Blonde Hair Care Part Deux


Blonde hair care can be a tricky thing.  Especially for my fellow colored-blondes…but lets be real- are there many all natural blondes out there anymore??  Other than those few lucky ones?  I mean, most blondes I know, get at least a little help from some bleach.

Caring for blonde hair and making it look fresh, bright and vibrant can be a serious struggle.  I know from yearrrsss of experience.  I have had plenty of moments in the past where my color fades too quickly, turns brassy or just looks dry and brittle.  And none of those moments are good ones- they are things we bottle blondes want to avoid!

I already wrote a post about some of my favorite purple shampoos to fight brassiness and fading, but there are other things I do to keep my locks bright and vibrant for a long time.  NO FADE ZONE!

Up until about 2 years ago, my color would ALWAYS fade and turn brassy about a month after coloring, sometimes sooner!  I couldn’t figure out how to keep the color fresh, bright and cool toned…which then led to more frequent coloring, which totally damages the hair.  And then when you over color and damage your hair, it’s going to look bad.  It’s a vicious cycle!

This vicious cycle is even more of a bummer because you spend money to keep your color looking great…and for most people, that’s a pretty penny.  You don’t want that money to go to waste after a month or so!  You want to get the most out of what you spend, and that means taking care of your hair really well to keep it and its color in the best condition possible.

I try to go as long as I can between colors, without looking like I have crazy roots…not so cute on me!

Part of being able to do that is your colorists job- let them know you don’t want your roots to look super obvious when they grow in, and if they are good at what they do, they will be able to highlight your hair in a way that prolongs the blonde as it grows out.  That way, you can get it done less.  Less coloring equals healthier, prettier hair.  I get mine touched up about every 3 months normally.  Sometimes, when I go in for my every 3 month coloring, I just do a few little touchups on the roots, and other times I do a full head of highlights. This keeps it looking as natural as possible, easy to maintain as it grows out and saves it from constant full blown coloring sessions.

Now, on to that maintenance part…

I try to only wash my hair a couple times a week.  This can get tricky since I workout so much and get sweaty…so I think ahead as much as possible and sort of plan my wash days accordingly.

For instance- if I need to wash my hair, but I know I’m going to workout the next morning before I go to an audition or a meeting, I will wait to wash it right before the meeting, so it looks fresh.  I just try to be aware of everything I have going on so I don’t wind up over washing it.  Sometimes, there’s no avoiding it if an event comes up or plans change etc…but for the most part, I manage to juggle this well.  Try to do the same, this will help keep your hair healthier and not over messed with.

While I am not washing it, I hit it with dry shampoo and some hair oil on the ends to keep it looking glossy.

Once I finish a workout, I let my hair down to air dry any sweat at the roots, and I brush my hair from root to tip to distribute any oils all the way through (my hair doesn’t get very oily,  but the little oil I do get helps keep my hair looking shiny).

When I do wash my hair, I use a purple shampoo at least once a week and a regular moisturizing shampoo the other one or two times (depending on build up).  If I am working on set, like I am right now, my hair tends to get my buildup from all the products they use much faster, so I will use the purple shampoo twice a week instead of once.  And I usually just end up washing it more to keep it looking fresh.  Play it by ear- some weeks you may need more color balancing than other weeks, just like some weeks you may need to wash it more often- hello summer sea and pool water!

I am using two purple shampoos right now that I really love- they work so well together!

The first is Blonde Angel by Kevin Murphy– it does a really great job, but isn’t super intense, meaning it isn’t the type of blonde shampoo that will tint your locks purple!  It clarifies the hair and rids it of any brassiness and build up, while also keeping it looking fresh and moisturized.  Some purple shampoos dry your hair out a lot, but I find that this one doesn’t do that, as long as you don’t use it every day.

The next one is a newer find of mine- it is by Inoar- I got it in a set of shampoo and conditioner, and I use them together.  I typically use these once every two-three weeks or so because they are pretty intense!  They really work SOO well and get the job done.  I apply the shampoo and let it sit on my hair for maybe 2 minutes before rinsing it out.  If you leave it on for too long, it may start to tint your light strands a shade of purple or silver- not the look you want!!  But 2 minutes for my hair is just enough.  I follow it with the conditioner and also leave it in for about a minute of two before rinsing.  This purple set works more intensely than any others I have tried…it really gets the brass out and keeps hair looking ice-y and bright.

Post- hair washing products are also super important when it comes to blonde maintenance.  I like to use a leave in that does a few different things in one, that way I can achieve what I want with as little product to weigh it down as possible.
I love It’s A 10 leave in, as well as Matrix Total Results Miracle Creator.  They both do so much for your hair and smell amazing!

Both tame frizz, keep your hair smooth, condition, add shine and manageability.  Sometimes, I will rub some oil on the ends, I like Oribe Hair Oil and Light Moroccan Oil.  This adds gloss and shine to the ends of your hair so it looks healthier and smoother.

I try to let my hair air-dry as much as possible, so I am not putting it through too much stress.  Then, once it is air dry I will add waves with a curling iron to style it.  If there’s really no reason for me to style it that day, I love putting it in a braid for mermaid hair or in a bun, so when I take it down there is a lot of body and natural texture.

I brush it well, but try not to fuss with it too much.  Too much fussing with it can lead to breakage.  I style it and try to leave it be!

I also think that collagen protein has helped totally transform the health of my hair!  It feels silkier, stronger and it grows faster.  If you don’t already, add some collagen into your daily diet to keep your hair as healthy as it can be.

Have any blonde products your absolutely love?  Want to know more about my tips and hair care routine?  Send me a message!

Happy Hump Day!

XO Katrina

5 Responses
  • Leanne
    June 21, 2017

    These are more like healthy hair tips, but I love using apple cider vinegar on my hair (after shampoo, you distribute some evenly throughout your hair and wash it out). I like to use an empty bottle & put a cup of water & a few tablespoons of acv & leave it in my shower so I remember to use it!) and you’ve prob heard about this but when Ive time, before I shower I put coconut oil from about half way down my hair to the tips, put on a shower cap & leave it for about 10+ mins (depending how much time you have, you can leave it on overnight) then wash it out in the shower. Really helps to condition my hair as I get blonde highlights too 😘

    • fitkatadmin
      June 23, 2017

      Healthy hair tips for caring for colored hair, how I manage to keep my blonde color fresh and hair healthy! LOVE coconut oil on my hair, so good! I’ll have to try that ACV tip- thanks girl!
      XO Katrina

      • Elle
        June 28, 2017

        Not blonde, but I would try the coconut oil!! For some reason though I thought I had heard it could strip color faster? What do you guys think? If you haven’t ever experienced that, then I may have heard wrong. Thanks!

  • Collins
    September 1, 2018

    Thank you for all the great tips! Do you mind sharing your exact hair color routine? Do you get your base color lightened, do you get highlights and lowlights, what tones? Your haIr looks so great! Thank You!

    • fitkatadmin
      October 2, 2018


      SO recently I have been trying to embrace my natural color a little more with lighter ends, a sort of natural ombre style. My natural color is a dark strawberry blonde, so I get a purple glaze put in to take out some of the warmth because it looks brassy (naturally). I get highlights about half way up and lighter pieces in the front!

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