The Workout Drink That Keeps Me Going


lopinavir log p Happy Friday beauties!

go I wanted to share a little bit today about what I drink when I workout and why. There are so many pre-workout, post-workout, energy and recovery drinks out there on the market that it can sometimes be confusing. I honestly don’t really drink anything pre-workout, unless you count my one morning cup of coffee. I have tried a few but most taste a little funny and/or don’t really seem to do much for me. But that being said, I haven’t tried that many and if you have a favorite to share, slide into that comment section and let me know!

The one thing I rely on when I am working out is Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s). I drink them every time I work out. Every damn time. Unless I run out…then it is a sad day at my house. For real, Ben drinks them too and we have argued over who gets the last scoop in the past (I win…duh!)

SOOO…what the F are they?!

source site BCAA’s are essential amino acids (valine, leucine and isoleucine to be fancy and exact about it) and they are the building blocks of protein. They also contribute to energy levels in the body. Essentially, they help your body repair muscles as they break down and they also keep your energy levels up in the process. This makes them a great thing to incorporate into your workout routine to help your muscles repair as they break down during a sweat session. Burn that fat, build those muscles and help them repair faster!

ritonavir coronavirus pills I mix my BCAA’s with cold water in a shaker bottle and drink it throughout my workout as my water…and continue to drink it after too (if there is any left). The amino acids work to help the muscles you are using repair themselves while you work out- so you never end up depleting your progress while burning all of those calories. I also feel WAY more energized when I drink them! Like seriously- night and day in the energy levels department! If my workout for the day is a run or a hike, I drink a bottle of the BCAA’s right after the workout so I still get all the benefits without having to bring the bottle with me. I personally hate running/hiking/walking while holding a bottle. I once forfeited a nice water bottle I was holding while I was doing a marathon training run on the side of the road because I was so over having it in my hand. I still feel bad about it to this day…I mean I’m talking about it still haha!

Most people I know from my workout/fitness world drink BCAA’s during their workouts and swear by them! I started using them years ago and I really do think it helps me maintain muscle definition while I am doing a lot of high intensity cardio workouts and eating super healthy.

One problem with doing cardio and potentially losing weight is that muscle tends to get lost in the process. It is sort of inevitable…BUT consuming BCAA’s can help stop that problem from getting too serious. These amino acids really do help you maintain your muscles, turning you into that strong, lean, sexy babe you want to be!

When I first tried them, I expected it to taste SUPER gross…I mean….amino acids don’t sound too appetizing. BUT I was shocked at how good the powders taste. The powders dissolve super easily and turn your water into this fruity yumminess- almost like drinking a Jolly Rancher. I really like the flavors I get, so it makes drinking the water a little tastier, which leads to more water consumption. A win-win situation when working out! If you aren’t sure about trying this type of powder yet, you can always check out greens powder mix and see if that works better for your body after a workout.

BCAA calorie content is also super low- so you don’t have to worry about consuming unnecessary beverage calories here. It does A LOT of work for maybe, like 5 calories or something like that. That’s the usual amount on the ones I have seen, and that is basically nothing.

I have stayed pretty loyal to the brands I like, and I’m linking them below! My favorite flavors have been pink lemonade, mango, and pineapple. YUM. I actually really look forward to drinking them.


Have a great weekend! Drink your aminos!

The outfit I am wearing in these photos is by Outdoor Voices, linked below…both in the color “Oatmeal”


XO Katrina

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