Food Fads and The Discerning Eye


ritonavir buy And by “descerning eye”  I basically mean bullshit detector.

follow There are always new trends that arise in the health, wellness and fitness worlds…so many, in fact, that it can be a full time job to navigate.

go here And with these new trends come some shining stars worth the attention and some clunkers that need to be forgotten about stat.

And to be completely honest, most trends totally depend on the person trying them.  What works for me, may not work for you and some people will absolutely love something that I personally can’t stand.  SO, I think it’s a good idea to try things that seem interesting to you, but be aware that some trends are not one size fits all.

cost of kaletra Some trends are follow one size fits none, to be frank, but those tend to die off fairly quickly. One thing that gets me SUPER riled up, though, is when people just believe whatever is told to them, without feeling the need to dig a little deeper.  Blindly believing without any real knowledge- it is something that more people do than you may realize.

I am a self-proclaimed investigative journalist when it comes to wanting to uncover the truth behind something I want to know more about.   generic kaletra store I have absolutely ZERO journalist credentials (haha) but I am really good at rifling through whatever I need to and getting to the bottom of whatever topic I’m intrigued by.  I never just start believing something because someone tells me to or because one persons book swears their method is the be-all-end-all way.  NO.  I take it in, investigate their sources and try to find out other opinions to get the most educated perspective on it that I can.

For every trend or method that is loved out there, there are people who hate it and have A LOT to say about it…so I like finding those alternative views and then using knowledge from both sides to figure out my own opinion.

Also science.  Scientific evidence plays a major role in whether I buy into a trend.  I want to know studies, examples and legit citings from experimentations before I can get on board, you know??  Because without a thorough scientific analysis, the trend you are buying into may just be one persons opinion…and putting your health into one random persons hands is not something that sounds too comfortable, does it? In that case, it becomes cult-ish…and we ALL know how those end.  Bad.


I also stress focusing on context too- the context with which a fact, idea or concept is being presented is KEY.  Even if an idea comes from a legit scientific analysis- it’s important to know the context of the science- the whole big picture, not just the fact being cherry-picked out of a study.

People are GREAT at using a quote, an example, a study result out of context to make it work for their narrative.  For example, when Special K put “People who eat breakfast tend to weigh less” on all of their cereal boxes, that was a little misleading in my opinion.  Why?  Because people who eat breakfast tend to weigh less BECAUSE they also have other healthy tendencies and make smarter health choices all day long- they are generally more health conscious.  The fact that they weigh less has NOTHING to do with eating cereal, it has to do with their overall health awareness.  Catch my drift?  They aren’t stating incorrect facts, they aren’t wrong…they just aren’t giving the whole story.  They are using that one piece of information to fit their narrative and sell their products.

And I am certainly not bashing them for it- most brands are guilty of this.  Over the years, I have worked with a lot of brands, and at the end of the day, brands want to stand out- that’s how they succeed.  All brands want to catch the eyes of consumers, and they have to think of inventive ways to do that…so that’s where having a discerning eye comes into play.  It is up to you to figure out what is a marketing ploy and what is just a good old fact.  And when it comes to your health, I think putting in the effort and time is really worth it.

I recently watched (most of- I got so annoyed that I had to turn it off) the documentary “What the Health” and I was able to use my discerning eye and health knowledge to see through a lot of the “facts” they were stating.  When I did a little bit more research on the topic, I found that mostly everything in the documentary was debunked in some way.  I’m not going to link any articles, but seriously, just Google the title of the film- you’ll get endless articles on the matter.  Scientific ones.

And on top of that, there is a HUGE backlash against the film and how it manipulates people into thinking things that aren’t necessarily true.  Not a surprise to me at all since a lot of the claims were pretty out there.  A lot of the “truths” were taken out of context and manipulated to fit their narrative and what I took away from it was that it is better to eat more vegetables in general and stay away from processed meats and fast food.  Period, the end.  But…I mean, we all already know that right?  Eating veggies is good and eating processed fast food meats is not that good.

I’m using this film as an example because it is a super hot topic and has motivated a lot of people to “go vegan”.

The meat and dairy industry in the USA is fucked…I am totally on board with that and I have thought that since I was a teenager.  I have made myself very informed on this topic and I try to eat free range, organic, grass fed, wild animal and fish products whenever possible.  The truths about the way animals in meat farms are kept and handled are incredibly depressing and inhumane.  I’ve had many moments of guilt in life for not going fully vegan- I still do- because I love animals so much.  But that is my own decision/struggle that I deal with and I just try to be as mindful and informed as possible on the matter.  That being said, I don’t think that meat is the root of all illness in humans.  I think poor diet is- and you can have a straight up terrible diet as a vegan/ vegetarian too.

This is just my educated opinion, so I am in NO WAY against people embracing Veganism at all.  Do what is right for you and do it because it really matters to you for deep personal reasons.  I think that, like anything in the health world, it’s doing an injustice to yourself to blindly believe everything you hear.  Do the research, make it something that you care about for the right reasons.  I’m pretty damn sure that smoking 5 cigarettes a day is worse for you than eating one egg.  (A “fact” given in the documentary).

That’s all!  I just felt affected by what I saw and what I have been hearing/reading that I felt the need to chime in and throw my two cents into the ring.  Again, I am not a nutritionist, scientist or expert on the matter- I am just a health conscious, informed person who wants to try to help make a difference in the small way that I can.  That is the whole reason why I started this blog- I wanted to share my experiences, opinions and thoughts and hoped to inspire some people to make healthier life choices in the process.

Personally…I have tried so many fad diets over the years and I used to believe that they would change everything for me and none of them did.  I once went on a raw food diet for 3 months and ended up gaining weight.  Another time I ate only orange foods for a few weeks and I have never felt worse in my life.  The only thing that really stuck with me was eating a healthy, conscious, balanced diet.  I became aware of what I was eating, what it all did to my body and how to make myself feel my very best every single day.  OH- and it helps me get the most out of all my workouts too!  Huge bonus!

Think before you jump in, and don’t believe everything you hear!  Be informed- dig a little deeper.


Have a beautiful weekend loves!

XO Katrina

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