Going Natural Under My Arms


kaletra canadian pharmacy I have used antiperspirants for as long as I can remember, and without any second thought.

kaletra class I always knew that natural deodorants existed, but I always thought “why would I use that stuff and risk getting sweaty and smelly?”  I sort of tucked the thought away as a “hippie dippy” thing to do- certainly not something that a modern woman who works out a lot needs to even think about.

get link But in the past year or so, I have become more interested in natural deodorants and I have noticed that a lot of people are making the switch for many reasons.  The most notable reason is aluminum.

lopinavir ritonavir store Antiperspirants use aluminum to temporarily clog the pores in your underarms to keep you from sweating- that is why you will stay dry and sweat free.  But the presence of aluminum in your pores is troubling because it can be, and very often is, absorbed into your body in the process.  Aluminum and chemical absorption (that are usually always found in antiperspirants) have been linked to a slew of health problems down the road like Alzheimer’s and cancer.  That is pretty damn scary.

generic kaletra tablets And on top of that, when your pit-pores are clogged up with aluminum (that can potentially be absorbed into your body and cause ailments down the road) sweat builds up in the area underneath the surface with nowhere to go.  This leads to inflammation, bumps and bacteria build up that will then result in bad odor and general discomfort.  Bad odor and acid build up is also what causes those yucky yellow marks on your white t-shirts.  So you stop the sweat from coming out, but you also cause a lot of unpleasant side effects in the process.  And you will probably ruin your favorite new white shirt.  So, that sucks.

http://fitkatbykatrinabowden.com/?ka=lopinavir-injection If there are simple, easy ways to steer myself away from potential toxic chemicals entering my body, I am all for it.  And this one product I use every day is something I think I can learn to live without.

So you swap out the chemicals to keep your body free from excess chemical toxins AND your shirts stay white and fresh…sort of a no brainer right??

YES!  But not so fast….

I think we have become accustomed to feeling dry under our arms and the feeling of wetness is something we think needs to be follow fixed immediately.  But a little sweat or wetness there is totally normal.  We have just grown accustomed to not having it.  I mean, I get sweat between my boobs but I don’t slather on chemicals there to keep from sweating in that specific area!  How weird would that be?!?  LOL.

I have to admit, when I first made the switch over to natural deodorants a few months ago, I hated the way my underarms felt.  I felt a little sticky and wet and I really thought twice about making the switch.  BUT after a few days, I got used to it and I figured out how to make it work for me.

I do typically re-apply twice a day, or more depending on the day and the heat.  And I still sometimes use antiperspirants on occasion when I need to- like when I have an important meeting or audition and when I don’t want to risk an embarrassing moment at a special event.  So I maybe use it a few times a week max.  I try to use it as little as possible but I do recognize that there are some occasions that I just don’t want to risk it, you know?  All about balance!

When I do use an antiperspirant, I make sure to use a good, grainy scrub on my underarms when I shower- to cleanse the pores and open them back up.  This helps a lot with inflammation issues!

So now onto which deodorants I have been using…

I have honestly been changing it up a bit and alternating between three different ones because I am still in the “testing” phase.  So far, the three I have been alternating are amazing and really do work well.  Some make you feel a little drier than others and some smell a little more magical.

Here are my current three and why I love them:

Lather Lavender & Bergamot Deodorant Creme:

This one you apply with your fingertips, which I know is SUPER weird at first, but not a big deal at all after doing it once or twice.  It spreads nicely and smells amazing.  It really neutralizes odor for many HOURS and it has a dry texture to it, so no stickiness at all.  Thank you bamboo powder!  I don’t notice much wetness at all and the pleasant scent lingers all day.  LOVE this one!  Totally worth dipping my fingers into!


LAVANILA The Healthy Deodorant in Vanilla Grapefruit:

This one is super easy to use because it is in a small, solid stick form.  It goes on smoothly, with little effort and it keeps me smelling good for hours.  I typically re-apply this one a bit more often because it’s easy to throw into my bag and take with me for my day.  The scent isn’t AS strong as the Lather one above, so a reapplication feels nice through the day.  It smells really pretty, but it is a lighter scent for sure.  Also available in a plethora of vanilla-based scents…yum!


Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant:

I have two scents of this brand of deodorant and I LOVE them both!  I have this bergamot lime scent and a charcoal magnesium one that smells amazing and nothing like charcoal.  Although, I’m not sure I know what charcoal smells like haha!  Anyway, this is a regular sized stick, so for anyone who needs it to feel more “normal” this one is for you!  It goes on smooth, dry and they have SO many scents that smell so good.  It also neutralizes odor amazingly well- I don’t smell even after my sweatiest workout, which is an amazing feat.  This is the one I end up reaching for the most because it really has it all and it is super convenient to use.


So…all in all, I love this transition so far.  I have no complaints!   lopinavir ritonavir buy uk ONE tip I would give though: try to wait about an hour or so before applying deodorant after shaving your underarms.  When I don’t wait, I get a little itchy and bumpy.  Nothing crazy, but definitely not something I like.  I have insanely sensitive skin, so maybe that is why this happens to me, but when you’re freshly shaven your skin IS way more easily irritated.  When I wait about an hour, all is perfect.

Now, I am trying to get Ben to make the switch over…it’s taking some effort but hopefully I’ll eventually get him to start using it more.

Do you have any favorites??  I am all ears!


XO Katrina


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