Find Your Motivation, And Hold On To It


Happy Monday!  I actually loves Monday’s- they represent a new start…a week of unknown opportunities ahead.

I also love what I do, so that makes Monday’s a little easier.

But I know a lot of people don’t really feel the same way about this start to the week ahead, so I wanted to talk a little bit about motivation.

Motivation is a tricky thing.  Sometimes you have it, sometimes it just flies out the window and you can’t seem to lure it back no matter how hard you try.

I definitely have days where I feel so unmotivated and just not into anything and those days generally just suck.  I hate losing motivation and feeling unfocused.  On those rough days it is easy to just sit back and feel blah about it all, but that is the exact opposite of what you should do.  Don’t wallow.  No one likes a wallow-er.

When I feel at a loss, motivation-wise, I try to dig deep and find something to grasp at.  Sometimes I lose motivation when it comes to work and productivity and other times I lose motivation when it comes to fitness and healthy eating.  Sometimes life just feels heavy and making smart choices just seems harder than at other times.  This is a totally normal human feeling that I think we all feel every now and then.  The way you chose to deal with it is crucial though.

Punishing yourself for feeling this way is a no-g0, that’ll only make you feel worse all around.  Instead, chin up buttercup!  Don’t let a blah day turn into a blah week.  If you are lacking motivation to workout- instead of getting down on yourself for it, maybe take a day off to rest and reset your mind.  A day off can do wonders for resetting your mental commitment to something.

It is also important to remember why you wanted to start something in the first place.  Why did you embark on a healthy lifestyle?  Why did you want to start this business venture or commitment to learning something new?  Focus in on the why and tap into those early feelings of motivation and commitment.

As far as fitness and healthy eating goes, why did you decide to change your lifestyle and commit to a healthier approach?  Everyone’s reason could be different and there is no wrong answer in my opinion!

If your goal was to look better, to get a better body, to get abs etc…that is TOTALLY FINE!  It is OKAY to be a little vain in your motivation.  I certainly get motivation from “vanity” reasons very often…who doesn’t want to look good?  BUT if that is your only motivation, your only reason for committing to a healthy lifestyle, you probably need to dig a little deeper to ensure you make it a lifelong journey and not just a flash in the pan.

I wanted to get healthy because (aside from looking good) I wanted to have a more balanced outlook on life.  I wanted stress relief and to just feel happier every day.  I suffered from a lot of stress and I was so hard on myself.  I thought that nothing I did was good enough and I was never happy with how I looked.  I constantly compared myself to others and I only worked out because I felt like I had to.  I wanted to look perfect and that whole cycle was exhausting.  I hated it so much, so I changed my outlook.  It took time and focus, but I created a healthy, balanced lifestyle that works for me and makes me feel good every single day.

And although I don’t feel “perfect” every day…I can certainly say that I do feel SO much happier and more balanced since embracing a healthy lifestyle and treating my body well for the right reasons. 

A healthy lifestyle will provide you with:

  • More energy
  • Strong, healthy body
  • Better hair, skin and nails
  • A happier mind and outlook
  • MAJOR stress relief
  • Stronger bones and muscles that will keep you physically healthy for many years to come
  • A more balanced mind, especially emotionally
  • Internal health that will keep your body healthy and functioning properly.
  • Happier girls are the prettiest girls- remember this!


So if any of these benefits seem appealing to you, which I am SURE they do, focus on those things when your motivation starts to dwindle.  Think beyond the abs for an extra kick in the ass to get up and going.

Work also gets a little tricky when it comes to motivation and productivity, as I mentioned above.  But I do think that the same approaches can be used to find your motivation and hold on to it.

Think about your life as a big picture with a past and a future instead of focusing on an annoying task at hand.  Nothing is impossible and there will be bumps in the road, but you learn from those bumps and they make you stronger every day.

So here is a little roundup of my favorite ways to find that motivation again and hold on to it long-term:
  • Think about times when you were motivated and how amazing it felt to accomplish something you wanted to accomplish.
  • Remember that feeling of success, that rush…and use that as motivation.
  • Take a little break and do something that relaxes you like read a book, take a bath, hell- have a glass of wine outside by yourself!  Take that time to reset your mind and figure out a way to approach what you need/want to do.
  • Remember why you started.  Find that new excitement again.
  • Be a little selfish!  Find motivation in how getting things done will help YOU be better.
  • Call a friend and workout together or get lunch- sometimes a little push from someone else is all you need.
  • Think long-term.  Think about where these decisions you make now will lead you down the road.
  • HOLD YOURSELF ACCOUNTABLE!!  Because no one else is going to.


I hope these tips give you a little motivation in whichever area in your life that needs a little nudge.

Where do you find your motivation??  Happy Monday- crush it out there!

XO Katrina

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