The Best Denim Cutoffs


Denim cutoffs are sort of a summer uniform for me.

I love a good pair of jean shorts- ones that hit in all the right places and make your bum look good in the process- finding the right pair is a serious matter!

I find that I either love a super low cut short, that hangs on my hips, OR a higher waisted pair that hangs right at my belly button and looks amazing with a tucked in tank or crop top/bralette.

Right now, I am leaning more toward the higher-waisted options, and thats a good thing because the options are endless right now!

My favorite brand, year after year is One Teaspoon.  They are a bit pricey, but worth it!!  The pair I have, I bought years ago and still love just as much today.

Some other brands are also making some big waves and great styles in the denim cutoffs world!  Making them more affordable, and just as flattering.  Here is my roundup of favorites, at both high and low price points.

Daisy Duke Favorites

One Teaspoon Bandits Short

These are the ones I am wearing in the photo, just in a slightly darker shade of blue.  Each pair looks a tiny bit different which I think is super cool.  They flare out a bit around the legs so they don’t feel too tight, and they are super flattering on your tummy and bum!  FAVORITES!

Forever 21 High Waisted Denim Shorts

These are super flattering on almost everyone, and are long enough to not ride up in the back too much.  They have a little bit of a loose, hanging fit which makes them super comfy as well.

GRLFRND X Revolve Cindy High Rise Short

These are so flattering!!  They hit at the perfect spot and sort of suck you in, while still making your butt look good.  The frays are super cool and in just the right locations.  LOVE THESE!!  And the light color goes with basically everything!

One Teaspoon High Waist Bonita Short

Another great pair from One Teaspoon!  These make your waist look super tiny, while flaring out around the bum and thighs, giving you that hourglass shape we all love.  These are keepers!

By The Way Kiera Shorts

These are so great because of the angle that the legs are cut.  They are longer at the inner thighs, to cover up the little top part of your thigh that I know I like to cover up…and then they flare out and up showing off the outer thigh, making you look super hot.  This slims the thighs, which is amazing!!  It makes you look like you have a tiny thighs and a shapely butt!  Win!

Forever 21 Frayed Button Fly Denim Shorts

LOVE THESE!! And they are SO affordable!!  I wore these in a scene in the movie I just shot and I loved how they looked!  They flared out, making my waist look tiny and my thighs look smaller and they are so comfy.  No constricted feeling here!  The buttons are also super cute.

Happy Shopping Beauties!

XO Katrina

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