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ritonavir buy Hello from Kentucky!

source link If you read my last post, you know I am away shooting a film here!  It is my first time in this state, so if anyone has any suggestions for me for my days off, leave them in the comments below- please! Anyway, I will mostly be running outside and doing my own treadmill workouts and circuits at the hotel.  Im only here for a little over a week (the rest of the film shoots in LA) but I know that by the end of the week here I will be SO ready for a group fitness class.  SO ready!

My usual favorites will be back in full rotation.  It is so crazy how when I can’t do my normal classes, I CRAVE them like crazy until I get them back in my life.  Does this happen to anyone else??

Speaking of those group classes…

In the last few weeks I have tried a couple brand new workouts-new to me at least!

I love trying new workouts, new things that aren’t the norm for me.  BUT I also sort of hate not being great at everything AND I am a total workout snob haha!  If I am not good at it and it doesn’t leave me covered in sweat, I feel like it wasn’t enough.  That’s the competitive perfectionist in me coming out!  And like most normal human beings, I am not immediately great at everything I do.  It takes practice, time and patience….and failing a little bit, which is totally normal!

The two brand new things I have tried recently were:

Stand up Paddle Board Yoga

…and.. Platefit- a fitness class done entirely on a vibrating Power Plate machine

So lets get to it!

*BTW- none of these are sponsored- I just wanted to share my honest opinions and experiences with you!



When a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to go over to the westside of town to try stand up paddle board yoga, of course I said yes!  It sounded so fun and I rarely ever turn down a new workout opportunity, or a beach time opportunity to be honest!  It took place in Marina Del Ray, at the bay where the boat landings are.  That means, there wasn’t a current or any waves to deal with, thank god.  Could you imagine paddle boarding through waves??  OR trying to hold downward dog while waves are crashing around you??  Disaster!  So thankfully, it was flat, with just enough wind current to make the paddling part a great arm and core workout.

The first half of the class we spent paddling- it really created a burn in my arms, back and core!  We also saw a few sea lions playing around in the water and on some docked boats!  Any time I can see cute animals playing around in the wild is the perfect time for me!

Then we anchored out boards (each board has its own anchor) and the yoga class started.  I am super sensitive to motion and often get sea sick on boats etc…so it was a little difficult for me to get past that while doing the yoga.  It was not nearly as bad as being on a boat, but I did feel a little “spinny” at times when I moved quickly.  So that’s one thing to be aware of.  My friend didn’t experience this at all though, so maybe I’m just too sensitive!  I took a few deep breaths and the feeling would go away.

The yoga was really hard when taken off solid ground though!  The normal moves I can do so well on my mat were a struggle on the board- a good struggle!  I had to use my core to balance SO much more and I really had to focus on every single movement I made.  I was so in tune with what my body was doing, which was a cool feeling.  LUCKILY I did not fall off!  Which I was almost certain I would do haha!  I couldn’t really do my normal crow pose or any type of headstand because of the balancing issue, but it did make me realize that I probably need to work on my core stability more.  I mean I’m sure we would all benefit from working on our core stability a little more every day!  All in all, it was a really fun way to spend the afternoon and it really got me out of my comfort zone.  if you like yoga, the beach and just having a fun day- I highly recommend giving this one a try!  This is the company who put on the class. PLATEFIT

Have you ever been to the gym and seen one of those funny looking vibrating machines?  Have you ever wondered what the F it does or who the F uses it?  Yea, me too.  I tend to think things like that are pointless, straight up gimmicky and to be frank- a waste of time.

So when I had heard there was a studio in LA, a few actually, that utilize these machines for 30 minute classes…I brushed it off as “fluff” and never thought twice about actually taking a class.  I’m a workout snob, like I already said- I totally admit it.  If I’m not feeling death on the horizon during an intense workout it is not enough for me.  I want my classes to be so hard that I can barely complete it.  I like my pilates so tough that I can’t get through a class without taking a few breaks.  Maybe I am a total weirdo haha, but I like a challenge.

SO…why did I finally try out Platefit against all odds?  Well, one of my favorite activewear brands was hosting a workout event there and I figured why not?  So last Sunday, I dressed in a cute activewear outfit, put on some mascara (photos were going to be taken ha!) and took myself to Platefit.  I grabbed the heaviest weights they had (10 lb’s LOL) and the instructor complimented me on “going for it” which I thought was cuuute.  I mean, 10 lb weights for leg exercises is super LIGHT for me, but anyway, back to the class.

We started the machines up and OMG it feels so weird!  The vibrations are SO fast you feel like your internal organs are buzzing and your nose starts inching.  It is a weird feeling, but strangely enough…as soon as you bend your knees and activate the back of your legs in a squat stance, you don’t feel the vibrations as much!  So the key is to keep your muscles engaged and activated the whole time- no standing up and looking at the clock here because it feels TOO weird to just stand still on the machine!

So what does the vibrating plate actually do?  I asked this question AS soon as I walked in- I wanted all the details.  Apparently, it engages your muscles and makes them contract and work harder in half time time.  They say it also helps with cellulite.  That’s what they told me….now on to what happened in the class.

We did a lot of jumping, squating, lunging, lifting the weights, core holds.  Basically- all the best movements you can do for your body, all on this vibrating plate.  I broke a sweat really fast and was a sweaty mess the whole time.  I wasn’t expecting this at all!  I thought it would be the type of workout where I left and it looked like I didn’t do anything- I was wrong!  I was also fatiguing during certain moves, which was a surprise because the weights were so light.

A the end of class, we used the machine as a massage for our legs and thighs- which felt amazing!  The instructors were all so sweet and helpful too.  All in all, I was pleasantly surprised by this class and it definitely delivered way more than I expected it to.  I wasn’t super sore the next day, but maybe someone who doesn’t use weights as much as I do would be sore.  I will definitely try this class again!


Next, I want to take some hip hop dance classes!  A few of my friends sometimes go to a spot in LA that they love, so I look forward to that new workout!  Every new workout is a surprise, and I love the challenge of getting out of my comfort zone.

Are there any new workouts you have tried and loved?


XO Katrina

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