Memorial Day: To All Our Heroes


kaletra 200 50 mg tablet HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!!!

lopinavir ritonavir for sale I know most of you here in the USA are enjoying a BBQ, a beach day or laying out by a pool, loving life.  That’s what Memorial Day weekend is all about right?

kaletra covid 19 store Well sort of, that’s how most of us celebrate…but it is certainly about a whole lot more.

kaletra copay card It is a day where we remember all the heroes who have fought to keep our country free and safe- people who put aside everything else, their own lives to benefit all of us.  They are true selfless humans and it’s important to remember that every little luxury we have here in America is given to us because these heroes risk their lives for it all.

click How often do you take for granted your right to live and love freely? How often to you take for granted your ability to believe in what you believe in?  

click How often do you take for granted your ability to have a career you choose? Do you ever take for granted your freedom of speech, your right to dress the way you want to?

kaletra generic All of the little life luxuries- I know I take them for granted all the time because they just seem like normal things that I expect.  But in many parts of the world, those little luxuries we take for granted are things that people never get to have.  When you think about that, I hope it helps you realize how much we have here in America- how lucky we are.  We have developed into a nation built on diversity, acceptance and freedom and losing focus on that is a terrible thing.  Taking it for granted is not fair to the people who have lost their lives for us and to all the people in the world who don’t get to live freely the way we do.

Today, take some time to reflect on what you are thankful to have in your life.  Be appreciative and never think that what we have is an absolute give in- it is something that has been fought for year after year, something that many many people have lost their lives to protect.

Thank you to all who serve, have served and will serve in the future.  Without you, we wouldn’t be the nation we are.  Without you, we wouldn’t get to live the way we do.  Thank you.

It is so inspiring and makes me want to do all I can to be an everyday hero.  To do good whenever I can, even it is in little ways, and to be more observant of how lucky I am.  I want to give back whenever I get the opportunity.  I encourage you to do the same!  Our country will be an even better place if we all did that.

On a fun, workout note…

I just completed The Hero WOD: Murph, in honor of Memorial Day, read about it here!  It’s a super fun, super hard workout and brings a lot of people together to honor someone who lost their life to fight for our freedom.  Having a fitness community that comes together to celebrate our heroes is really amazing- I love being able to come together with other people and do something active, especially when it has meaning behind it.

I wore my new Hero Collection gear for the occasion too.  It is all super cute, fits amazingly well and made me feel super bad ass and patriotic while I was at it.  Check out Carbon 38 for all of their Hero Collection Pieces!

Shop the pieces I am wearing below.

Have an amazing, safe and beautiful day!

XO Katrina

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