3 Move Ab Series


kaletra copay card Hello from NYC!!  I am here for a short couple of days for a work collaboration, and it is super fun to be back, to see friends and explore some of my old stomping grounds.

lopinavir nursing interventions It really doesn’t feel like home anymore as much as it feels like an old friend that I still know super well.  So much has changed here since I moved, yet so much is still exactly the same.  I’m really enjoying walking around and taking it all in.


lopinavir ritonavir coronavirus Anyway….lets talk a little fitness, shall we?

kaletra generic Abs time!

So we all want nice abs right? I know I do. It also takes a lot of work. Most of that work is diet/nutrition, but you also have to target your abs with some killer moves to get that definition, those abs you want to show off.

Not to mention, having a strong core is so necessary for your overall fitness. A strong core will help you with your squats, with running, with cycling…basically everything.

I love doing plank series for my abs, especially this little routine here, but I do like to mix it up. Doing the same moves every single time is not only boring, it won’t keep your body guessing. To continue to challenge your ab muscles, you need to do different types of moves.

This 3 move series has been one of my favorites recently. I did this almost every day while I was shooting my last film where I played a bikini model.  It targets the deep ab muscles as well as the obliques, which really helps you get that cinched in, tight-waist look.

I like to add weights to my core moves for an extra challenge, but of course you can leave them out if you want to!
In the photos I’m using a 7 lb hand weight, but I usually use something between 10-15 lbs but those ones just don’t look as pretty for photos sake hehe!

When doing these moves, keep your core engaged, neck relaxed and lower back pressed toward the floor. Not over arching! That will hurt your back.
Think about sucking your belly button down to the floor and staying engaged.

AND BREATHE! Don’t forget to keep breathing.

kaletra buy online I like to do this whole abs series 2 or 3 times through!  By the end you will definitely feel the burn!

3 Move Weighted Abs Series

z pak chlamydia Move 1:  Weighted, Twisting V-Up.  20 Reps on Each Side

I LOVE this move!!  I did this in a group treadmill class about a year ago- I had never seen this exact move before and I was SO sore the next day!  So of course I started doing them on my own time.  The hand weight sort of acts as a balance and puts some added tension on your oblique.  For this, I like to use a 10-15 lb dumbbell.

Hold the weight in your right hand, legs straight up in the air, opposite hand cradling the back of your head and shoulders off the ground.  Lower your legs slowly to the left on an angle as low as you can go without touching the floor, then bring them back up.  That is one rep.  Do 20 reps this way, then transfer the weight to your left hand and do 20 more reps with your legs moving down to the right this time.

where is kaletra made Move 2:  Weighted Jackknife. 25 Reps

This is a classic move.  I love it because it forces you to stay super engaged while your arms are overhead, and it hits your abs in multiple zones at once.  

Holding a dumbbell (15 lbs is my preference) or two lighter dumbbells, lift your legs into the air, lift your shoulders off the ground and reach toward your toes as high as you can.  Keep your neck and shoulders relaxed.  Next, lower your straight legs down as low as you can while also moving your arms behind you over your head.  The legs and arms should move at the same time.  Come back up to the starting position.  That is one rep.  Try to do 25!

lopinavir and ritonavir tablets price Move 3:  Weighted Russian Twist. 30 Reps

This is such a good oblique workout!  And because you have to balance on your bum, it’s also a great stability workout- you have to stay super engaged so you don’t tip forward or backward like I sometimes do when I’m tired not doing it right!

Sit on your butt (this is the easy part), weights in hand (15-20 lbs is a good here!).  Lift your legs off the ground, keep your back straight, chin up and chest up- no rounding your spine, keep it neutral and abs engaged.  Hold the weight at boob level, and twist your torso to your left, tapping the dumbbell(s) lightly on the floor- this makes sure you are using a full range of motion.  Do not just twist your arms, make your whole midsection twists!!  Then return to the center and do the same twist on the right side.  This is one rep.  Do 30 reps, left and right being one rep.  Remember to keep your abs engaged and back straight- if this gets difficult, chose a lighter weight or take a tiny break before jumping back into it.

I like to do this 3 times through!

Happy Humpday !  OH!  And shop this outfit from the Tone it Up X Bandier Collaboration below- I am obsessed!

Xo Katrina

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  • Sara
    May 10, 2018

    I did half the reps with half the weight and still felt the burn!

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