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I start shooting my next film this week.  On Thursday to be exact…so soon!

Like most things in the crazy up and down industry I am a part of, this project came together a little bit last minute.  And by last minute, I mean I had about 9 days notice…with some bumps along the way before knowing ALL the details.

This isn’t ALWAYS how it works, but it happens a lot.  Sometimes I will book a movie and have to pack my bags, prep and leave within a few days notice- talk about needing to be able to go with the flow!

The crazy thing is I am NOT a spontaneous person- I don’t like being surprised by a last minute trip, I don’t like not knowing where I am going, when I am going, when I am going to get to eat lunch etc etc.  Ben once threw me a surprised party and I was so shocked and uncomfortable that I started crying and had to walk out- such a loser HAHA!  The meme about being a “ride or die” chick was basically MADE for me!

SOO the fact that my career and life in general is so uncertain and last minute is pretty ironic.

I have gotten so used to it though, and I definitely have a plan of attack for when moments like the one I am dealing with right now happen.

I am working in a different state, almost completely across the country in a city I have never been to before.  I won’t have any of my creature comforts, my normal food, normal workouts etc etc.  AND to put a cherry on top- I am shooting mostly nights while I am there.  For those who don’t really know what this means: I’m on the graveyard shift.

When you watch a movie/tv show and its night time in the scenes- most of the time those scenes were shot at night, usually between the hours of 7pm-5am.  It sort of depends on the time of year and sunset/sunrise has everything to do with hours, but you are working at crazy hours of the night when you would always normally be sleeping.  It is a MAJOR ADJUSTMENT.  And it sort of sucks.  You feel weird, your food schedule is out of whack and worst of all- you have to sleep when it is light outside.  It’ s rough.  But it is only a week of it, so I can deal…I’ve certainly done it before!

I wanted to share a little bit about how I prep for something last minute like this (and any new project honestly) and how I manage to stay healthy, fit and happy while all my normal creature comforts are gone and my schedule is flipped on its head.

Stay healthy and fueled.

I bring a portable blender, my protein powder, collagen powder and favorite energy/protein bars with me so I can always make sure I have a healthy meal replacement if I need it.  When I am shooting, I typically start my day with a protein shake.  I use my protein powder, collagen and some fresh fruit and nut butter that I buy once I am at my new hotel home.  I will eat a bar as a snack if I need one instead of resorting to eating junk food that is always on set (seriously, it’s everywhere and always SO tempting).

I also love a good coconut water or green juice as a snack to keep my hydrated and feeling good.  In NYC and LA, you can basically find a green juice for sale on every street corner, but that’s not really the case in a lot of other US cities.  So, the one place I know ALWAYS has a green juice and coconut water for sale is: Starbucks.  And Starbucks is everywhere!!  I get the “Sweet Green” by Evolution green juice and it is so yummy.  I grab a few of each at a time and store them in my hotel fridge.

Aside from stopping at a Starbs, as soon as I get into the new city, I try to get myself to a super market and get some essentials: avocados, cans of low sodium salmon, almond milk, raw almonds, high fiber cereal, baby carrots and raw sweet potatoes.  I ask the hotel for an extra mini fridge and a microwave.  I microwave the sweet potatoes and eat them in chunks as a snack- not as good as my oven roasted ones, but they work in a pinch!


Stay Active

Finding a good gym that is close by can be a struggle in some smaller cities and most hotel gyms leave A LOT to be desired- total snooze fest!  To be honest, I usually just stick to running while I am away for work.  I use the Map My Run App and run 4-7 miles on average BEFORE I go to set.  So for this shoot, I will most likely get up in the afternoon (so weird!) have some breakfast and go on the run right away.  This leaves me time to come back make a collagen protein shake and have a little extra time to myself before leaving to shoot.  I ask hotel staff for popular running routes and I ask if there are any areas that should be avoided- you NEVER want to get stuck in a sketchy area in a city you don’t know.  I also look on the Map My Run app for routes other people have run in the area.

I know a lot of people really don’t like running, but it is such a great way to see a new city and take in sights on foot.  I learn SO much about new towns I work in by running through them and finding little gems that I wouldn’t have found otherwise.  I bring a visor to keep the sun out of my eyes and my Flipbelt with me so I can bring along my phone, a credit card and my ID.  I always run with my ID just in case.  

Other than running, I will find a local Crossfit box and drop in to a workout in the afternoon before shooting- it’s a really fun thing to do and it’s a great way to get a little group-fitness/weight training fix in while away.  I also bring my Ab Slider Disks with me so I can do core work in my trailer or hotel room.


Adjust to the overnight schedule/ Creature comforts

SO, since I am in LA on west coast time, I am already a little prepped for the night time schedule, because where I am going to shoot it will be east coast time (3 hours ahead).  BUT it will still take some adjusting.  I am trying to go to bed a little later every night here before I leave…and the night before my first “day” of work, I will stay up LATE…I will workout late, read, eat late, watch TV…just try to be up as late as I can handle!  I will also bring some melatonin with me so going to sleep in the mornings will be easier, along with a good sleep mask.  This sleep mask feels like heaven- it is my absolute favorite!

I like to bring aromatherapy travel candles with me, and all my normal skincare/haircare products to make it feel a little more like home.  I also bring some bubble bath and bath salts for when I really need some time to relax.  And I can’t forget my favorite pillow from home- I am super picky about pillows, so having my favorite with me helps me get a better sleep every night.



So, aside from learning lines and preparing my character, I have a few personal things I always do prior to leaving for a film shoot.  I get my hair color touched up, which I luckily did a few weeks ago so I am good to go.  I use teeth whitener for 5-7 days, these are the ones I use.  A bright smile is ALWAYS a good idea, and freshening them up really makes my teeth look great.  I make sure I have all my supplements, medicines etc in order so I don’t have to scramble last minute.  I get a lot of good workouts in because when I am working, I don’t get as much time to fit it in.  And coupled with that, I eat super healthy so my immune system is strong and I am feeling my absolute best!

Then, I usually pack everything the day before I leave, after making a thorough list.  I also spend basically all of my travel time reading/studying for the role.


That’s about it!  I’m super excited and make sure to check my Instagram for all the latest pics and stories from set!

Happy Monday!


XO Katrina


4 Responses
  • Sam Valentine
    October 3, 2017

    I love this a LOT. Totally buying this personal blender and putting in calls for a microwave in my hotel room!

    • fitkatadmin
      October 8, 2017

      the portable blender is a savior!

  • Linda
    January 17, 2018

    I loved your Hallmark movie! Any plans to continue this story with you and Thomas? The scenery was beautiful and the connection between the two of you on screen was so great. Let’s continue with adventures from this couple on the screen. Such a fun movie!

    • fitkatadmin
      January 29, 2018

      I know the producers want to, and we wan to as well! It all depends on the script and what Hallmark thinks! But, if it happens I will make sure to post about it
      XO Katrina

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