The Pasta I Can’t Stop Eating


lopinavir and ritonavir PASTAAAA

kaletra a ciaza The food we basically all love but a lot of us cut back on or skip all together because it is not very healthy.  Empty carbs, no protein, usually smothered in a delicious heavy sauce, GLUTEN…well all of those things leave a lot to be desired for the health-conscious.

kaletra drug Sure, I will eat pasta from time to time…but I will never eat much of it.  Because, to me, there are so many other delicious things I can fill my plate with that will nourish my body, so I opt for those foods instead.

Until now.

I discovered my new obsession.  My new favorite thing.  And it is pasta.

Not traditional pasta- it is a Gluten Free Protein Pasta. You may think to yourself….”gluten free protein pasta??” BLEH!  Right?? Sounds sort of like it would be terrible, but OMG it is not.  It is SOOOO good.

It is red lentil pasta.  The only ingredient in the pasta is red lentil flour, which is ground up red lentils.  Nothing else.  That’s it.

And somehow, the texture is amazing and it tastes really good, it adopts the flavors of whatever you put on top of it!  It is not slimy and really feels and tastes like pasta.  I have tried many pasta alternatives and none of them have been very good, until this one.  This one is a winner.

buy kaletra usa I buy mine at Trader Joes (because I basically buy my whole life there) but you can also buy it at Target and on Amazon, putting some shopping links below!  But it is cheapest at Trader Joes, so if you have one near you, just do that.

Per serving, the pasta has 190 calories, 3 grams of fiber, and…..13 GRAMS OF PROTEIN!  Those stats are amazing you guys!  This makes pasta a protein, that you can top with a yummy sauce, veggies or even more protein!!  WOO protein party!

Now you may think that lentils would maybe cause some tummy troubles from fiber etc (I know that’s what I thought at least) but so far nothing.  It digests well and is an amazing way to get fiber without an overload of it you know?

We have been making this SO much at home, it has sort of taken the place of quinoa for the time being!

I also developed a Vegan Alfredo Sauce that is super light in calories, but absolutely delicious that I will be posting here next week so keep your eyes peeled!

It also tastes amazing with a simple tomato sauce or garlic, salt and olive oil.  I will be incorporating this into a lot of dishes to give you more ideas!

In the meantime, pick some up and give it a try-let me know what you think!

Happy, Healthy Monday!

XO Katrina

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