The “Fitness Things” I ALWAYS Travel With


follow site You all know by now that I have to travel a lot for work- when I shoot films, I travel all over and usually live out of hotel rooms or “apartment style” hotel rooms. (The later, is MUCH more preferable, but not always an option in some places.  And when I travel, I have to stay in said hotel room for weeks on end.  It sort of becomes my temporary home and I have to make the most of it so that I feel comfortable and settled in.

go site I used to be a literal whirl wind when I packed…I packed all the wrong things (still do sometimes lol) and I never focused on what I actually needed and would use.  Packing well is an art form…and packing well for living away from weeks and weeks at a time is even more of an art form.

kaletra 200/50 mg Over the years I have narrowed down my favorite things to bring with me on long trips to make the hotel life feel a little more like home. I have written a few posts about what I like to pack etc…but I wanted to specifically go over the fitness-things I bring and swear by.  These things are also great for short trips, so if you travel for work also, or like to stay active when on vacation…these items will be perfect for you.  I mean, I think they are perfect for anyone honestly!

I’ve learned a lot, through trial and error, about what I will actually use and not use- gone are the days when I pack the random weights 3lb that I will never use and which only make my bags heavier.  EYE ROLL- why did I do that?!  What on earth would I need a 3 lb weight for??  Puuh-lease.

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The things I bring are things that actually serve me well- they are fitness tools that you can use almost anywhere to get a great workout or mobility session.  And best of all, they are all small items that don’t take up much space in your bags.  A lot of bang for your buck!  We all know that bag space for shoes, clothes and products ritonavir pills is basically gold…so saving space where you can is crucial. I also bring these items with me when I travel on vacation too, not just for when I am working! Anyone could benefit from packing these for any trip- especially if it keeps you staying active and getting in a little workout when you normally wouldn’t. Gotta squeeze it in whenever possible sometimes!

Ok…now lets actually talk about these precious “fitness-things” I can’t live without when traveling!


Ab Slide Disks

These are the BEST!  Plank moves are my favorite for abs- they work your inner core muscles, which helps give you that cinched-in waistline.  Think Candice Swanapoel.  I mean, these won’t make us look like here, but they will make our waists a little smaller haha.

I love doing plank moves and these slides give you SO many plank move options to work with.  I like to do pikes, spidermans, knees-in crunches etc.  And these ones I have are double sided so you can use them on hard, smooth surfaces or carpeting just by flipping them over to the appropriate side. I am going to post a val slide ab series soon, so stay tuned…and grab yourself a pair now!


Booty Bands

I first used booty bands at Barry’s Bootcamp and the love I felt was instant.  And sore!  These bands are so great at working your legs without actually adding any weights- perfect for a hotel room when traveling!  I do various squats with them, bridges, leg lifts etc…so many options!  I will ALSO do a post with a booty bands routine for you, but for now…look here for some ideas.  The ones I have come with a few different resistance options, and I change them up depending on which move I am doing.  I always go heavier when I do squats though- because BOOTY!


Good Running Shoes

Big shocker here!  I LOVE to run in new places. If you follow me on Instagram and watch my stories (which you should because I am currently on quite the work adventure) you know that I run almost every day when I can.  Running outside is my preference, but I have been known to log some miles on the treadmill or do some interval training.  Here’s a great treadmill interval workout!

I really think that a good quality, proper pair of running shoes is a complete game changer.  Your whole body will feel better when running with proper shoes- you will perform better and be at less risk of injury!  Go to a store that specializes in running, not just any old shoe shop and have your run analyzed so they can provide you with the shoe that you need- everyone is different!  And them from there, make sure to get new shoes fairly often if you are logging a lot of miles. Running shoes don’t last years and years if you use them a lot and their shock absorption ability eventually breaks down, leaving you at risk for injury.  So get good shoes, and remember to change them out accordingly!  Ask the attendant at the store, they will be able to give you a good idea how long they will last based on how often and far you run.



I LOVE MY FITBIT!!  I never take it off unless I have to or I am going in the shower or swimming.  I love knowing how much activity I am getting each day- it helps me hold myself accountable because it gives me real stats all day long so I know when I need to do a little more…when I’m slacking…you know?

It tracks my heart rate too, so I set it to record my workouts and I can see if I am pushing hard enough and how many calories I burn etc.  I like challenging myself, and for me, it is great to see the real stats in order to push myself a little harder.  I have the Fitbit Charge HR 2.  I change the bands often too because they are super cheap and easy to swap out- I buy all my bands on Amazon.



This is one of my favorite things ever!  I got my first belt when I was training for my first marathon and needed a better option for storing my phone, keys and ID while running.  Those other belts are too floppy, an arm band bothers me SO much, and holding your stuff is such a pain.  That’s when I discovered the Flipbelt and it changed my life as a runner.  It doesn’t move around AT ALL YOU GUYS!  It stays snug and in place and all your things are safe and have no risk of falling out.  I turned so many of my runner friends on to this and everyone loves it. I also use this to go hiking or for long, active walks because it’s really nice to be able to store your things somewhere safe and have your hands free without lugging around a bag!


A Lacrosse Ball

This is more of a mobility thing, but OMG it is the best!  They are super cheap, easy to just throw in your bag, and so perfect for releasing tight muscles.  I sit on it under my hamstrings, I put it on my back while standing against a wall, I lay down on it on my pressure points, I roll my feet out on it…the options are endless!  And when you travel, muscles tend to stiffen up a little from the stress, so having an easy, portable way to release a sore muscle is such a savior.


The Stick

Another great mobility tool!  I love to use this to roll out my legs, especially my quads.  Its very low profile, so it packs well and barely takes up any room.  I definitely prefer a real foam roller, but those are just too big to pack, and the stick really does the trick!

A Portable Blender

OK OK I know I talk about this all the time and many of you are probably just straight up sick of hearing about it…but you guys, this is seriously a GAME CHANGER!  It isn’t really a fitness-thing, but it’s one of my favorite healthy travel hacks, so I am including it in this list too. Duh.  The one I have for travel is nothing like my Vitamix at home (which is my ultimate obsession) but it is light, portable and easy to use.  It also comes with multiple liquid vessels that also double as a portable drink container, so you can make your smoothie and take it to go!  When I pack this, which I do on every single trip, I put my protein powder and collagen powder in two separate, strong plastic baggies…roll them up and put them inside the blender to save space.  I also pack a little shaker of cinnamon to jazz up all my shakes so they stay super yummy.



I am up in the mountains in Whistler shooting all week!  It is SOOO cold, but absolutely stunning!  Make sure to follow along with me on Instagram to see everything I am doing!


XO Katrina

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