Foods You Think Are Healthy, That Actually Aren’t


I am back in LA and 80 degree weather has never felt better! WOO!  Palm Springs was HOT.  Like too hot to be honest.  Now I totally understand why people only go in the “winter” ha!

Today I had an audition that I waited at for over an hour and a half (which is crazy and should NEVER happen) only to find out it had to be rescheduled because the casting office was having an emergency situation to tend to.  HUGE bummer.  I mean, I did my hair and everything!  But oh well…this is basically the only time this has ever happened to me so I can let it slide.

But you guys, I was hungry…like super snack-y by the time I left.  So I stopped at Starbucks for a snack.  Which got me thinking about all the options for snacks and foods out there.  They had so many “healthy” options with all the labels…all the bells and whistles to make any health conscious person alert and interested.  Popcorn, chips etc all labeled healthy…but when you take a closer look….they are all not so much.

So, in the health world, there is a basic knowledge of what is healthy and what is not.

But in the regular world, companies take that idea of healthy and they exploit it to sell products.

They do this because they know that the idea of healthy is attractive to consumers- people want to live healthier, happier lives.  Health is wealth and health is also very “in” which is amazing…but that also leads many people to be mislead in the whole process.

Not all foods are healthy.  And just because something is labeled as “paleo”, “dairy-free”, “low fat”, “gluten free” etc doesn’t make it a good choice.

I have noticed many misconceptions about food, health and what we should be eating.  And to be honest- it all sort of depends on your diet and lifestyle because everyone is different.  So these foods I list below are just common slip ups I notice in the “it’s healthy!” world and not things you need to avoid by any means.  I mean we are humans and we only have one life so you gotta live a little.

I just want to make you aware that reading labels is the most important thing.  Don’t buy into all the product marketing BS, because a great deal of it is just that- total BS.

So here we go!  My list of…

Foods People Think Are “Healthy” That Actually Really Aren’t Healthy


Veggie chips

You know what else are vegetables?  Potatoes.  So why would a fried carrot chip be any healthier than a fried potato chip?  The bottom line is that if it’s fried and in chip form, it’s not healthy.  That doesn’t mean you can never have them, but know that unless it’s baked it will be high in calories and most likely sodium.  Read the labels- check the fat to calorie ratios and eat sparingly!  Just because it’s a zucchini instead of a potato doesn’t mean that chip is healthy.  A fried chip is a fried chip.


Protein bars

Not all protein bars are created equal.  Some have a ton of sugar and fat in them, but not the good fats.  If a bar is more than 200/250 calories, I wouldn’t eat it.  Usually bars with 250+ calories have a lot of sugar in them and that will lead to spikes in your blood sugar and crashes, which confuses your body and will often leave you hungrier.  Stick to “clean’ protein bars that don’t have seven thousand ingredients in them…and also stick to something around 200-ish calories or less.



Unless you’re making them at home or it’s coming from a super clean, conscious smoothie shop, they are probably total sugar and calorie bombs.  Just because it’s a smoothie, doesn’t mean it’s healthy.  Your best bet is to make one at home with healthy ingredients…or find out all the ingredients of your favorites you like to have out, and learn their calorie/sugar contents.  To cut the calories and sugar from smoothies, eliminate excessive banana, mango and fruit juices.


Fat free dressings
To make something fat free, companies will usually compensate the elimination of fat by adding extra sugar and a lot of garbage ingredients you don’t want.  Sugar, plus a ton of fake gross shit you don’t want to be putting into your body is bad news.  Sugar is the enemy- if you need a reminder read here.  Simple dressings are the best!!  I always make my own dressings at home or buy one from the store that only has simple ingredients I understand.  When I eat out, I get my salads dressed with a bit of olive oil, lemon juice, salt pepper and some plain balsamic vinegar.  That’s it!  No surprises, and you’re stomach will be much happier.


Dried fruit
Most dried fruits have a ton of sugar added to them in the drying process to make them taste better- that’s why Craisins taste so good when they should taste WAY more bitter.  Only eat dried fruit that has no added sugar…and also, why eat dried fruit when you can eat a whole, fresh piece of fruit??  You’ll get more food for fewer calories and sugar if you eat whole fruits instead of dried ones.  I totally vote for that!  More for less.
It’s like choosing between a bowl of fresh grapes or a tiny handful of raisins- I know which one I would pick!!


Fruit snacks
Basically gummy candy posing as a healthy snack.  It’s not, so don’t be fooled.  A gummy candy is candy, no matter how much “real fruit juice” is in it!!  Reach for real fruit instead..unless you’re looking for a special treat.


Gluten free products

Gluten free doesn’t mean healthy.  If you need to eat gluten free products because of a sensitivity or an allergy, go ahead and do it!  But too often I find that people just assume that a product labeled “gluten free” will be lower in calories or healthier…but they basically have the same nutritional value as most wheat products, they are just made with different things like rice, coconut, oat etc.  Pay attention to serving sizes and labels ALWAYS…and don’t assume that something is healthy and great for you until you look a little closer.


Wheat bread

Breaking news:  most “wheat bread” is only made with a small percentage of whole grain wheat and they are mostly just white bread with a tiny bit of wheat added.  Liars!!  So yeah…that’s basically white bread.  And white bread is empty carbs- no good.  If choosing wheat bread, make sure to chose one that is made of 100% whole grains- again, read that label!


Have a lovely, healthy, happy weekend beauties!  And remember to read those labels!

You’re tummy will thank you in more ways than one!

XO Katrina

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