My 6 Fitness Must-Haves


cost of kaletra In honor of National Fitness Day a few days ago this week…I thought I would round up my fitness favorites and put them all in one place.

These are my fitness must haves- the fitness things I use basically every single day and couldn’t live my healthy, fit lifestyle without.  I mean…I could exist without these things, but I sure as hell wouldn’t want to!!

kaletra for pep First things first here though…

When you are embarking on a fitness journey toward a healthy lifestyle, you need to find ways to stay active that make you happy.  Exercise is something that a lot of people don’t really like or have a hard time sticking with…but I think that is because they haven’t found “their thing” yet.

I encourage you to find active things that make you happy- activities that get you moving and exited to exercise.  Maybe that is dancing, maybe thats running, maybe that is going to group classes with friends.  Whatever it is, find it and stick with it.  If you hate running, don’t decide to be a runner.  If you don’t like exercising in groups, don’t dedicate yourself to a group fitness lifestyle.

I, personally, find happiness in group exercise as well as solo exercise.  Group classes are my jam, which is why I have been a ClassPass user for years.  I also swear by Barry’s Bootcamp and Brick Los Angeles for my favorite HIIT classes.  For pilates, I love Carrie’s.  But I will basically try anything!

lopinavir ecuador I also really love a solo hike or solo run.  It gets me out and gives me time to think, to be with my own thoughts.  And sometimes, that is very much needed. I also have a group of fit-friends, who I rely on to get me up and out!  My girls keep me motivated and accountable.  Find some friends who do this for you- being in it with someone else will make the whole journey way more fun!

Ok so here are my

Fitness Must-Haves!!

Fitbit Charge HR 2

This is a major one.  I swear by this thing and wear it every single day.  When I go out at night or dress up for something, 99% of the time, this little guy is in my bag, just waiting to be put on again and tracking my steps through the evening!  I know, I am a lame-o but I love it!  It tracks everything and tells you your heart rate during your workout, so you know if you are pushing yourself hard enough!


TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller

I have already written about this bad boy, but the love is strong.  The hate is strong too haha!  It hurts so good, but I rely on it to ease muscle pain, tightness and strains.  It keeps me limber and mobile which is a huge part of a fitness lifestyle!


 Nike Metcons

I love my Metcons!!  If you know me, you know this.  I love them for HIIT classes- they are sturdy yet flexible and perfect for sprints and weighted squats a like.  AND they come in the cutest color combos, I basically want 25 different pairs!  These shoes are my go-to for fitness classes, unless I am hiking or going on a distance run.

New Balance Running Shoe

I have always been a Brooks Running girl, but I recently branched out and gave New Balance a try, and I love them!!  They are super cushioned and comfy for distance running and sprints a like.  I wear them on long runs and also to treadmill classes like Barry’s Bootcamp.  AND they have some really cute color combos- a fashionable running shoe is usually an oxymoron.  But not with what New Balance is doing right now!

Whey Isolate Protein Powder

You know I love my protein smoothies!!  I drink them every damn day, and this is the protein I use most of the time.  I can’t stomach dairy, BUT whey isolate is a great alternative to whey.  It has basically all of the lactose removed and my stomach loves it.  Because of that, it is a little bit pricier than whey protein, but really worth it if you also can’t do dairy.  It also has one of the best calorie/carb/protein ratios I have ever seen.  I buy the chocolate and the vanilla, and use whichever one will be yummier in whatever shake I am making that day!


This is one of my favorite running accessories!  You slip it on around your hips and can store your phone, credit cards, cash, keys, running nutrition etc inside of it safely.  It stays put as you run- no bouncing at all- and it rarely slides around.  It is the ONLY thing I will use when race training or race running- I rely on it so much.  When you are running, you want to bring basic things with you, and the Flipbelt allows you to do so, and it is the best product for this on the market, in my opinion.  I also use it when hiking!

Do you have any fitness must-haves or go to fitness things you rely on?!

Let me know!!

Happy Fitness Week

XO Katrina

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