Bikini-Model Role Updates!


Clean eating/ juicing check in!!

I just completed week 2 of the new movie I am shooting…which means it has been a little over 3 weeks of my super clean eating to get bikini-ready. I play a bikini model in this movie, so there are no other options than to get READY. Since bikini season is just around the corner for us all, you might want to get ready nice and early by having a look at a ruched bikini bottom so you can be prepared for your summer vacation as early as possible.

Ok so starting next week I only have one more week left of shooting…and I can not wait until I wrap on my last day so I can sink my teeth into a juicy burger and the saltiest plate of fries. Ugh, salivating thinking about it…coming for you soon boo!!
So, first things first…the juice cleanse went super well!
I mean, it totally sucked for the majority of the three days but I made it and it served its purpose very well.

I felt super light, bloat free and my stomach was flat and defined. All my muscles were poppin’ and I had no extra water weight which was the ultimate goal.
That 3 day cleanse combined with my super clean eating and elimination of (almost) all alcohol (I slipped up a few times but I’m only human so whatevs) has gotten me in bikini ready shape stat.

Oh and taking my workouts up a notch certainly helps!! I feel like a lean, green juice machine!
While in LA, I’ve done my typical workouts- check this post to see what those are!
While in Palm Springs at the hotel I did my treadmill interval workouts, and my body weight workout I created for create and cultivate. My plank series has also been key to my ab definition! Hotel workouts are tricky and can be super boring, but the ones I created are fun, fast and effective.
I have been doing some new favorite ab moves in a circuit, which I will post for you next week, so stay tuned for that!

I’ve been drinking 100 calorie green juices (that I bought from Starbucks and are called Sweet Greens by Evolution) as snacks to make sure I get enough greens in a day, and I like to have a LOT of greens. But eating all those greens sometimes upsets my stomach and takes a while to digest…and all of that roughage can make me look like I have a good baby…does it do this to anyone else?!
But a green juice has no such effects, so on days directly leading up to shooting and on shooting days I down the green stuff, and ease up on eating too much roughage.
Apart from the three day juice cleanse, I did one other day of solely liquids. It was for the day when I had my “bikini photo shoot” scene in the movie. It kept me energized and hydrated but bloat free- it certainly does the trick for day of! And it only lasted 24 hours (I started it the night before shooting) and ended it the following night with a margarita and some Mexican food because I’m dramatic like that. Haha!

For my official three day juice cleanse I went to Pressed Juicery and got 3 days of level 3. It’s a challenging set of juices, but really does the trick if you can manage it!
I also had a handful of almonds a couple times a day to keep my energy up, so of course I cheated a bit like I always do… but you know what? It didn’t change anything and it made me feel better, so I’m all for it.
For the 24 hour juice day I did, I went to Body Energy Club here in LA and stocked up on a few of my favorites to last the day. My friend Oscar owns the company and I am seriously obsessed with everything they have there! If you live in LA, you gotta check it out (get the peanut butter and jelly protein smoothie!!)

Oh! While I’m out in Palm Springs so much, I’ve certainly taken advantage of the scenery to shoot for FitKat! Keep and eye out for some desert inspired fashion, activewear and workouts!

Also- side note…

A lot of you have reached out to me to compliment my transparency in what goes in to looking good for a role as an actor…and I SOOO appreciate the comments. My whole aim is to be 100% honest and to give the best advice possible. What I do for a living is a little wacky at times and requires SO much dedication and work, so of course I want to share the ins and outs, the highs and lows of what that all entails.

If you have ANY questions at all about anything I have discusses, please reach out in the contact section here! I get all the emails and love interacting. Have a lovely, beautiful, healthy weekend!


XO Katrina

4 Responses
  • Harriet
    May 5, 2017

    Yes!! Thank you so much for sharing this and sharing what it truly takes to get “bikini model” ready! It’s hard as heck and while I’m sure some people can eat chicken wings and burgers and still look like a Victoria’s Secret fashion model most people can’t!

    I am sure you are going to rock the role and I can’t wait to watch it!!!!

    • fitkatadmin
      May 6, 2017

      Thanks lovely! Yes such hard work, and it always bothers me when people pretend it isn’t hard work! True, there are some people who just naturally look perfect, but 99% of people have to put in a lot of work!

  • ST
    May 25, 2017

    Hi, thanks so much for sharing this! I wanted to ask if you have the energy to get through the intense workouts only on the juices and the food you mentioned in the first post? I feel like I’d collapse if I did that. Do you have to build up to it?
    And good luck in the role!

    • fitkatadmin
      June 10, 2017

      Hi!! So I definitely lighten up my workouts when I am juicing. I opt for pilates, yoga or a moderate hike/walk instead. I still stay active because it keeps my mind from wandering to food thoughts, but doing a Barry’s Bootcamp or an intense spin class during a cleanse lines me up to crave food even more and start to feel a little woozy!

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