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When I was living in NYC, I became a regular at a LOT of different fitness studios. My apartment (similar to those found at https://www.19dutch.com/), had a built-in gym, which meant I was able to go and work out every morning. It was super convenient and easy for me. I also attended lots of work out classes in NYC – there were so many to choose from!

I tried everything and I went to SO many different studios. When I moved to LA, I was so bummed that I’d have to give up going to some of my regular spots. I guess a weird part of me thought that I would never find as many classes to love…or that classes in LA wouldn’t be as challenging. This was a weird, irrational fear…but I think it just sort of came about because I was a little bit nervous of the lifestyle change as a whole. But that is a whole other story I will get into another time. Right now lets focus on those workout classes!

I have found SOOO many amazing studios here in LA. My first year living here, I tried basically everything within a reasonable distance from where I live. There were definitely some stinkers, that I won’t mention because that would just be mean. But amidst the stinkers, there were some gems that rose to the top.

I no longer spread myself so wide across so many different studios because I have whittled down what I love and what I deem worth the money, effort and time.

As of right now, unless it’s a new studio everyone is raving about or a friend swears I need to try a new class, I probably won’t be branching out from my normal rotation. I have tried enough studios to know that I like the ones I like and it really does take something SUPER impressive to make me add it to my rotation. I am really happy with my current roster, and I love these workouts for me and my body. You may be totally different because everyone likes different things, so these “favs” are not the be all end all in LA fitness. They are just what I prefer, and if you haven’t tried them or are visiting LA, I would totally recommend these studios/classes always.

So let’s get to it! Also, some of these studios have locations in other cities, I will make sure to indicate which ones!

Favorite LA Workouts

Brick LA

If you follow me on Instagram, (which if you don’t by now-what are you waiting for- get on that!! Links for my insta at the way way bottom of this page, click that shit) you probably see my story posts from Brick a lot. That’s because I am there a lot. I have a membership there, and so does Ben. It is technically a Crossfit gym, but it has SOO much more to offer in terms of classes and community…and please don’t let the the Crossfit part scare you.

Brick does teach a lot of Crossfit classes and they have an impressive list of Crossfit Games members- they even host a bunch of NFL players off-season training. Meaning, NFL players from all different teams come to Brick to train and get fit in between seasons…you know when they are there because of all the fancy cars in the lot. Heyyyy!

I don’t take the Crossfit classes unless I do a team workout with Ben. I take BX/BXC classes which are HIIT “bootcamp” style classes that incorporate a lot of cardio and dumbbells, but no barbells. ” Lighter” weights and super intense classes. They offer them multiple times a day, every single day…and the programming is killer. I go a few times a week.

Their kickboxing classes are also my jam. Take Peter’s class- he teaches many times each week and he is no joke. He is a great instructor and his classes are the perfect combination of technique, skill and conditioning. I wrote a post about my love for kickboxing here- check it out. I have taken so many boxing/kickboxing classes around LA and NYC, and Peter’s class at Brick is by far my favorite class…it basically blows other classes out of the water in my opinion.

Barry’s Bootcamp

BARRY’S! Barry’s is one of my favorite workouts of all time. It is so challenging, but so good. The class is broken up into half treadmill running/sprinting and the other half of the time is on the floor doing weighted exercises and conditioning movements. They focus different days of the week on different muscle areas, and have a few “full body” days a week too. The running here is no joke- those sprints get super challenging and really make you a faster, better runner. I burn so many calories in these classes and their instructors are so on top of it all the time- you have to be very special to be a Barry’s instructor! They have locations all over the country and a few overseas too- check out their locations here!

Their smoothie bar is also amazing- such good quality, clean ingredients and they all taste amazing while staying low calorie and high protein. Total thumbs up!

Cycle House

My favorite for spinning. The instructors here are what sets this place apart from the thousands of other spinning studios everywhere. They are high energy, they play amazing music and they push you hard…SO DAMN HARD. The energy in this studio is unlike any other…and I am sure it’s because of the infectious vibes the trainers bring. I always leave a sweaty mess and feel so amazing and happy! My favorite instructors are Nichelle and Aaron- they are siblings and both total bad asses. Take one of their classes and you’ll totally get it.

Carrie’s Pilate Plus

Pilates reformer class options in LA are sort of everywhere…and I have tried most of the popular ones. But Carrie’s is still my favorite and I would choose it before any others, any day. The instructors are so no-bullshit…to the point where you end up feeling like “umm..why do they hate me…what did I do?!?” but in a good way. I know that makes zero sense…but it’s like they are just so cool and bad ass that you want to impress them so bad, but you probably never will. Until they get to know you better and then you become an insider and they sort of like you. I usually HATE places like this but I can’t explain it…Carrie’s is just right for me. They are also consistently the hardest pilates classes- I am dripping sweat the whole time and can barely complete the class, but it is amazing. Take Brian or Leslie’s classes, they are my favorites. Leslie is this super talkative, funny, tiny bundle of energy…while Brian is way too cool for anyone, but also amazingly lovable at the same time.

Sweat Garage

Sweat Garage is sort of like Barry’s in set up, but way different in style. It’s half treadmill, half floor work, but their floor work is always a daily WOD that is the same for each class, while the tread sections tend to be shorter bursts and vary per teacher. Their floor WODs are usually AMRAP style or a Chipper, which are my favorites. Their instructors are also amazing and the classes will get you results fast. The running sections involve a lot of “races” between attendees, to see who can get to a certain mileage first, which to me is the best part. Hello competitive Katrina! They usually do 5 minute switches, which is nice because you know that you’ll only be pushing hard on the treadmill for a short time so you can go all out. My favorite instructor here is Derek- he dances around like a lunatic all class long and his energy is insane and I love it. His classes are so fun.

Pharos Athletic Club

This is a new one to me. The gym just opened up, but I took a bunch of their outdoor workouts in the park over the last couple of months and I am obsessed. I can’t wait to get in the space and actually try out the studio space. Their outdoor workouts were so fun, sweaty and mixed- there were moves for everyone and it was all a good mix of cardio and strength. They also offer a ton of different types of classes to fit every taste.

That’s it! Do you have any favorite I should try?? That’s my crew, my ride or die classes…if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

XO Katrina

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