also works SO well on brown and blue eyes too.  You could also use a blue mascara, like I mentioned above, but there is something about the purple that just looks better, I think.

And it is super important to be light handed with the application- you don’t want it to be thick and clumpy under your eyes!!  A simple, light sweep on the bottom lashes to create that opened look is all your need…less is really more on the bottom lashes.

I also like to do one coat of black mascara on my top lashes, then follow it with a couple swipes of purple at the tips of my lashes for a little added drama.  The little bit of color adds so much freshness without looking like you have a crazy color on your eyes.  I’m seriously obsessed!

The purple mascara I am currently using is this one by Dr. Hauschka.  I love the brand, and have talked about some of their other products in the past….but their new natural makeup line is really great.  It isn’t the most long lasting out there, because it is so natural and has no fake added ingredients…so it’s more of a half-day wearing product from my experience.  BUT, if you are a natural makeup type of girl, this one is SO up your alley!

BUT, for a good full day hold, my other favorite is Marc Jacobs Mascara in the Lilac color.  Their colored mascaras are SO good and they have so many options, which is really cool and unique.  They also have a darker plum color that is a little less bold, for those who want to play it a little more safe.

For a more cost-friendly option, I love NYX Purple Mascara.  NYX is so inexpensive, but their products work very well and are great quality.  A lot of on-set makeup artists are using NYX products, which is how I was first introduced to the brand.  This mascara is the perfect shade of purple and it has a great staying power.  Plus, you really can’t beat the $7 price tag!

♥  ♥

I’m currently still in Whistler shooting!  It is our last day up in the mountains, then we go back down to Vancouver.  Ben is with me for a few days, which is amazing!  I love having him visit me when I am away for work.

I hope you are following along with my Instagram and stories to see all the exciting things I am doing for the film- it is ACTION PACKED!  Bunjee jumping may or may not be involved…wink wink…

Happy Friday!


XO Katrina

2 Responses
  • Patti Reardon
    August 30, 2018

    I think these are very helpful ideas. What I would like to know is what is her favorite shade of lipstick to wear?

    • fitkatadmin
      October 2, 2018

      Im a big fan of finding a color that is the same tone as my natural lip color but a few shades darker! I will do a post about the specific colors and brands I love!

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