Summer Travel Tips


Hello from Miami!!

This post was supposed to go up yesterday but my travel day got so crazy and the wifi on the planes weren’t working well, so my apologies!!

Anyway, onto scheduled programming…


Summer time!! I bet a lot of you have some fun travel plans and along with travel plans to go somewhere amazing, comes the actual travel part.
My least favorite part.

I LOVE going places, taking trips, going on vacation but I am not really a huge fan of the “getting there” part.
But until science figures out a way to teleport us to Hawaii, most of us are stuck flying.

Air travel is stressful. I’ve met a few people who absolutely love it (weirdos) but those people are few and far between.

I have to travel a lot for work AND I travel a lot for personal trips so I have learned a lot about making travel as easy as it can be over the years.

Summer travel especially.

I’m sharing my tips for safe, healthy, stress free summer travel, just in time for your trips coming up!

These tips are for the health conscious- those who don’t want travel to derail normal daily patterns.

Healthy Summer Travel Tips

-Pack your own snacks/food

I ALWAYS do this!! My go to snacks are :

Gluten free pretzels
Raw almonds
Baby carrots
Air popped popcorn

I will also bring sliced chicken breast, cucumbers, steamed sweet potatoes and quinoa in a little meal container too! It’s a simple meal prep, it travels well and won’t stink up the plane when you open it!
I once brought steamed brussel sprouts on the plane and when I opened it up I realized it was maybe the worst idea ever and immediately threw it away and apologized to my seat mates haha!  Don’t be like me- don’t make that mistake!


– Wear sneakers and comfy clothes on the plane + stretch your feet!

You know those Instagram girls who always take cute “traveling” airport pics wearing adorable outfits and a full face of makeup?  What on earth are they doing?!?  I don’t get how that can be way to travel!!  You’ll never see me like this!! Haha!
The most dressed up I get is when I wear a cotton jumpsuit and a leather jacket…and even then I’m basically wearing socially acceptable pajamas in public.
Typically, you’ll find me in black leggings, a white t-shirt, a hoodie around my waist and my sneakers. Simple, kinda cute and super comfy.  Plus wearing your sneakers on the plane saves a ton of space in your suitcase!  Woop woop!  I untie my shoes during the flight to keep the blood flowing to my feet and I make sure to stretch my feet out a lot during the flight so they don’t get too stiff and swollen.


-Have a “travel toiletries” bag set and ready to go at all times

This was a game changer to me. I keep a bag of travel sized products- all my normal go-to’s in small travel safe sizes.
I bought these bottles and just simply filled them up with my favs: shampoo, conditioner, face wash, moisturizer, a travel sized toothpaste, favorite all in one hair product etc.  Then, when I come back from a trip, I fill the bottles back up, put them back in their travel bag and store them away until next time.
This makes traveling SO easy!
I went to sephora (or Ulta) and bought my fav powder dry shampoo, hair spray etc too- pick your favorites and just keep refilling the bottles up when needed.


-Bring a portable water bottle and use it all day every day!

Especially on the plane and in the airport!  Traveling can cause major dehydration.  And dehydration can lead to headaches, fatigue, dizziness, confusion, it can make you feel hungry when you’re not and it’ll basically just mess up your whole system.  Beat dehydration and come prepared with a reusable water bottle.  These are my favs because they keep water cold for hours and hours and they also fit nicely into my bag.


-Bring your moisturizer on the plane and reapply through the flight!

This will keep your skin fresh and glowy even when everything is working against you!
I also put my rose hip oil into a little travel dropper so I can mix a few drops into my moisturizer on the plane.  When I land, my skin is soft, hydrated and looking great!


-Pack light and fold your clothes properly for optimal space

Packing light is easier said than done, I know!

But try!  It’ll make life so much easier!  I like creating outfits when I’m packing, so I know that everything I’m packing has a purpose and makes sense.  I also like to bring items that can be re-used like a great pair of jeans I can wear with a few different tops, some classic denim shorts that go with everything, simple dresses that can be worn with or without a light jacket.
Shoe-wise, I rarely bring heels unless I know for sure I’ll wear them (I usually don’t).
I bring a couple pairs of sandals/shoes that will go with everything- a neutral black or nude color are my favorites.
As for folding, I like to tightly roll my clothes up and squeeze them together in my bag.  This keeps wrinkles at bay and is also very space-savvy.  I can fit so much more in my bag this way!


-Bring your running gear

Even if you aren’t too fond of running- bring it! Running or run/walking is such a great way to get in a workout while also checking out the area you’re staying in. I always love taking a run and seeing what’s nearby/checking out the new city.  Of course, be mindful of where you are and never do this anywhere it isn’t safe.  I typically ask the front desk at a hotel for their opinions and take their advice.


-Stay active daily on vacation and eat the local, fresh foods

Try to stay active every day- take some hikes, explore the area on foot, go swimming…whatever it is, just stay active. And couple that with eating the fresh local cuisines! Fresh foods, different flavors…you’ll experience something different that will also probably be a lot healthier than other options available! Plus, it’ll give you the full experience of where you are- experience it fully!!


Do you have any other good tips??  I’m all ears!


Happy Travels!

XO Katrina

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