Watermelon Frosè


Happy 4th of July!!

Well, it’s tomorrow, but still!

I am back in LA (woohoo!!) now- got back super late last night- and I could not be happier to be home.

Especially since it’s just in time for one of my favorite US holidays.  I love the 4th of July for so many reasons- it is the epitome of summer fun, first of all, and it’s an amazing time to get together with people you love and celebrate!  Summer, freedom, celebration.  Sort of perfect.  Oh and cocktails, watermelon and grilling.  That too.

It is also Ben’s birthday!  Happy birthday to Ben AND America!

We are celebrating with friends tomorrow and doing a nice quiet birthday dinner in the evening.

Anyway…back to that part about cocktails, am I right??

I combined my two favorite summer things to create this drink:

Rosè and Watermlon.

Enter:  Watermelon Frosè

I mean…summer water and the ultimate summer fruit??  It’s a marriage made in heaven!  And it tastes amazing.  Plus on top of all that- I make it frozen and slushy.  BOOM!

It is also a super clean cocktail.  There is no sugar added at all- it has only three ingredients in it: watermelon, rosè and lime juice.  That’s it!  So you won’t feel guilty about having one or two…Wink wink!

It is super easy to make, as long as you have a good blender.  And I guarantee you’ll want to make this alllll summer long!  I know I’m going to be!

Watermelon Frosè


1 1/2 pounds of watermelon, cut into cubes (rind removed)

1 bottle of Rosè

1/2 cup of fresh squeezed lime juice

Watermelon slices for garnish



Place all the watermelon cubes on a cookie sheet, or other flat tray, lined with parchment paper.  Make sure none of the cubes are touching.  Place in the freezer for at least 2 hours so they freeze.  Meanwhile, chill your bottle of rosè so it is super cold when it is time to use it.  Once you are ready to make the cocktails, make it in 2 batches.  Place half the watermelon in the blender along with half the bottle of rose, and 1/4 cup of lime juice and blend well until it is slushy and all watermelon chunks are blended.  Set aside.  Do this with the remainder of the watermelon, wine and lime juice.  Serve immediately into glasses and garnish with a watermelon slice.  Enjoy!

It really is super easy!  I hope you love it!

Have a lovely, safe holiday- enjoy it all…I know I will!


Xo Katrina

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