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So if you have been following along with the blog for a while, you probably know I talk a lot about motivation.  Finding and holding on to motivation is so key when you want to lead a healthy, active lifestyle…

But at the same time, one of the tricky things about embarking on a healthy lifestyle journey, especially when it comes to fitness, is finding that motivation and using it on a day to day basis.  Motivation can often be a fleeting feeling- one minute you are SO ready to take control and change your life and the next minute your couch and a glass of wine is looking very alluring.

Then some days I’m sure you will eat SO well, workout and have a super healthy day only to make bad food choices at night, or wake up the next day and skip your workout.  This happens to everyone.  Our minds our complicated places.  We WANT to be our best and do our best, but we also often want to take the easy way out when it is presented to us.  The easy way out in this case is skipping the workout, canceling the plans, eating the pizza etc.

Now, there is absolutely NO need to give up the things you love when you are revamping your personal health- you just have to create a better balance of everything that works for you,  and balance everything in your favor.  I’ll go over some tips for creating that balance below.

When it comes to healthy lifestyle motivation- food and fitness go hand in hand.  You won’t achieve the body you want or the health status you desire by just focusing on one or the other alone.  It’s a dual effort and the payoff is incredible.  Not only will you look hot, you will be stronger, have more energy, be happier and you will be investing in your health for the long haul.

I think it’s important to have a few sources of motivation, so I thought I would outline mine below and how I tap into them when I need them most.  It’s important to realize your sources of motivation and actualize them in your life.  If you can learn to do this, your healthy lifestyle will just flow and never feel like a chore.  Sometimes when I am not feeling it so much, I’ll tap into different sources to get my out of my funk…and I definitely get into funks every now and then!

And to be completely honest, looking good often isn’t enough motivation for me and I need a little something extra!  A little more to hold on to that keeps me going…keeps me moving.

Oh and before I begin, I just want to quickly talk about the “looking good” part of the motivation.   The idea of this is often looked down up and we are told that it’s a negative reason to want to get healthy.  And while I sort of agree to a certain extent, I don’t think there is anything wrong with the desire to look good.  It is very natural and very normal to want to look your best, to get that hot bod!  And I also think there is nothing wrong with that being your reason to start a healthy lifestyle- it can be a great jumping off point!  BUT, I will say that it is important to find other sources of motivation in addition to looking great that will keep you going.

Usually, those new sources of motivation will come very naturally once you start- this is totally what happened with me!  You reap all the benefits and start to realize how much it’s all affecting your mind and body in such a positive!  And hopefully, with time, looking good will become more of a happy by-product of your lifestyle and not the main focus.  That’s the goal.

OK, now on to those tips and tricks!


lopinavir plus ritonavir Look hot, feel hot.  Ok, so like I said just above, this shouldn’t be the main reason to workout and live healthy, but it is often a great motivator!  I don’t know about you, but when I think I look good and I’m really feelin’ myself, I tend to be a little happier and do a little more in the day…I’m just more productive.  I have that much more drive to get out into the world and conquer my day like a bad ass babe.  So put on that cute workout outfit that makes your butt look great and appreciate your beautiful body!  And conquer your day.


how to buy lopinavir Hold yourself accountable.  No one is going to make you do anything.  No one is going to make you put on your sneakers and get your ass to the gym- that responsibility falls on your shoulders.  And at the end of the day, I like to ask myself if I held myself accountable and treated myself well and with respect.  Sometimes, I slack a bit…but when I realize that and check in with myself, I am far more likely to fit in a workout or make a healthier food choice the following day.  Be accountable for you, and be accountable for how you treat yourself every single day. Buddy up!  I LOVE working out with friends!!  It is the best way to combine your social hour with your fitness hour.  Having a workout buddy is another way to hold yourself accountable- when you know someone else is waiting for you and relying on you, you are WAY LESS likely to cancel last minute.  Buddy up and hold each other accountable- and have so much fun in the process.  I have a few workout buddies and our time together is always so meaningful- it makes the toughest workouts so fun and more enjoyable.  AND, I always manage to make new friends in the process- which is a total plus!


source url Realize how much your body does for you and treat it well.  You only get one body- you have to nourish it and treat it well.  And that means eating good quality foods and working out to stay fit.  The work that you put in now will help you stay strong and healthy for many years to come.  You will build strong muscles and bones, which help you stay healthy and strong as you get older.  I want to look and feel my best for a LONG time and I know that if I slack off and fall off the wagon now, I am only harming myself.  I use this as motivation A LOT!


