Choose The Best Shoes For Different Workouts


The right type of shoe is so important for your workout.

Well, not just your workout, but the quality of your workout and the safety of the muscles in your legs, feet and your back.  Wearing the wrong shoes while running can cause pain in the feet, legs, and all the way up to your back and neck!  While, wearing a cushioned running shoe at a HIIT or weight-training style class can easily roll your ankle or lose your balance when in a squat or moving quickly during intense movements.  And that would not be good for anyone!

I could wear the same worn out shoe to all of your fitness outings, but eventually your feet and body won’t be too happy about it.

I have a pretty large fitness shoe collection because the obsession is real, BUT I also think that having a couple different shoes for different activities is very necessary for any active lifestyle.  You are treating your body well by giving it the proper shoe for the proper workout.  This results in less chance of injury AND better performances during your sweat sessions!

The types of shoes you need totally depends on what you do most.  My two favorites types of shoes that I ALWAYS reach for are a training shoe and a running shoe.  If I could only choose two pairs to have, those are the ones I would pick!

But if you box more, do cardio dance or spend a lot of time hiking, your choices will probably be different.

SO, below, I break down my personal favorite shoes for various activities- that way it is easy for you to figure out what’s right for YOU and your lifestyle!  Invest in the ones that matter most and use them for their correct types of exercise.

Also, lots of other colors available for all the shoes below!  Just take a look, there are some super cute color combos!


Training (Weightlifting, HIIT, Bootcamp Style, Rowing)

For this, you need a shoe that stabilizes- that is essential for doing weighted exercises!  When you squat, lunge, kettle bell swing and do plyometric movements, a shoe that has a firmer, stable heel keeps you from losing balance.  It also helps you get the most out of the exercises and utilize the right muscle groups properly.  Get LOW in that squat!!  Aside from stabilizing, the shoe also needs to be good for runs and sprints at shorter distances.  My favorites are these two:

Reebok Grace


Nike Metcon

Boxing Classes/ Dance Classes

The most important thing about a shoe for a boxing and dance class is mobility and lateral movement.  You need to be able to move front and back, side to side effortlessly and quickly.  The shoes also need to be lightweight so you can stay light and bouncy on your feet.  These shoes below are great for those things!

Puma Pulse


Nike Free TR 6



Outdoor Runs 5+ Miles

I have A LOT of experience when it comes to choosing the correct distance running shoe!  I went through SOOO many shoes when I trained for and ran two full marathons and handfuls of half marathons.  I am a Brooks Running girl all the way, but that’s just my personal favorite.  The other brand I love is Asics and these are my two favorites below that get you a lot of distance for the money.  These shoes will get you about 400 miles before they need to be replaced- crazy!  And they both have such great shock absorption- it feels like running on cloud cushions.  Warning: these types of shoes are typically not as cute as others, but they are for comfort and function- so cuteness matters less, I think!

Brooks Glycerin 15


Asics GEL Kayano 23




Treadmill Runs

These shoes are all good running shoes, but they tend to be a little bit lighter weight and therefore better for shorter runs.  You could certainly run longer distances (5+miles) in these, but I bet after a while your feet and ankles will feel a little less than perfect.  When I was marathoning, I only ran in distance shoes, like the ones above, because their shock absorption is SO much better.  If you don’t run any major distances, a shoe like these below will be totally great for you!  Plus, in these you can really get a “grip” on the road or treadmill, which is great for short distances and training your foot strength and flexion!

Nike Free RN Flyknit


New Balance Fresh Foam Zante



Walking/Light Hiking

For this, you need a comfortable shoe that has some grip.  These two are top notch!


Asidas TEREX Hiking Shoe


New Balance Vazee Trail Shoe


Happy Fitness-ing beauties!


XO Katrina


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