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by I love being outside. I always have.

see url When I was a little girl I would go out into my backyard and just play make believe by myself for hours and hours…and then pickup whatever make believe story I was going with the next day.  Sounds weird now as an adult, but it was so much fun…and I loved just being outside by myself. Also- the make believe part…haha!  I mean, I made it my career, so that’s pretty ironic.

In our fast-paced world, it’s often difficult to find time and inspiration to spend time outside, especially on our own.  How many times do you just go on a peaceful walk, or just sit outside or explore by yourself or with someone you love?  Probably not too often for most of you!

kaletra cost I admit, I don’t do it as much as I would like, but it is something I am trying to do more of.

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Since I’ve moved out to Los Angeles, I am finding way more opportunities to be one with nature- to get outside and enjoy everything around me.  Breathing in the air and observing the wildlife and beautiful plant life really does make me happy and clears my head.  That’s why I go on so many hikes!

Hiking outdoors is so satisfying– I get a great workout in while also decompressing and enjoying the beautiful world we live in.  PLUS- going on a hike for an hour or more burns way more calories (about 100 more) than my typical workouts- score!!

If you are lucky enough to live in a place where you can hike, climb and take long nature walks- do more of it!!

Even though I have so much more outside/nature time in LA….New York is where I rediscovered my love for me-time outside…. kaletra covid 19 coronavirus through running.

When I started marathon training the first time, I quickly realized just how good my body felt when it was outside, running in nature and being alone with my own mind.  It is truly a freeing feeling.  Nothing else other than your own self, and the road ahead of you.  I crave this feeling.

When I am working in new places or traveling for fun, I like to go for morning runs or walks to explore the area.  It’s the best way to get to know your new surroundings and get a little decompress time while you’re at it.

Since I have been shooting this movie in Palm Springs, I have been a MAJOR nature babe.  It is so chill up here and there are so many outdoor activities!  We bought a year pass to Joshua Tree national park because we love it so much.  Every chance I get, we have been driving there to hike, explore, take photos and sun bathe on top of big boulder formations.  It is magical.

It’s also SUCH a big place that you rarely encounter other people, which I LOVE!  I mean, I love people, but I also love to get away from them haha.  Remember, I’m the little girl who played by herself in the backyard for hours every day!

But his place is so vast, that you can find a whole area that somehow feels like it’s all your own.

I mean, I was able to stand topless in he middle of the road, wind in my hair, without a care or insecurity in the world.  How rad is that?!

 That’s so not a me thing to typically do….but letting go like that feels amazing.  And I don’t feel that feeling much in my daily life.  But I want to.  I want to feel free from the responsibilities or life every now and then…even just for a little while.

So I vow to connect more to nature whenever I can.  To take the opportunities to enjoy what this Earth has to offer and let go.

And I encourage you to find some place that does that for you.  Find a place where you live, or a quick getaway that allows you to disconnect and just be present with your own thoughts.  It doesn’t have to be anything crazy- even just a quiet place in the park you love or a quiet area you enjoy running.  You don’t have to go alone either- I mean Ben was with me for all of these adventures in the desert!  In fact, sharing these experiences with a close friend or someone you love can be incredible and bring you even closer.  I guarantee you it will be a cleansing, freeing experience.

My next adventure in California is going to be Big Sur- I have heard endless recommendations!  Where do you like to go when you want to unwind?  What makes you feel free and one with the Earth?  Feel free to shoot me some other ideas!

XO Katrina

2 Responses
  • Sarah
    May 1, 2017

    Big Sur is one of my favorite spots in the US – you guys will love it!

    • fitkatadmin
      May 6, 2017

      I’ve heard so many people give rave reviews! Any favorite things to see there or places to stay??

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