Muscle Soreness: Combat and Recovery


We’ve all been there- we workout, maybe a little bit too hard or go a little bit too heavy, and are left feeling like we were hit by a truck the following day!

LOL!  Those mornings when you wake up and are like “UGHH”!

I have DEFINITELY been there- I always get ambitious and then super sore the next day.

But here’s the thing…I like feeling sore.  When I feel sore I feel like my workout was a success.  I feel like I did something that will help change my body in the long run.

Because, to be completely honest, if you stick with the same weights and the same workout forever you will never see progress.  Your body won’t change unless you challenge it with heavier weights and different moves.  Whenever I feel like a certain dumbbell I always go for is starting to feel a little too easy, or just not as hard, I go up a bit in weight.  I challenge myself.  And I suggest you do to!  You WILL NOT get bulky by picking up a heavier weight.  This is my biggest pet peeve when I hear women talk about working out.  I could rant for a long time about it, but instead, I urge you to read this super old post about it!   All the deets on what I think are there!

Anyway….back to those sore muscles!

I wanted to give my tips on what I typically do to first combat and then ease muscle soreness.

By combatting it, I mean that I take steps to loosen my muscles up and prevent as much soreness as possible.  This involves mobility work.  Then, with whatever soreness I am left with, I soothe it with a few different techniques…and these techniques are amazingly relaxing and luxurious- duh….the bath tub photo probably gave that away a little!  Little bonus here if you also have a glass or rosé.  Not necessary really, but kinda necessary for me…you know I love a glass of wine!


Step One: Combat The Soreness

see Immediate Stretching:

When I finish a workout, I take a few minutes to stretch…almost always.  I get it- it’s often difficult to do this!  When I finish a workout I usually just want to get the hell out of there and shower or eat…or eat then shower lol.  BUT whenever I take like 5 minutes to stretch, I feel SO much better the next day.  Just dedicate 5 minutes to some good stretching- put on some music you love and stretch the muscles you worked.  It is a great way to cool down too!


see Foam Rolling:

I LOVE foam rolling- it is so great at breaking up tension in your muscles and getting them to relax and lengthen.  I usually don’t have enough time immediately after a workout to devote to a great foam roll sesh, so I usually save it for the evening.  I love foam rolling while I watch TV or while dinner is in the oven…you know, those downtime times when you aren’t REALLY doing anything else.  Put down your phone and just spend 10-15 minutes rolling out your muscles.  I usually focus on my back, glutes and legs.  Read about my foam rolling tips and tricks here!


ritonavir dosing Drink Plenty of Water and Consume Protein:

I ALWAYS have protein post workout.  Religiously.  Whether I make a shake, have a greek yogurt or a protein bar…I make sure to get some protein fuel immediately after a workout.  This helps your muscles repair themselves and build back up, resulting in a little less soreness!  I also drink plenty of water to hydrate- especially BCAA’s while I am working out.  BCAA’s are a fav of mine because they help your muscles rebuild as they are breaking down!  A total win to combat soreness and muscle fatigue!


Now, On To The Easing Of Those Sore Muscles…

Bath Salts:

I love a hot bath to ease my sore body…I mean, who doesn’t love a nice hot bubble bath?!  But the trick is using the right bath products that help your muscles release tension.  I am obsessed with bath salts.  I have been using a Himalayan Sea Salt by LATHER for about a year now, and they are by far my favorite out there!  They soothe my muscles and also keep my skin hydrated.  So many salts leave my skin dry and itchy- not these!  And they smell amazing!!!  It is like a mini spa, at home…in your own bathtub!  HEAVEN.

buy kaletra australia Ice Bath:

This one is HARD TO DO YOU GUYS!  I have only done it about 10 times in my life, but OMG it works.  It sucks, but it works.  I took ice baths when I was marathon training a lot after those super long runs.  You fill your bathtub with cold water, then ADD ICE, then get in it and try not to die lol.  It hurts at first but it is a great way to soothe muscles.  Whenever I have taken an ice bath, I feel SOO much better and my muscles recover SO much faster.  Ice is an amazing way to reduce inflammation and swelling!  But, if you aren’t keen on trying an ice bath, try to ice certain muscles for about 5 minutes on/5 minutes off instead.  Shoot for about 20 minutes total…that usually helps me a lot and is a lot easier to handle than an ice bath!


kaletra price canada Muscle Rub:

Again LATHER comes through with a favorite winning product.  Their muscle rub is really great- it feels so cooling and soothing on the skin and it really makes my soreness lighten up.  I used it a lot when I had a hamstring pull and I loved how it made me feel.  I massage it in well twice a day.  I also love to take a bath with their bath salts, then follow the bath with a good application of the muscle relief gel on all my sore spots!  Their products are natural and use great ingredients- I completely love them and love their products.


kaletra covid 19 dosing Yoga:

Yoga loosens up my body like nothing else!  I go into a yoga class feeling tight and bleh…and leave feeling open, stretched out and way more balanced.  I also make sure to ease into the moves when I am sore- don’t try to do anything too stretchy too quickly because you risk injury doing that!  I also stay away from hot yoga when I am sore because it tricks your body into thinking it is more flexible and loose that it actually is.  I once pulled a hamstring in hot yoga because I did too much too soon and it totally sucked!  So, I take it easy, do what I can and just try to get my body loosened and limbered up.


I’m in Vancouver right now shooting my next film!  SUPER excited about it!  I will keep you all posted on what’s going on up here and will tell you all about the film as soon as I am allowed to!  It involves a lot of adventure activities too!  YAY!  Can’t wait to share with you!


XO Katrina


*I am a LATHER ambassador, and this post is sponsored by LATHER

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