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Tomorrow is my 29th birthday.

Time certainly does flyyyyy by!

The age of 29 holds a little bit of personal importance to me. When I was growing up, my dad would always joke about his age- year after year, on his birthday, he claimed to be turning 29 again. It became a family joke- dad was ALWAYS 29 years old. I remember thinking it was funny but also wondering why he chose the age 29. To me, as a super young pup, the age 29 sounded old…I’m pretty sure I even asked him why he didn’t chose a better age like 25 or something (HA!).

But now, here I am…turning 29- finally dads age. And I certainly don’t feel old…and I am completely aware that 29 is not old at all and I am now rolling my eyes at my past self a little bit. If my dad was still with us, I know he would get a kick out of this story and my memories attached to the age of 29.

The last few years I have had a bit of an emotional up and down for me when it comes to my birthday. You’re not really supposed to talk about it, but I think that feeling a little uncomfortable with certain age landmarks is totally normal. I mean, I am around the corner from 30! That is a huge age landmark that is looming over me and it just feels weird, you know? 30 isn’t old, but to me it represents the idea of complete adulthood- the age when you should totally have your shit together. And the times where I feel like I have all my shit together are few and far between the moments where I feel the pull of my chaotic, ever changing life.

I’m certainly not afraid of adulthood- I mean, I moved out and lived on my own in New York City as soon as I turned 18, I am 4.5 years married now, I own my own house and have a career I’m proud of- I have been “adulting” for a LONG TIME. But I still don’t feel like a complete adult. I feel like a work in progress and I feel like I’m not ready for a lot of things that “being an adult” has in store.

But what I am realizing is that no one really has it all mapped out. Everyone is still a work in progress. Most people are just figuring it out as they go and there is nothing wrong with that. I mean, whenever I need to figure out how to do something “adulty” I rely on google to tell me how to do it. “Being an adult is mostly just googling how to do things” is a VERY real thing in my like LOL! The idea of getting older and being an adult is different for everyone and there are no rules. Learning to accept that has been a little difficult but it also makes me a happier more balanced person. Knowing that there are no rules when it comes to accomplishing certain things by this or that certain time- it is different for everyone and it is OK to be a work in progress.

Additionally, I work in an industry where beauty and youth is glorified and part of your job is looking your best at all times. This puts a lot of pressure on me and others in my shoes, that’s why SO many women decide to get plastic surgery- they chase the idea of beauty and youth. So you may understand why the idea of getting older can be a bit unnerving!

I have never done anything to my face other than using a good, basic skincare routine, the kind the Victorian Cosmetic Institute would likely recommend. That is not to say that I will not get anything done in the future. For example, a friend of mine recently got a facelift in order to look a little more refreshed. She had been thinking about getting some cosmetic surgery for some time, and after meeting with a surgeon she decided to get a facelift. Apparently, if you are thinking about getting a facelift Birmingham is home to some fantastically skilled surgeons that can help you to look and feel younger. In my opinion, as far as plastic surgery goes, it is all about doing what is best for you. Just remember to do plenty of research so that you can make an informed decision. Anyway, getting older makes me want to take care of my skin and preserve it as much as I can and as naturally as I can. SOOO…and I am constantly testing out new products and taking advantage of the latest and greatest natural skin beautifying potions. Some are total duds and some really work wonders. It’s a trial and error game. But when I find those little wonders, I keep them in my arsenal and use them religiously!

One of those wonders that I have been loving lately is a Vitamin C Peptide Renewal Serum by LATHER. I apply it to my clean face in the morning before I moisturize and at night before I go to bed and I am loving the results.

When I first started using it, I thought vitamin c sounded pretty ordinary and basic, right? Well…I was very very wrong. This antioxidant power house is anything but basic…it is a major force when it comes to skin health and anti-aging. And what makes this particular serum so special is that it’s Liposomal technology delivers bursts of vitamin C to your skin though out the day. It works overtime and continues to supply your skin with antioxidants for maximum benefit- so cool! It also uses natural ingredients and is free from irritation-causing additives and fragrances.

Vitamin C is so good for your body internally- we’ve all been told that basically our whole lives. But its topical skincare benefits are pretty incredible too, which I wasn’t really aware of until recently.

Here is a glimpse at some of those Vitamin C benefits that are packed into this magical serum:

Promotes Collagen Production

Vitamin C serums are antioxidant rich and help to promote the production of collagen in your body. Collagen is what keeps skin tight, smooth and wrinkle free. But sadly, as we age, we produce less collagen- so it is super important to supplement it topically and internally (hence, the reason I consume collagen smoothies on the daily!).

Helps Protect Against Sun Damage

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, so it helps strengthen the skin and repel things that could damage it. When used with sunscreen (always use our sunscreen) it is wonderful at keeping harmful skin damage from the sun out of the picture.

Reduces Inflammation

Vitamin C serum can help calm the puffiness on your face and around your eyes because it is great at battling inflammation. If you use vitamin c serum and follow with ice or an ice roller, you’ll be on your way to a puff-free face.

Hydrates and Moisturizes

The concentration of vitamins and amino acids in this serum will really target dryness and help to moisturize more intensely than when just using a moisturizer alone. I tend to get flaky skin around my nose, but when I use this serum, my skin is smooth and hydrated.

Brighter, Glow-ier Complexion

Vitamin C takes dull looking skin and turns it vibrant. The serum gives you that youthful, healthy glow we all want.

Reduces Skin Discoloration

Vitamin C works wonders when it comes to reducing redness and brown spots on the skin. Reducing color imbalance will make your complexion look more uniform, vibrant and healthy. I suffer from rosacea and this topical serum really reduces the embarrassing redness and flare ups so that when I wake up in the morning my skin is even and bright.

Those are some pretty great reasons to get on board with this magic serum!

This serum is easy to use and your skin will literally drink it in instantly, so you aren’t left with any slick residue. I apply the LATHER Vitamin C Peptide Renewal serum, some rose hip oil, my moisturizer and then proceed to apply my makeup (if I am wearing any that day!).

This little bottle will be in my arsenal of products for a long time.

Also, my friends at LATHER have graciously hooked us up with a discount code to shop their natural skin care products. I seriously love this brand and the products they make- I use SO many in my daily skin care routine- if you want to know more of my favorites, send me a message and I’ll be happy to spill the secrets! Head over to and use my discount code FITKAT for 15% off all orders and free shipping on all orders of $60 or more.

Ben has a fun birthday plan in place for my tomorrow for my birthday that includes the ocean, animals, hiking, wine and mediterranean food- I mean, what more could I ask for?!?

Happy Monday beauties!

XO Katrina

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