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I have to admit a little something something…

My tan…is 90% fake.  At all times.

I have pale skin, but you probably wouldn’t guess that from looking at me.  That’s because I’m usually never without a little bit of self tanner.  Or a lot of self tanner.

I love looking bronzed and glowy, but I want to keep my skin protected, safe and out of reach from harmful UV Rays.  Sun protection is the key to young looking, healthy skin- sun damage causes wrinkles…bad wrinkles, that will make you look a whole lot older than you are.  No one wants that!

Sun damage can also cause skin cancer, as I’m sure you know already…but I also realize that SO many people don’t take proper precautions when it comes to sun protection.  We just don’t think it will happen to us, right?  Well it certainly can.

We know we should, but we want to get a tan…so the cancer and wrinkle concerns get pushed to the back of the mind. Out of sight out of mind right?  Wrong. Very wrong.

If you aren’t using sun protection for vanity reasons, use it for the sake of your life.  Anyone who gets skin cancer wishes they had protected their skin the way they knew they should have.  But for many- that sentiment is too little too late.

So for the sake of aging, vanity and my overall long term health, I use SPF whenever I’m in the sun. AND I self tan the shit outta my skin.  To get that glow, sans sun damage.

I want to look like a tan beach babe, and self tan is my jam.  I wrote a whole post about sun protection here- read up beauties!!

I have tried SOO many tanners over the years…some really bad ones (think umpa loompa) and some amazing ones (the ones I’m going to show you below).

I often get spray tans, but I save those for special occasions because in NYC and LA, they can get expensive and I’d rather do it myself, keep it consistent and spend less money.

Before tanning, you need to exfoliate your skin, with a non-oil based scrub or soap.  I like this one by Lather.  Or I put some body wash on a wash cloth and scrub it over my body in a circular motion.

Next, dry off really well with a towel, and don’t begin applying the tanner until your skin is completely dry.

I also suggest wearing rubber gloves when applying, to keep your hands from accumulating excess product. No orange hands! That’s the tell tale sign of a fake tan!  And use a tanning mitt like this one– it ensure the product goes on smooth and streak free.

The Best Self Tanners


St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse

This is probably my favorite.  It smells nice, it has a silky texture that goes on smooth, and it give your skin a beautiful bronzed color, without any hint of orange.  It has a green undertone, to give you that olive glow.  It is a bit pricey though, which is why I don’t use it ALL the time.  But it is definitely a go-to that I LOVE…like ride or die, can’t live without!


Tarte Glow with the Faux Self Tanning Mousse

This one is so great, and works on all different skin colors.  The tan also develops in only 2 hours, so you don’t have to wait around to shower for so long!  It’s lightweight and easy to use- it comes with its own mitt!


St. Moriz Self Tanning Mousse by Ulta

This is basically the knock off of St. Tropez listed above…and it is only $12.99 a bottle, making it a MAJOR steal for such a great knock off.  It is pretty much exactly the same as the more expensive St. Tropez Mousse, the only difference is the texture doesn’t feel quite as silky.  But who cares??  It applies well, lasts long and the color is perfect.  I use the dark formula, because the medium just doesn’t really do it for me.


Fake Back Flawless Tanning Liquid

This is a spray formula I really like.  I like this spray product because it comes with a mitt- you spray the solution on the mitt (gloves on hands!!) and then apply to your body via the mitt.  Don’t spray it directly onto your skin- that will cause uneven patches.  This one is super light and creates a great natural glow.  And its really affordable, so it’s one you can keep getting time and time again.



Fake Bake 60 Minute Express Tan Liquid

This is the same as the one above- same amazing results, but it sets in only 60 minutes.  This means, you can shower and get on with your life sooner than with others.  You can also leave it on for longer than 60 minutes if you want, but that isn’t necessary…meaning if you don’t have time to wash it off for a few hours, it’s no problem at all.



Vita Liberata Fabulous Tinted Self Tanning Lotion

This is a super hydrating lotion and self tanner in one, which is super cool.  No dryness with this one!  It lasts about 5 days or so, from my experiences, and you can reapply to build it up after a few days when it starts to wear off.  The color is super natural and a perfect bronzed tone.



L’Oreal Sublime Glow Daily Gradual Tanner

This has been a favorite moisturizer of mine for YEARSSSSS.  I love love love it!  It is a gradual tanner, meaning it deposits a little bit of color every time you use it- so after a few days you start to notice a beautiful glow.  It also smells AMAZING!  It goes on light, moisturizes well and has a shimmer to it- which makes your skin dazzle without looking sparkly.  The shimmer is very fine, and catches the sun just right so you look amazing without looking shiny.  Drugstore find- affordable and a staple in my beach babe kit.



Fake Bake Platinum Face Tanner with Apple Stem Cell Anti-Aging

I like to use this tanner on my face, instead of the ones I use on my body.  The ones for your whole body are totally safe to put on your face, but for me…I find that this formula distributes just the right amount of color and never fills into your pores- which is always an odd look you want to avoid!  It goes on like a tinted moisturizer, and when you wash it off, you are left with a natural glow.  It also has great anti-aging properties, so you can feel good about putting it on your face.  I use a bit of this every few days, to keep the glow going!



If you have any questions about tanners or need tips for applying- let me know!  Drop me a comment or email…I am always happy to help.  Self tanning is sort of my thing, if I do say so myself- I always help my friends when they need a tip or an extra hand!

I’m on my last week here shooting a movie in Western New York!  I can’t wait to get back to LA and get into my normal routine again.  I miss my kitchen and cooking!!!

I love being away for work, but I always end up missing home.

I’m lucky that I have Ben and Puffin here with me now for a few days to keep me company.  To me, home is wherever they are.

ALSO- I can’t wait to enjoy the perfect LA summer weather when I am back!!

Who has fun July 4th plans?!?

Xo Katrina


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