Say Bye Bye to Bloat This Summer


It’s officially summer!


Time for some fun in the sun, vacations and adventures…which means barely-there clothes and bikinis galore.

Summer style is enough to send some people into a tizzy- hence all the “prep for summer” diets and crazy fitness plans.  You already know how I feel about “Seasonal Fitness” but even I take some extra precautions when it’s time to wear a bikini on the regular.

AND something about summer heat and humidity just makes you feel swollen sometimes, I totally get that…and there is no greater confidence buster than feeling swollen and bleh.

I have a sensitive stomach, and I love to eat tons of healthy foods- many of those cause bloat, gas etc…gross I know, but we all deal with it.  Nothing like a giant kale salad with brussel sprouts to take you from flat stomach babe to food baby twins in mere minutes.

But don’t fret, I have some great tips for tackling this problem with bloat- tips that will keep you full, satisfied, eating and looking AH-mazing all day…no matter how skimpy the bikini.



Buh-Bye Summer Bloat

Avoid Lactose and Wheat

For many people, wheat and lactose are HUGE causes of bloat.  Some people don’t even know it until they cut one or both out for a little while!  If you already know you are all good on the dairy and wheat front, then go ahead and stick with it.  But, if you aren’t really sure…give eliminating one or both of them a try.  Eat rice and gluten free products instead of wheat ones for a while and see if there is any difference in how your tummy feels after eating.  Same goes for dairy- cut out the butter and sub ghee, oils or vegan butter instead, opt for almond milk and avoid the cheese plate.  Test these two MAJOR allergens out, and see if any eliminations make a major difference for you- you may be surprised by the outcome!


Chew Food Well and Don’t Eat Too Fast

I’m, admittedly, a speed eater.  GUILTY!!  When I am hungry, I will basically inhale the food if I don’t make an effort to eat slowly and mindfully.  If this is also you, try to change your ways and take about 20-30 minutes to eat each meal.  Chew food until it is liquidy in your mouth.  This takes effort and focus- focus on the food you’re eating, how it tastes and savor it.  You’ll probably end up enjoying your meals much more with this new habit!  Eating slowly and chewing mindfully will also help you realize fullness sooner, because our brains don’t register fullness for about 20 minutes!   Slow down, savor your meals and end up eating less in the long run and enjoying what you do eat much more.


Salt Fiends- Listen Up!  Slowly Put Down That Salt Shaker!

Sodium makes your body retain water.  That’s why distance runners will eat salt tablets or pour a packet of salt in their mouths during long runs (I did this while running marathons and marathon training).  I love salt.  I love it so much.  Salty foods are my weakness.  But I try to ease up on the salt when I want to look my best.  Salt makes your body retain water and swell…which is why the morning after a salty meal your rings won’t come off your fingers or your tank top feels a little more snug.  Be mindful of salty foods, and find ways to flavor food without too much salt.  I like oil and vinegar, black pepper, low sodium hot sauce, garlic powder, guacamole and salsas for this.

Focus On Lean Proteins 

Instead of eating a giant salad for lunch, have some grilled chicken and some rice.  Or any lean protein with something that doesn’t consist of too much roughage.  I love sashimi, avocado toast, egg whites with quinoa, chicken and some sweet potato.  Protein will keep you feeling full, and will fuel your day without making your stomach expand.


Eat Smaller Meals, More Often

AND…eat smaller meals.  Don’t eat one giant meal mid day…this will for sure make your stomach work overtime and will most likely result in bloat.  I like to have a small breakfast like some overnight oats or berries, then a protein shake, then a small lunch, a snack, a green juice, then ending with dinner.  Eating smaller meals more often will fuel you completely, keep your metabolism stoked, and keep your belly full without being TOO full at any moment.  For snacking, I love eating apples, having a green juice, some slices of avocado or a scoop of almond butter- these snacks always satisfy me without making my stomach act wonky!


Ease Up On Alcohol, Especially Day Drinking

Alcohol causes puffiness and bloat.  But it is summer and you want to enjoy yourself!  I get it!  I’m never the girl to turn down a glass of wine or a margarita!  So, have some yummy bevs but don’t overdo it.   Skip the salt on your margaritas and alternate drinks with water.  For every drink you have, have a glass of water with it.  I also like to avoid day-drinking.  Mostly because it makes me feel super crappy, but also because I don’t want my body to swell up from the alcohol right in the middle of the day!  I want to put off bloat from alcohol, and day- drinking just makes my body act super weird, so I avoid it.



I touched upon this in the alcohol section above, but even if you aren’t drinking any adult bevs, make sure you are drinking tons of water every day.  On hot summer days, your body will dehydrate faster, so you need to make sure you are drinking lots of water all day long.  I always have a bottle with me or a glass at my side- when it’s constantly available, you are more likely to constantly drink it.  We also often confuse thirst with hunger, and end up eating more food instead of quenching that thirst with water.  If you stay hydrated, your body will function better, your digestive system will run smoother and you will just feel lighter and better.


Lay Off Carbonated Bevys

Carbonated bevys are notorious for causing bloat!  The fizz in carbonated drinks can cause gas to get trapped in your belly, which is no good for beating bloat.  Instead, drink some healthy juice, or some water flavored with lime, lemon, grapefruit or watermelon!  This will jazz up your drinks without the unnecessary gas build up.


And lastly, don’t stress it too much!

Stress will also cause tummy troubles, so lay back, relax and just try to do the best you can.  AND HAVE FUN!  That is what summer is all about.


Have a beautiful, bloat free weekend babes!

XO Katrina

1 Response
  • Elle
    June 28, 2017

    I like this post a lot, Katrina. Thanks.

    I’m working on the fast-eating thing—trying to slow down. I do better when I’m eating with someone else. If I’m home eating alone, I have a habit of gobbling it. When not eating with friends or with your husband, do you do anything along with eating the meal? For instance, does reading a book or magazine while eating help you to eat more slowly? I think when I eat alone (and I’m not reading, or watching anything) I am bored and eat quickly to get it done with, but I know that’s not ideal!

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