lopinavir buy uk Fight disease and aging.  If you’re anything like me, you want to stay healthy, vibrant and glowing for as long as possible!  You know what gets in the way of that?  Sitting on your butt and not eating well.  Poor food choices are linked to most major diseases and illnesses…and your vibrancy will dull if you don’t keep your body moving.  I like to get moving every single day- whether its a hike, walk or workout class- it all keeps me healthy, strong and young.  It keeps my skin glowing and body vibrant.


lopinavir order online Energy galore!  Whenever I feel bleh and don’t want to workout, I think of all the times when a workout completely changed my entire day around!  It’s so true.  A workout can take you from 0 to 100 just like that!  I guarantee that if you don’t feel up for it, that’s probably when you need it the most.  I have honestly never regretted a workout, but I have definitely regretted skipping one.  And living with regret is a shitty state of mind to be in.


here Create some balance.  If you do nothing but eat super healthy and workout, you will probably hit a wall and get SO sick of it.  Hitting a wall is a tough place to be and can lead to a downward spiral or “throwing your hands up in the air in defeat” type of moment.  To counteract that, you need to allow yourself some fun…some indulgence.  Whether you have a “cheat day”, allow yourself to have small portions of the things you love or create healthier ways to eat the things you love…having that balance is key.  Most of my recipes I post on here come from me wanting to make something super tasty that I love, but cut down on all the bad stuff that usually goes with it.  Comfort food with a health twist is SO my jam!

If I am craving something, I usually go for it and just make sure I don’t have too much and don’t make a daily habit out of it.  One donut will not derail your life- a donut every day probably will!  As long as you don’t feel deprived, you will be way happier making those daily healthy choices.

Additionally, if you go overboard one day, don’t beat yourself up about it.  Instead, take it in and promise yourself that you will nourish your body and treat it well next time.  If I have a crazy indulgent dinner and too much wine, the next day I load up on healthy foods, green juice and a good sweat.  It is ALL about balance and not getting too obsessed- obsession can lead you down a dangerous path! Stress relief.  So many people complain about feeling too overwhelmed or stressed at work or in life to squeeze a workout in.  But honestly, if you feel stressed a lot, you need that workout more than ever!!  A good sweat sesh is one of the best ways to relieve stress- you release endorphins, clear your head and get your adrenaline rushing!  If I have a stressful day or think that nothing is going my way, I will go workout instead of sitting on the couch wallowing over a glass of wine and it always makes me feel better.  Kickboxing classes are an ESPECIALLY great way to relieve stress.  Then, after working out some of that pent up energy, I am always more level headed and able to approach life in a more balanced, confident, calm way.


lopinavir buy But, I don’t have the time!  Along with the whole stress thing comes the idea that people can’t find the time to workout.  And I do understand this…but I also know that there is ALWAYS TIME IF YOU MAKE IT!!  My work schedule is super weird.  When I am working on a film or show, I am SOOO busy and I work 12-14 hour days.  That type of schedule leaves way less time to fit in a workout, but you know what?  I find the time to fit it in because it matters to me.  It is important- it is my time and I value it so much.  I workout early before work, or on a lunch break, or after even though I’d rather just lay around on the couch.

You need to find a way to fit it in and make it work for you.  This may take some trial and error, but I guarantee you will be so much happier and more balanced if you do!


lopinavir online store Sleep better.  OMG.  This is major.  When you workout and eat healthy, the quality of your sleep will be so much better.  I sleep 7-9 hours a night and I really devote time to getting enough sleep.  My active lifestyle aids in my sleep schedule so much and most people I know report the same findings once they get into a fitness routine.


SOOOO, to recap a little you’ll:

Look Better

Feel Better

Be Healthier and Stronger 

Keep Yourself Healthy For the Long Haul

Have A Youthful Glow

Be A More Balanced Person

Be Happier

Be More Social

Make New Friends

Stay Well

Have More Energy

Be Less Stressed

Sleep Better

What more could you want?!  Now do you see why having abs is a little bit less important than ALL these other benefits?

I started this blog to inspire people to live their best, healthiest lives…and to share my tips along the way.  I hope this helps you a little bit!

If you have any questions, please reach out to me- I LOVE hearing from you!


XO Katrina



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  • Bernadette Krieger
    October 19, 2017

    Katrina , you are an inspiration to all!!!

    • fitkatadmin
      October 20, 2017

      Thanks so much!!

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