Sexy Little Things

by In my world, structured, uncomfortable bras are a thing of the past.

I am all about the bralette now.

I used to wear structured bras every single day, some of them push-up bras, and OMG it was not a comfortable way to live.  I would basically come home from my day and whip it off as soon as possible!  I know you probs do the same thing!

But now that I mostly wear bralettes, I no longer have that struggle come the end of the day.  In fact, I find them to be super comfortable and flattering so I am in way less of a rush to get it off my body when I am at home!

kaletra tablets I mean, there are certainly times to wear a real bra- when something is super fitted and you need a smooth look, or when you want a little “oomph” in your look (I tend to have to wear real bras a lot more on set, for the oomph and smoothness factor).   And then, I wear the most comfy bras I can find!  Smooth ones without harsh lines that give me the shape and look without the discomfort.

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kaletra covid 19 dosing But back to the bralette- it is such a trend, and thankfully so!


Not only are they SO comfortable, they are super sexy and natural looking.


They make a great “peek-a-boo” underneath a tank top or simple T shirt.


They can be worn with a high waisted short or pant with a jacket or sweater over top for a super cool-girl look.


If worn with a tank or open back top, a little lacey something poking out is super cute and not something to hide.


And luckily, they come in a range of sizes and support styles.  I need… basically no support (haha!), but for girls with bigger sets of girls- there are plenty of options that will hold you up while still being super comfy and cute.

I’m on the East Coast right now shooting a movie…in a city I’ve never been in before!  I will be here for the next two weeks,  with a super intense work schedule…so comfort is key.  Totally key when working 12 hour days, every day.  SOO…I am sneaking my own bralettes into my wardrobe whenever possible!  A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

I have wrangled my favorites below- I own a lot of the Victoria’s Secret ones, they are super affordable and look great on.  The one I am wearing in the photos is Victoria’s Secret.


Links to my whole look at the bottom of the post!


Sexy Little Things


Free People Keira Seamless Bralette in Moss

LOVE the sexy straps on this, plus it’s seamless for ultimate comfort.  Wear it poking out of a white tank top!


Eberyjay Cara Bralette in Navy

Super sexy, super simple…wear it as a peek-a-boo or just as the comfiest bra you own.


Hanky Panky Crossover Bralette

The color/pattern on this one makes it super versatile, and it is just begging to be exposed.  Plus, I love the lacey numbers that Hanky Panky is known for.


Victoria’s Secret Front Close Bralette

I own this one in like…FOUR different colors.  For reals.  That’s how much I love it!  It has the perfect amount of light lift and shaping, its very comfortable and super sexy.  They are also super affordable and often on sale, which is why I have so many of them.  I wore this bra in white in my recent denim shorts post!  



Victoria’s Secret Long Line Racerback Bralette

The straps on this one are very special and beautiful.  For such an affordable piece, I absolutely love the design.


Aerie Romantic Lace Bralette

Classic shaping and lift, with the perfect, soft, feminine lace.  I LOVE these!!  And they are each under $13!  Such a steal for a style you can wear daily.  Get every color!



Victoria’s Secret Long Line Lace Bralette

This is the newer style of the one I am wearing in the above, featured photos, which is also from VS, but from a while ago.  It’s the same style and from the same line though AND it is one of my favorites.  The long line look is pretty for wearing with high waisted shorts/jeans and a little something over your shoulders.  Or, under a simple tank.


Happy Monday you sexy babes!

XO Katrina

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