A #FITFAM Can Totally Change Your Life


I used to be a solo gym-goer…I would workout at a gym, do my own (sort of lame) workout and then get bored and be on my way. In and out in less than an hour and barely accomplishing much. I still loved working out, but it definitely didn’t feel as fun as it does to me now- I never really looked forward to it.


I know a lot of people are probably like the former me- willing to workout but kind of bored by it. Maybe you have a routine but it gets a little boring or you don’t really know how to shake it up…this ringing a bell for anyone?


You already know how much I love group fitness and gyms like Crossfit boxes that develop a sense of community among members. If you haven’t given group fitness a try, I encourage you to! It totally changed my love for fitness and made it more of a lifestyle choice and less of a chore.


Another thing that has become SO important in my life, especially since moving to LA, is having a #FITFAM!  I’m talking “hashtag” here but I mean: a group of people who also share your same love for fitness and health. A person or a few people you can call to go for a run, to join you at a group class, or to go on a hike with. I have a pretty large circle of friends now who are all like-minded fitness friends and I know they are always down for a HIIT class or a hike. I love catching up with friends and being social….being able to do that WHILE getting my fitness on is a total double win!

My Crossfit gym in LA, Brick, is also such a great community and I have made so many friends there. When I workout at Brick, it’s more like a social hour sweat sesh, and I absolutely love it! And I know you may hear “Crossfit” and get scared lol! But if you find the right box that has a good schedule of different types of classes, you’ll learn it can really be for everyone.  The classes I take at Brick are HIIT style- less of the heavy barbell stuff and more of the light weights and cardio stuff….my FAV!


In LA it is super easy to find fit friends like this (lucky for me!). But I totally get that it’s not the same everywhere else…


I am all for going out of my way to meet new people- it may take a bit of effort but it can be totally worth it. Start a conversation with another girl at the gym who seems to be doing similar things…talk to the girl on the spin bike next to you…just put yourself out there a little bit, be friendly and make some friends! It’s not as intimidating as it seems, trust me.


I guarantee that most people would love to have a workload buddy- it is so much more fun! Plus, you get someone to hold you accountable, and vice versa. I know it’s a pretty simple concept, but I also know SOO many people who workout solo and never take classes or workout with anyone else! Some may prefer it that way, but it’s always a good idea to try something new- you may be surprised by what you discover.

ALSO…working out releases feel good endorphins, and when you are with someone you truly like spending time with, those feelings will be amplified. The more feel good endorphins in your life, the better everything will feel…it’s kind of like a nice little snowball effect.


Like I said above, I met so many great people at Brick Los Angeles– many have become some of my closest friends, actually!
I’ve also met a lot of people through fitness events and through running races.

I’d recommend finding fitness events in your area, fitness meet ups, running groups and hiking clubs to join- those are great ways to make some new fit friends. The friends I made when marathon training are incredible people who I love so much and share such a special bond with- sharing the pain and and the sense of accomplishment with someone really makes you connect on a special level. And the good thing about running is there are so many running groups everywhere! I trained with Team in Training, and I know they have chapters all over.


I also think it’s important to chose the right people to workout with.
It needs to be someone who motivates you, inspires you and makes you want to be the best version of yourself.

Anyone who makes you feel self conscious or less than amazing is NOT a good fit. I tend to be *lightly* competitive with fitness- it pushes me to go a little harder than I normally would. But someone who is TOO competitive will take all the fun out of an activity…I’ve made sure to get people like that out of my life and hang with the ones who inspire me and make me feel good instead. A little healthy competition is nice of course, but too much can have the opposite effect and make you feel less motivated at the end of the day.


Another great option is working out with your significant other- Ben and I love to workout together! We go on hikes and go to classes together and I always try to beat him…duh! It’s a fun, healthy way to spend time together and get those happy endorphins going!
A workout buddy should be someone you want to show up for- someone you don’t want to let down by cancelling last minute!
And if you’re anything like me, I bet your workout friends become your very best friends too…it’s funny how that works out.


While I’m up here in Vancouver, finishing up day two on my new movie (lots more to go!) I’m actually missing my group classes and workout buddies a lot! I always do…


But I have been super busy and getting in a lot of runs and some yoga here so far. The city is absolutely beautiful- the perfect place to run and clear my head when I’m not on set. I have a list of classes to try, and make sure to check in with my instagram and stories to see what I’m up to!


Xo Katrina

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